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Difference Between King Size and Queen Size Beds

Difference Between King Size and Queen Size Beds

"Do you want a king size bed or a queen-size bed?" When you go shopping for a cot, mattress, or even a bedspread, it is the first thing you will be asked. "Single or double?" is another phrase you could hear.


If you're not sure whether cot or mattress to choose for your bedroom, here's what you should know about king and queen size beds.


While queen-size mattresses appear to be the most popular, king-size mattresses aren't far behind. According to a 2016 research conducted by the Better Sleep Council (BSC), the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), roughly 47 percent of customers sleep on a queen mattress and 25% on a king mattress.


Depending on the criteria, deciding on the size of the mattress that is best for you might be difficult. In this post, we look at the benefits and drawbacks of various sizes and characteristics.


Dimensions: King Size Bed vs. Queen Size Bed

What are the measurements of a king-size and queen-size bed?


The size of a king and queen bed varies depending on the region. In the UK, a king-size bed may be 150 cm x 200 cm (59 in x 79 in), yet in Singapore and Malaysia, it might be 183 cm x 191 cm (72 in x 75 in). Bed sizes, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly uniform as the scope of global trade expands.


In India, a king size bed measures 183 cm x 216 cm (72 in x 85 in), whereas a queen size bed measures 152 cm x 198 cm (60 in x 78 in). Beds for singles and doubles are smaller. A single bed is 91 cm x 198 cm (36 in x 78 in) long, while a double bed is 122 cm x 198 cm long.


When deciding between a king and a queen sized mattress, there are a few things to think about.

Choosing the proper size among the many possibilities available in the market while looking for the best mattress for a bed can be difficult. As a result, knowing the essential aspects to consider when deciding between a king or queen size bed will ensure that you invest your hard-earned money wisely.




Furthermore, purchasing a new mattress has a direct influence on your general health, including your peace of mind, job productivity, and a variety of other factors. As a result, here are the eight most important criteria to consider when selecting the finest mattress for your house.


1. Space Availability


First and foremost, the size of your room is critical when selecting a bed. After all, you'll need some walking space to allow for simple mobility and placement of other furniture while complementing the room's layout and decor.


Ideally, you should allow at least two feet of room along the bed's edges and five feet of space at the bed's foot. This will make your space appear well-organized, tidy, and uncluttered. Furthermore, the extra furniture you want to install in the room should influence your decision between a queen or king-size bed.


If your room is between 9.6 ft x 10 ft and 10 ft x 14 ft, you should consider purchasing a queen size bed to ensure proper arrangement. If your room is between 10 ft x 12 ft and 13 ft x 19 ft, a king-size bed will be more appropriate. The optimal room size for a king bed, however, is 12 ft x 12 ft.


2. Your Financial Plan


Second, the amount of money you have to spend on a bed is a major consideration. If you're on a tight budget, a queen-size bed is a good choice because it's reasonably priced. A king-size bed, on the other hand, should be your first choice if money or space are not issue.


The cost of a king or queen-sized mattress, on the other hand, is determined by the style of mattress you choose. Innerspring mattresses, for example, are more expensive than coir mattresses, while natural latex mattresses are more expensive than memory foam mattresses. The bed's construction quality is also important. As a result, these variables play an important impact in mattress pricing.


3. The Size of Your Family


Another important factor to consider when choosing a bed is the size of your household. If you have a baby and like a snug fit in your bed, a queen-size bed is a way to go. Assume, however, that you believe a queen-sized mattress is the best fit for you, based on the other variables given above. In such a scenario, you might choose a queen-sized bed with a thickness of 6 inches or 8 inches for improved spinal column support.




If you don't have any children, the precise situation requires you to sleep with your pet. A king-size bed, on the other hand, is recommended if you want to share the bed with an older child or plan to expand your family soon. King-sized mattresses, like queen-sized mattresses, are often offered in 6 and 8-inch widths.


4. Your Bedroom's Location


Yes. Yes, you read that correctly. When it comes to moving the bed once you've made the purchase, the placement of your bedroom is crucial. If your master bedroom is on the first level, you can choose from any of the available bed sizes. If your bedroom is on the second level, you'll need to think about the width of the stairway and how you'll get the mattress up there.


5. House Type and Additional Plans


If you're renting an apartment or moving frequently, queen-sized mattresses are the better choice because they're smaller and lighter than king-size mattresses. After all, transporting and moving your large, king-sized mattress from one home to the next will be difficult.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of King-Size and Queen-Size Beds

The following are the major benefits and drawbacks of choosing a king or queen-sized bed:


Queen Size Bed

Advantages -

  1. A queen-size bed is ideal for a couple with a newborn or small kid who wants to sleep comfortably.
  2. This bed size allows you to sleep comfortably while yet having enough legroom.
  3. For flats with smaller master bedrooms, a queen-size bed is preferable.
  4. Furthermore, these beds are less expensive than king-size beds due to their smaller size.


Disadvantages -

  1. Once your baby starts to develop, the mattress may become too tiny for you.
  2. You will have limited storage space if you pick a box bed.


King Size Bed

Advantages -

  1. Even with a growing child, a king-size bed is ideal for people who value their privacy.
  2. This bed size not only provides enough of legroom, but also allows you to toss and turn comfortably while sleeping.
  3. For residences with big master bedrooms, a king-size bed is ideal.
  4. King-size beds are more expensive due to the modest difference in breadth, but they are well worth the money.


Disadvantages -

  1. A king-sized mattress might be difficult to move due to its bulkiness and enormous size.
  2. Because a king-size bed is less common than a queen-size bed, you'll have fewer alternatives while shopping for new fitted sheets, quilts, and blankets.
  3. For king-sized mattresses, not only the mattress but also the bedding accessories are more expensive.



The size and names of items purchased from other countries may differ significantly. Due to manufacturing tolerances, padding quantity, and support type, mattresses of the same size may have somewhat varying measurements.


We hope you now understand the distinction between queen and king-sized beds. Ashiana Interior can assist you in selecting or custom-building the right-sized bed for your room, as well as designing the remainder of your room. Please contact us straight away to schedule a meeting.