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Commercial Racks We listen to who you are and how you work. We focus on your specific needs, whether a small or large project, our goal is to create a working environment that enhances positivity and profitability, and an environment that inspires all who visit for years to come.“you provide the place, we design the space”. Industrial shelving is a specialized form of storage equipment for your warehouse and facility. Industrial and commercial warehouse shelving offers you a sturdy yet economical solution to your storage needs. We have many types of metal shelving products that range in capacity. We also stock a wide range of wire shelving products. We have successfully manufactured and supplied durable racks to many commercial establishments. Call our Interior designing in Kolkata by today.
Modular Kitchen Interior Designer:- Our designing practice is known for its thoughtful approach to design and its sharp attention to details, quality and finishing.Using the finest of materials, the latest in innovations and the most precise craftsmanship we deliver projects and products that are designed to exceed your expectations Styling, functionality, durability and safety define your modern day home. We shape your ideas into reality with a team of experienced professionals to create Modular Kitchen. Modular Kitchen refers to pre-made units that can be combined in different ways to furnish a house. The focus is on customer requirement and satisfaction. We offer a range of quality products such as Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes, Living Units, Crockery Units, Center Tables and Shoe Racks. Kitchen being the “heart” of a home has to be pretty and practical. Customization takes care of every detail - space, comfort, utility and sophistication. A wide range of accessories are available to inspire your culinary experience with holistic hygiene and aesthetic decoration. Proven and tested range of quality products from us makes your Modular kitchen complete.
Interior designers create comfortable home living environments which reflect your personal tastes and preferences, yet provide stability and transition for growing and maturing individual and family needs. Designers create and specify ergonomic work places for corporate offices. They develop corporate identities to support and enhance employee productivity. Designers create images that truly enhance products, yet extend the marketing concepts of retail stores to make shopping a pleasurable experience and entice consumers to buy. Designers produce ambiances for restaurants that make the diner come back for more. They choose appealing, yet durable furnishings that observe fire codes and flammability ratings to encourage public safety.