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We all want our interior to be the best and that is because we end up spending a lot of time thinking about the designs, painting colors, and much more. A design that makes people stare and say WOW. Designing a new flat’s interior in Newtown Kolkata or an office can be an amazing experience if you put your heart into it.

A lot of people like decorating their interiors right from the selection of various colors, unique designs, that not only bring a smile for a few days but all the upcoming years. For which you might end up taking a long time. But that’s not the problem anymore.

Ashiana Interiors would like to share the 5 most important tips that are to be kept in mind while decorating your new flat’s interior in Newtown Kolkata. Let us read in detail about it. But before that, people frequently want to know where they should begin. We always recommend starting from the ground up when designing a room: Make a decision about the floor covering.

Choose anything from hardwood flooring, rugs, wall-to-wall carpets, or the stone, and tiles. The other pieces of the interior would be layered properly if you start from the floor. You have more color and upholstery options if you choose a neutral tone or natural fabric with little pattern or color. However, if you start with an antique rug, you may create a color palette by drawing colors from it.


  1. Determine Your Style

What do you want a room to feel like? Take a peek at your closet to assist you to figure your style. Do you like more fitting clothing or more casual and comfortable items? Are there any colors or patterns that you prefer? Another technique to determine your style is to come up with a list of phrases that describe how you want a room to look. It can be either traditional, formal, or elegant. Playful, amusing, and inviting? Monochrome, sleek, and contemporary?

Keep track of all the designs that you see every day. When we are hired to assist clients in designing their houses’ interiors, we frequently use these as a beginning point. Recall a hotel where you've stayed or a restaurant where you've dined that has piqued your interest. It could have been a minimalist setting from your vacation or you visited someone’s place and you loved the design on their walls.

  1. Figure Out What You Don’t Like

Communicating about what we don’t like is much easier than what we like. Even disliking helps in deciding which design you might like.  A large-scale print, for example, can remind you of anything from your upbringing that you don't want to have in your home. A wingback chair, on the other hand, reminds you about the time of tugging your sister's hair. Similarly, a certain color may remind you of an old design pattern that you wouldn't want to replicate. Such experiences and reactions are profoundly special and unique, but they also shape our likings.

  1. Build Around Your Space

Another important point to be kept in mind while decorating a new flat’s interior in Newtown Kolkata is the importance of space planning. People frequently buy furniture that is either too big or too tiny for the room. Build your space around the furniture you have. Consider the balance of a room. Consider creating zones for multiple activities in larger rooms, such as a conversational seating area, a television viewing area, and a workspace with a desk or table for crafts or games. Even though we adore symmetry, making everything symmetrical might make things feel unnatural. To balance out a room, you should pay attention to visual weight and distribution. Proportion and scaling play an important role in interior decorating.

  1. Sample Your Paint

One of the most significant and cost-effective decisions you can make while decorating your new flat’s interior in Newtown Kolkata is which paint to choose. The use of the right paint colors can bring dissimilar places together in an appealing way. Observe the entire place first. If you paint one section at a time, you may risk creating disconnected spaces. Consider how colors influence our mood. Colors play a major role in making individuals sense happiness. tranquillity, or anger. Moreover, we recommend painting interior doors in bold black with crisp white walls.

When comparing options, try out actual paint colors on your walls. Observe the show of the colors in the daylight, and night. A favourite hue that worked for one project may not work for another. What suits your relative’s or friends’ house may not go well in yours. Try a few various shades on the wall with white paints. Thus, paying special attention to the undertones. Pinks, blues, and yellows could be used as accent colors. The warmth of the light is heavily influenced by its surroundings. Green and blue reflections on the interior walls could be created by plants and the sky.

  1. Mix High and Low-Price Points

The most insignificant objects in a room would have the greatest soul and be the most beautiful. Mingling high and low-price points is a good idea. Moreover, everything doesn't need to be valuable to be significant. Spending money on something you love has the opposite effect.


Whatever you decide to do with the interior design of your new home or business, keep in mind that it will be there for a long time and you should be at ease in it. With some careful thought and research about how you want your home to look, you can create an interior design that genuinely expresses your personality and is your own area. The above-mentioned 5 tips would really help you if you are decorating your interior. However, if you need any help from us we would be enthusiastic to boost your place that brings a smile to your face.