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10 Office Interior Design Ideas

10 Office Interior Design Ideas

An office is a place where inspiration and motivation should reside in all the walls. A place where the boss and the employees feel comfortable enough to unleash their most creative side. An office is not just a place where an employee can work and deliver the results, an office is a place that should inspire every employee to deliver better results every now and then. Every important decision of the company is made from that office only, thus while designing an office, one should keep in mind all the dynamics to be involved.

Your Office is a symbol of success and hard work, hence, the design and decor of the office should always be soothing, subtle, and elegant. A dull or unappealing surrounding or appearance in your office might lead to frustration or might hinder productivity too.

It is not just about the work to be done in the office, but that office will be a place where all the important clients would sit and talk over deals and partnerships and as we all know, “The First Impression is the Last Impression”. The perfect vision before designing the office should be a feeling of a place that feels like home with a perfect mix of comfort and style. Here are some of the office interior design ideas that will help you narrow down your search and focus on some of the niche designs which will help you curate the best office for your client or company.


1: Textures can be a Game Changer-

Textures are termed as the most innovative thing you can have on any wall be it your office, home, or anywhere else. Textures, if used efficiently can change the whole look of the space for good. Textures on walla can be easily coupled with aesthetic arts or wallpapers that depict the culture or working style of any company.


2: Simplicity and Elegance-

Moving ahead with office interior design ideas, whenever you think of the design you should be designing it with simplicity and giving it an elegant look. Offices are not such places where you can have some funky arts and graffiti all around. You always need to take care of what items you are including not only on the walls but on the desks, or the accessories you add to the room. Making an office space comfortable and secure can be attained by structurally aligning all the pieces of furniture with a blend of an artistic touch that is very subtle and aesthetic. However, there is a very thin line between striking the balance and going overboard which one should be very careful of.


3: Colours always motivate you-

Just because the office should not look funky, it is not like you can not use colours while decorating not only the walls or while installing some of the accessories in your office. Making it look colourful has to be the most important office interior design idea as for many people, having a blend of interesting colours acts as a motivation. One should always keep in mind the line of having good colours and funky colours.


4: Conference Room-

Designing the conference room is a task as it is the very place where most collaborations happen and is a place where all the big decisions are made. One should make sure that the light reflects off the wall in the right manner and is aesthetically pleasing is the key to achieving the perfect professional setup in a conference room.


5: Accessories Play a Big Role-

Moving ahead in the list of office interior design ideas, we would like to draw your attention towards a fact that it is not the colours you paint your walls with, but the accessories also play a very big role in making the office look more elegant and aesthetic. One can add minimalist pieces of furniture like an office chair, a sleek table, and a Monstera plant that will give you the desired results. Adding furniture like bookshelves in an abrupt manner can refresh the look of the space and incorporating a statement piece, such as a gallery wall, helps bring the entire room together.


6: Inspiration from nature-

With the culture of modernisation, we are getting away from nature so one should always focus on having some small plants, or windows open to a clear sky for the employees and the board members as well to take a good view from work. This will help them reduce their stress and start afresh. There is no other motivation like nature and having good motivation will always lead to better and better results for the company.


7: Spacious Environment-

With Wifi access reaching every corner of the workspace, the structure and design are what decide the mobility of an employee. Having designated seating areas included in the floor plans is the current trend amongst interior designers. Specifically, having lounge areas enable employees to move around, collaborate and work efficiently in a relaxed environment.

8: Transparency is the Best-

As we are moving towards the end of our list of office interior design ideas, we want to grab your focus on having transparent glasses installed in the offices. It looks very subtle when you can see what the other person is doing working in the same office. Employees can talk to each other and can help each other as well.

9:- Design Functional Workspace-

One should always think of moving away from the traditional methods of structuring an office. The recent office design trends focus on creating spaces that can be used for multiple things. Individuals can try the concept of shelving which is a great way to create extra storage space while also being a design element that adds to the overall look of the room.

10: Additional Activities-

So far, we have seen how colours and natural elements contribute to making the workplace happy and healthy. Some of the new-age offices are taking that to the next level by making exercise easily accessible for their employees. They don’t even have to worry about when they’ll actually have time to work out. Instead, they can use the on-site gym before, after, or during work.