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5 Trending Kid's Room Design Ideas In Kolkata

5 Trending Kid's Room Design Ideas In Kolkata

In the present times, our homes are not only our comfort zones, but they have also become means of our artistic and individual expressions. We often put a lot of thought into how we wish to decorate our living and drawing rooms, the wallpapers we would like to have in our bedrooms and carefully select decorative pieces for our walls and corners. Just like us adults, children also require their own space and comfort zones after a long day of exploring the world around them. Their living spaces and rooms are also their means of expression and can certainly affect their development and upbringing. As a parent, it is extremely important for you to turn their rooms into a welcoming, warm and comfortable space where they can flourish, rest and reach their potentials. It is highly important for you to pay attention to the decor and the style of your kid's rooms, as they can not only enhance the appearance of your home altogether but they can also fuel creativity in your kids! If you have recently bought your home in Kolkata and you are wondering how to turn the rooms into comfortable, relaxing and beautiful spaces for your children, Ashiana Interiors can certainly help you find the perfect solutions! Here are the 5 trending kid's room design ideas in Kolkata that can certainly help you amp up your kid's living space and help you gift them a childhood full of fun, creativity and wonders:

5 Trending Kid's Room Design Ideas In Kolkata

  • Make It Bright!

It is safe to say, a little splash and dash of colour certainly makes everything better and beautiful! It is the same with the decoration of your living spaces and rooms. Beautiful shades of colours surely help us loosen up, relax and brighten up our mood and temperament. Exposing your child to beautiful shades can not only fuel their creativity and imaginations, but it can also play a huge role in their growth and development, as well, helping you expand your little one's mind. A bright shade of beige, a relaxing baby blue, a dash of dusty pink, sweet pastels and warm hues of yellows can certainly do wonders for your child and also beautify their living space altogether. The trending pastel shades can surely make your kid's space stand out and give them a light and sweet atmosphere where they can feel easy and be themselves. You can also fuel their creativity with a little mix and match of colours on your walls. Patterns and styles can also make the walls stand out. Colours are the easiest way you can enhance your child's living space and is one of the trending kid's room design ideas in Kolkata.

  • Capture And Stick!

It can be rightfully said, children grow up fast and it is extremely important for us, as parents to capture the precious moments and their achievements and milestones, be it big or small! Whether it is your kid's first win in the drawing competition, baby pictures, first day of the school, a birthday bash or other milestones, you can certainly have them rejoicing by decorating their achievements and memories on their walls with the help of photo frames! Photo frames can easily make your child's space look neat and put together.  This is not only a way to beautify the living space of your kids but it can also help them with their emotional well being and development.

Fun stickers can also help you decorate your kid's living space and help it stand out, adding a bit of fun and laughter into your kid's room. Stickers are a good way of keeping your child engaged and wondering adding a fun, relaxing and laid back touch to the overall decor.

  • Bring In The Toys!

What is the better way of keeping your kids entertained and engaged other than a bunch of fun toys? Toys can not only bring joy to your children but it can also help you decorate their living spaces. Adding toys and figures to their room decor and design can certainly keep them jolly and relaxed, igniting their growing minds and fueling their imaginations. Soft toys can not only add a sweet touch to the decoration of your child's room altogether but can certainly bring in comfort to your kids after a long day, adding to their growth and development. Barbie dolls to monster trucks and cars, toys can certainly brighten up your child's live and room! Bean bags are also a highly popular way of adding a laid back and relaxed touch to your decor and can surely make your kids fall in love with their new and revamped living space.

  • Wall Arts And Posters

Decorative and quirky pieces of wall art can certainly add a bit of drama and an oomph factor to your kid's room, adding a bit of depth and humour. This can keep your child engaged and spark a hundred precious moments and conversations, keeping them inspired and creative and enhancing the appearance of your space altogether. Quirky and catchy posters can certainly keep your kids active, focused and motivated and also add a fun touch to their spaces where they can be expressive and celebrate their individuality.

  • Decorative Furniture And Storage Spaces

Your kid's rooms and spaces can get extremely untidy and cluttered, creating a highly disorganized and messy appearance. A spacious and clean space easily allows your kids to be free and active. Decorative furniture and storage spaces can not only make your kid's space look neat, tidy and put together but it can also add functionality and help you organize all the mess in an easy manner. Quirky storage spaces can also help you add a dash of fun into the decor and would also encourage your child to tidy up their space.

Here are the 5 trending kid's room design ideas in Kolkata that you must give a try and gift your little ones with a fun and beautiful space to grow in. We at Ashiana Interiors can certainly help you build your kid's dream living space. Reach out to us today!