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As one of the leading interior design businesses in Kolkata, Ashiana Interiors understands the emotions and dreams that accompany the purchase of a 3 BHK interior design cost in Kolkata property, whether it's your dream house or a company office in the heart of the city. By improving your real estate game, we pledge to give your dreams a new dimension. Our customer relationships, we believe, should be based on a foundation of trust. Our team of highly qualified professionals from Kolkata and the surrounding areas knows how to make your vision a reality. After a long day, unwind in the most comfortable and lovely bedroom. You'll need a smart kitchen for that soothing cooking session. Perhaps a stylish living room would be wonderful for throwing the perfect housewarming party. Everything may be done with a custom design service that reflects your individuality. We've covered everything with the best interior designer in Kolkata.


Your bed is the most important object in your bedroom, so make sure you purchase the right one. Beds occupy a lot of areas in a bedroom. They take up a lot of visual space in addition to taking up a lot of physical areas. This is why a beautiful bed can completely change the look of a room! Our talented designers are well aware of this, and they use bed linens extensively! Modern bedroom interior design is incomplete without a well-designed bed. Even if the room is quite dull, this can transform it into something modern, beautiful, and sophisticated! And layering your mattress ups the ante even further!

The bedrooms in your home are properly allocated by our trusted interior design and architect professionals. Our professional team studies the client's wants to construct a guest room, a children's room, or a master bedroom that compliments the design, selecting lighting, color schemes, furnishings, and decorations that will have a strong positive effect on the residents' overall ambiance.

Ashiana interiors' work assures one thing. We support the goal of comfortable living, which enhances the residential experience significantly. Furniture styling, flooring, wall color schemes, and other needs and objectives are all covered by bedroom interior design. We ensure an excellent ambiance in your 3 BHK interior design costs in Kolkata by carefully aligning with these principles.


Because the kitchen is one of the most often used rooms in the house, everyone deserves a beautiful modular kitchen design that allows them to relax and enjoy their time there. In addition to having functional appliances, you should have a modern kitchen design that you will enjoy for many years. At Ashiana Interiors, we have a team of the greatest interior designers in Kolkata who will help you design your kitchen and provide you with the best Kolkata. We've got everything you need for kitchen remodels, from ultra-glam counters to classic backsplashes to quirky lighting.

Unique Modular Kitchen Design Ideas:

  • Pull Out Cabinets
  • Corner Sink
  • Magic Corners
  • Tall Cabinet

The necessary objects must be carefully organized to make room for everything in a kitchen. Only a few individuals realize that the kitchen's decor is as significant as the rest of the house. It is advisable to design the kitchen utilizing innovative modular kitchen ideas, as this will aid organization as well as aesthetics.


Design, to us, is more than simply placing items in your home. We value every facet of a modern living room's design.

  • Declutter

In a variety of ways, having too many "things" and mess can generate a lot of stress in your daily life. Getting rid of clutter might help you create extra space in your home. More breathing space implies more space, making it much easier to rest and relax.

  • Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, people want items that are more than just useful and utilitarian. We want our senses to be stimulated and made to feel nice. We want to feel good about ourselves when we use the items we use. To attain these objectives, aesthetic design is essential.

  • Toning palettes

Depending on our age, gender, cultural background, and location, room color can have a range of effects on our thoughts and feelings. Certain colors, or even combinations of colors, provoke the same reaction in everyone, which is why choosing colors wisely while decorating is so important.

  • Lighting has the power to transform a space. We employ light and shade to create a welcoming and striking environment.
  • Flooring

Quality flooring not only matches today's 3 BHK interior design cost in Kolkata but also improves your quality of life. Because flooring is such an important part of your home, you should invest in high-quality flooring.

  • Furniture

When it comes to living room decorating ideas, the location and selection of furniture are just as important as the color palette and decorations.


The majority of bathrooms are inconvenient to use. They're normally the smallest rooms in the house, but they're the ones that get the most use. To make the most of this space and meet all of the family's activities and needs, a smart modern bathroom design for small spaces is required.

Beautiful and well-designed bathrooms are a fantastic investment that can boost the value of your property. Houses with modern luxury bathroom designs will be highly prized by potential purchasers if you plan to sell your home in the future. Professionally built bathrooms are not only gorgeous but also long-lasting. When effective bathroom interior design ideas are used in contemporary bathrooms, the area may be easier to clean and maintain.


You can choose the level of maintenance you're comfortable with within this room by carefully selecting materials, flooring, wall treatments, and worktops. Refer Ashiana Interiors for the 3 BHK interior design cost in Kolkata. We would love to help you in every possible way.