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Best Mirror Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

Best Mirror Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

Any space, especially your bathroom, can benefit from the use of mirrors. Sure, the functionality should always come first, but the new bathroom mirrors also function as decorative statements, transforming even the most basic of spaces into a fashionable refuge. Take a look at these bathroom mirror design ideas: Many of the designs below complement your bathroom’s existing aesthetic (contemporary, traditional, or rustic), while others add a completely new dimension. All the while, these mirrors — some framed, some unframed — reflect natural and overhead light, making the space feel even larger than it is.

Mirrors with Folded Corners

We can all agree that mirrors appear odd in room corners. The good news is that a folded corner mirror may transform these unsightly corners into a personalized vanity mirror. This style of mirror is ideal for people who don’t have a lot of space in their bathrooms. Its design can help to improve the overall feel of your bathroom while also transforming those uncomfortable room corners into something more beautiful and useful. Folded corner mirrors are also perfect for creating a lovely corner wall design.

Mirrors with convex and concave surfaces

The flat type and traditional household mirror may be familiar to most people, but there is another frequent variety of mirror design ideas. A concave and convex construction. The surface of this sort of mirror curves away from across all directions.

  • A convex mirror has a curved surface that twists the light it returns and concentrates it in the centre. When compared to typical mirrors, this form of mirror reflect a small image, allowing for more image to fit.
  • The concave mirror, which would be the complete antithesis of the convex mirror, is the other type of folding corner mirror. The light reflected by this sort of mirror bends inwards and towards the image. As a result, the image appears to be larger, providing “magnification” for an expanded rendition of an object that you wish to examine. Concave mirror design ideas for dental and cosmetics applications.

Double Angular Mirrors

“Double sinks necessitate double mirrors,” so if your bathroom has two sinks, it’s preferable to complement them with an angular double mirror to create symmetry and balance. This style of the mirror also has an extra space in the middle for additional lighting and design in your bathroom.

Vanity with Mirrors

A bathroom vanity mirror is typically located over the bathroom sink and is used for applying makeup, checking one’s appearance, correcting one’s hair, or anything else that makes you look decent. We may not realize it, yet this item of home décor is utilized frequently in our daily life. It’s critical to select a vanity mirror that complements the design and style of your bathroom.

In addition, you can include some accessories or a mirror frame that complements your vanity mirror. You should select a colour that complements your bathroom’s overall colour scheme. A white vanity mirror, for example, is a terrific choice because it blends well.

Mirrors with LED lighting

One of the finest ways to get a realistic picture reflection is to use a mirror with light-emitting diodes (LED). This mirror not only provides a realistic reflection, but it also gives light to the space. LED-lit bathroom mirrors, unlike other forms of lighted bathroom mirrors, have been shown to save energy and create a pure white light, which is ideal for shaving and doing makeup. What a fantastic collection of bathroom mirror ideas!

Mirrors with a Brushed Metal Finish

A brushed metal wall mirror may be the finest bathroom mirror for you if you want to add sophistication to your bathroom. This sort of mirror has a modern design that goes with a variety of types and designs. The beauty of this mirror is how the brushed metal contrasts with the mirrored glass, giving your bathroom a modern and urban feel while offering an exact representation of yourself.

Mirror with No Frame

Many designers have been using frameless mirrors as a statement of elegance and style in bathrooms over the last few years. The edges of this sort of mirror are often polished or bevelled. Furthermore, this sort of mirror has a larger reflective surface than normal mirrors. The most common explanation for this is that it is not fitted with any frame that takes up space. You can make the most of the space you have in your bathroom by utilising this sort of mirror, while also giving it a modern and minimalist air.

What is the ideal size of a bathroom mirror?

The size of your bathroom mirror should be taken into consideration. Your bathroom mirror may appear misplaced and disappear on its own if you choose a mirror that is too small. However, if you choose one that is excessively large, you risk creating an unintentional focus point in your bathroom.


It all comes down to personal preference, though. If you want to go small, you might get three (3) or more similar mirrors of the same size and arrange them wherever you wish. If you prefer larger mirrors, however, it is critical to select one that is proportionate to the size of your bathroom.


What can you do to spruce up your outdated bathroom mirror?

Updating an out-of-date bathroom mirror can be intimidating and time-consuming. That does not have to be the case. So, for your convenience, I’ve put together step-by-step instructions to help you dress up your plain bathroom mirror.

  • Examine your mirror, its shape, and how it fits in with the rest of your bathroom’s décor. Measure the length and width of it precisely.
  • Look for any flaws and be wary of mercury streaks, especially in older mirrors.
  • Remove the old mirror’s present framing and replace it with a new one. Depending on your style and intended bathroom interior, it can be a painted frame or a solid wood frame.
  • Use a subdued tint or a beautiful wood to provide dimension. After that, you’ll need to utilise crown moulding or base wood, both of which may be found at your local hardware store or frame shop.
  • Install your new and improved mirror on the wall.