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5 hacks to get a pocket-friendly modular kitchen

5 hacks to get a pocket-friendly modular kitchen

Cooking can become a chore, especially if you have to make do with a kitchen with a plain countertop and a few cabinets. It's not going to help if you're envious of your neighbor's kitchen modular. And the expense of a modular kitchen is likely out of your price range.

The concept of the kitchen has evolved. Kitchens aren't simply for cooking anymore. In the case of a modular kitchen, you can customize it to meet your specific needs. It's for this reason that this kind of kitchen is so appealing. So, what are your options if you're looking for a pocket-friendly modular kitchen? Design your own!


Here are the 5 hacks to get a pocket-friendly modular kitchen



1. The law of the golden triangle


It's all about space and mobility when it comes to designing a kitchen on a budget. In a modular kitchen, three sections get a lot of traffic. The refrigerator, the sink, and the stove are all in the kitchen. When you have a pan of splattering oil on the stove, the last thing you want is your maid doing the dishes next to you, spilling water. The golden triangle rule comes into play here. When designing your kitchen, keep your stove, sink, and refrigerator as far apart as possible, producing a triangle.

Make sure your plumbing outlets are in the same position as your sink.


2. Its design


Before you decide to proceed, you can always look into pocket-friendly modular kitchen prices. The layout, on the other hand, is the first thing to consider if you're developing it yourself. A central island has a lot of attractions, but if your space is limited, it might not be the best option for you. Parallel counters are the best option for a small kitchen. You can also choose between L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen layouts, depending on the size of your space.

Tip: Sketching the plan on the bare floor will help you see it better.


3. Modules in their nitty-gritty


When it comes to creating a pocket-friendly modular kitchen, cabinets and modules are the most important considerations. Shelves, drawers, and pull-outs can all be found in modules. Again, preparation is crucial since you don't want to be searching for cooking oil at the other end of the kitchen while your pan is cooking. Shelves are cost-effective and perfect for larger utensils. Pull-outs are pricey, but it's okay to treat yourself now and then!


4. The kitchen counter and cabinets


Colorful counters are enticing at first, but their allure fades once they have been destroyed by kitchen chemicals. Check to see if your countertop is stain-resistant before you buy. Because granite is less likely to discolor than marble, it is a fantastic alternative.

Whether it's detergents, cooking materials, or water, kitchen cabinets are exposed to a range of things. And remodeling the kitchen every few years isn't an option. As a result, the cabinet material you choose is critical. While wood is the greatest option, it can be costly. Marine plywood that has been treated with anti-termite treatments and laminated is the next best alternative.


6. The colour palette and Accessorise


You can be secure by using muted tones. You can also go all out and choose a bright color scheme! However, in a confined environment, vivid tones might become overwhelming. The next best alternative is to add colorful highlights to your cabinet's muted tones. 

Tip: Using design tiles on the walls will give a zing to the design without overpowering it.

It can be a lot of fun to decorate your kitchen. Hanging plants, cutlery organizers, and fruit baskets can be used to complete the aesthetic. A tiny herb garden is both utilitarian and attractive. 

Creating a kitchen design may be a lot of fun. Your pocket-friendly modular kitchen will be the envy of your neighbors once you get the hang of it!


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Here are a few reasons why you should visit us:


A modular kitchen can instantly transform your home into a more fashionable environment, and you will enjoy cooking in one. A modular kitchen's key feature is well-designed cabinetry that is also convenient to use and access. However, deciding on the right design for your kitchen might be challenging. You won't have to stress about picking the proper design because our professionals will ensure that you obtain the ideal modular kitchen for your home.


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The ability to save time is one of the key reasons for designing a modular kitchen. Installing it will take much less time. Because each part may be fixed and customized, and because they are all prefabricated. However, this installation procedure may pose a problem for you. By completing the installation for you, our crew can save you time.


Modular kitchens used to be associated with a very opulent lifestyle, but that is no longer the case. Modular kitchens are now available to everybody and everyone because they have become an indispensable component of our daily lives. We guarantee that we will be able to provide you with the best pocket-friendly modular kitchen deals in Kolkata.



And there you have it: the most up-to-date and innovative ways to transform your kitchen into a location where you can prepare delectable meals while creating lasting memories.