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10 Things to remember before designing your dream home

10 Things to remember before designing your dream home

Regardless of its size, price, or monthly wage, everyone dreams of constructing a home that is both comfortable and beautiful. Decorating your home does not imply that you spend a fortune on its interior design and furnishings. You can accomplish a lot with a little imagination, forethought, and patience. 

Here are 10 things to remember before designing your dream home that will save your money when designing your dream house on a budget.

1) First, make a proper plan

Organizing your thoughts, resources, and skills saves you time, money, and effort. Your theme, general appearance, colours to employ, home décor items on hand, shopping list, and many more things to remember before designing your dream home. Each & everything must be included in your planning in an accurate way. You can also enlist the assistance of a competent interior designer.

2) Smaller rooms should be made first

Things to remember before designing your dream home- starting with smaller areas and spaces allows you to accomplish more with less. Even one centrepiece or piece of wall décor may make a great difference in a tiny room. You should also avoid cramming too many objects into such a limited space.

3) Repurposing the Old Furniture & Add Accessories to Your Existing Furniture

If your furniture is in good shape, you can update its appearance by adding vibrant pillows, cushions, and throws. The best method to save money is to redesign and redo your existing furniture instead of tossing it away. For a new look, you can do restoration methods like repainting, lacquer finishing, and changing the upholstery.

4) Utilize Natural Resources

There are a few things to remember before designing your dream home and one of those is that natural materials should always be used. Natural materials such as wood, cane, and plants are timeless and go with a wide range of themes and interior styles. To keep your budget modest, you should use these materials and goods in your home.

5) Cleaning Spaces and Features that are Convenient

Why should you be concerned about features that make cleaning more convenient? Although some people like cleaning, the majority of us perceive "housework" to mean "work." However, there are things to remember before designing your dream home and a variety of elements that you can incorporate into your home to make housekeeping chores easier and sometimes even more enjoyable.

Let's start with a task that we all have to complete. Laundry might even be pleasurable if the room is large enough and well-designed. Cleaning materials that are clogging up other areas of your home can be stored in cabinets, hooks, and open shelving. It's convenient to have a built-in cabinet with a fold-down ironing board. Instead of folding on your sofa, you can do it on a counter top or a small table. For hand-washed things, a sink would be ideal, and if you have a lot of clothes to dry, consider installing a built-in drying rack or hanging one from the ceiling. Shirts that must be hung up right away can be hanged on a mounted bar. Also, hauling laundry up and down the stairs can be exhausting, so incorporate a laundry chute. All you need is an unobstructed channel (no cables or pipes) from a central upstairs area, such as a hallway, through the floor to a laundry room waiting basket.

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are frequently combined. However, the latter might be distinct or simply a component of the entryway. Coats, jackets, gloves, hats, rain boots, shoes, sports equipment, backpacks, and handbags are all stored in a mudroom, which tends to spill out of a too-small coat closet, hang over the backs of chairs, or clutter up the foyer. It can be as simple as a single cabinet with baskets and hooks inside, or it can be as elaborate as an entire wall of hooks and built-in shelves. So, you've arranged your laundry, coats, and cleaning supplies... but what about the vacuum? Install a central vacuum system instead of lugging about a vacuum cleaner. A stationary unit with tubes flowing through the walls and inlets located in various regions is commonly seen in a garage or utility room. You connect a hose to an inlet (which generally includes a power switch) and suction it away! All of these improvements can improve the appearance and value of your property.

6) Colours Should Be Picked Carefully

Colours and themes are one of those things to remember before designing your dream home. Colours & themes should be long-lasting and not need to be changed frequently as the seasons change. New trends should be kept in mind, but the easiest way to avoid excessive spending is to stick to timeless tones of neutral colours.

7) Spot lights should be used & Utilization of Mirrors

The utilisation of adequate lighting may make a room look considerably more aesthetically pleasing. The greatest way to showcase particular wall paintings, suspensions and the locations you want. Spot lights will make your room more glorious as well as lavish. 

Using mirrors of various sizes and shapes with tastefully designed frames can not only give your space a more spacious appearance, but can also lend an everlasting elegance to it.

8) Patio or deck for outdoor entertainment

An affordable option to extend square footage without adding a deck or patio to your home is by installing. Stretch your life outdoors indoors. Many new brands are so comfy and elegant to swear that they're designed for indoor applications.

9) Invest on Items That Can Serve Multiple Purposes

To keep your spending in check, buy goods that fulfil many functions. In this situation, it is better to utilise furniture that is portable and has storage. 

10) Landscaping with minimal maintenance

The majority of us have long, exhausting days at work, and the last thing we want to do on the weekend is yard work. Make use of fake grass and low-shedding plants and bushes to cut down on yard work and free up more time to relax.


DIY projects and creating your ideal house yourself can not only give a personal touch to it, but they can also save you money. So, give these suggestions a shot and you'll save some money.