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Done your hassle-free 2 bhk Interior Design In Kolkata with Ashiana Interior | Best 2 Bhk Interior Designer in Kolkata

Done your hassle-free 2 bhk Interior Design In Kolkata with Ashiana Interior | Best 2 Bhk Interior Designer in Kolkata

An Elegant 2 Bedroom Rustic Home Design

Ashiana interiors provide the best 2BHK interior designs in Kolkata with cleverly placed, space-saving furnishings and colourful accents that make each space enjoyable to be in and there.

Unique Qualities          

The living room in this two-bedroom house is furnished with patterned wallpaper, a sectional sofa, and vitrified tiles.

This room looks better thanks to a false ceiling with a cove and recessed lighting. One of the features of this 2BHK home is a smart TV set with a backlit panel and an extended vertical shelf with LED strip lighting. The eating space has a circular wooden table and four blush pink seats. To provide more storage in the dining area, a bench with bottom drawers has been built. Base cabinets in the straight kitchen are finished in pink laminate, while the overhead cabinets are finished in wood laminate. Making efficient use of available space is a backsplash with a diamond design, LED lighting, and cutlery hooks. In the master bedroom of this two-bedroom house plan, bamboo wall panelling is included. The ceiling of this bedroom has a fake ceiling with wood panelling and cove lighting. On either side of the bed in the master bedroom are two twin bedside tables.

Here is a wooden study desk with a white chair. This house boasts a white tiled bathroom with a shower cubicle, built-in storage, and LED strip lighting. To store linens and bathroom supplies, open shelves have been created over the toilet. A luxurious bathroom with a round mirror and a clear shower cubicle with an overhead and hand shower. There is more room on the floor thanks to the floating vanity unit underneath the sink.


A Contemporary 2 BHK Apartment Design Featuring Woodwork

The use of woodwork throughout the modern house gives it a rustic feel. The stylish kitchen and stylish wardrobes with extended workstations and dresser units make this house a delight to live in. This two-bedroom house has white marble and vitrified tiles for the flooring. Woodwork is one of the great designs of the best 2BHK designer in Kolkata.


Unique Qualities

The foyer of this house has been built with woodwork and hooks to hang bags and keys. In the entrance, there is also a chest of drawers for convenient storage of shoes and socks. The entrance area's design aesthetics are completed by a square mirror that you may use to give yourself a quick once-over before leaving. A false ceiling with a cove, recessed lighting, and marble flooring are features of the master bedroom in this two-bedroom house. The overhead cabinets and sliding doors in a glossy laminate finish were used to construct the floor-to-ceiling closet. Twin lamps are located on matching bedside tables on either side of a king-size bed. The TV unit may be extended to become a dressing table with push-button doors and a pouffe with cosmetic storage concealed beneath it. This two-bedroom home includes a contemporary L-shaped kitchen with blue and white high gloss laminate cabinets on the top and bottom. Push-open drawers and a black granite countertop with a white hexagonal pattern backsplash have been included in the construction of the kitchen for a seamless appearance. There is seating for four in the adjacent dining space, which has one pendant light installed to highlight the food. The second bedroom has a traditional blue and white colour scheme, wallpaper on one wall, and wood floors. A floating vanity unit made of wood has been designed for a grey and white bathroom with a white tiled shower cubicle.


A Contemporary 2 BHK House Design With Space-Efficient Furniture

This two-bedroom apartment's interior decor was created for a family that enjoys having fun. Both adult’s and children's requirements have been taken into consideration when designing it. In this home, bright colours like yellow are used with natural materials like red brick walls and stone-textured tiles. Ashiana Interiors is known for its services in Kolkata. It has one of the best interior designs for your 2BHK apartment.

Special Features

A walled brick foyer with LED lighting and a focus is part of this two-bedroom house. For storing shoes, a shelf and bottom cabinet have been added. An entertainment centre with push-open drawers and open shelf storage is located in the living room of this two-bedroom house.

A built-in oven and cabinets with a yellow and white high gloss laminate finish are featured in the kitchen of this house. A granite countertop and drawers with hooks are included in the kitchen's setup for convenient utensil storage. A colourful children's bedroom in lilac, yellow, and white is part of the interior design of this two-bedroom house. Against a lilac, the wall is a white cot in the shape of a house. The bedroom comprises yellow wardrobes with open shelves and an integrated pull-out desk. Toy storage is provided in a unique cabinet with push-open doors and shelves. A hovering toilet and a shower cubicle are featured in the first bathroom's design, which features bottle green and white tiles. The second bathroom's design features a floating vanity unit, a bowl sink, and stone-textured tiles. The master bedroom of a two-bedroom house includes a floor-to-ceiling sliding door wardrobe with push-open drawers, open shelves, and a rack for neatly hanging coats. This bedroom also has a long study and a concealed bookcase.



Modern 2 BHK House with Stylish Interiors

Another subtle design by the Best 2 BHK Interior Designer in Kolkata is a contemporary two-bedroom house with a neutral colour scheme, a variety of textures, and furniture that saves space and enhances the interior design of the house's ability to serve many different purposes.

Added Benefits

An elegant white laminate TV stand, a cosy sofa unit, and a coffee table can be found in this contemporary living room. Above the TV stand, floating shelves provide additional room for display decorations. The living room's grey textured wall and the floating shelves' LED strip lighting make the place more beautiful. The adjoining kitchen is made more functional with a vanity unit with floating shelves, a mirror with LED lighting, and a bowl-shaped sink. This property looks great thanks to an open kitchen that is grey and white with marble flooring and countertops. Ample storage is provided in the kitchen in the form of a handle-equipped base and above cabinets. Perfect for cooking and hosting visitors is a breakfast counter with two tall chairs. The colour palette for the children's room is red and white. The wall opposite the one with storage is decorated with a map in the shape of wallpaper, and the other has been built with white wall panelling. The kids' bedroom contains a study unit with open shelves, drawers, and ceiling cabinets to organise books and toys in a clutter-free manner. The wall and the little bathroom's floating vanity unit, both done in wood, work together to give the area a cosy feel. The bathroom's marble floor gives the impression that it is big, and the glass wall separating the shower area keeps the space dry and spotless. A bold yellow wall in the master bedroom gives the room a splash of colour. The wall behind the bed is completed in wood, which adds warmth and radiance to the entire room. The bedroom has a sliding-door closet and a mirror with a hidden storage compartment. Essentials for personal care are kept in the bathroom's floating vanity unit, which has a drawer and an open shelf. This bathroom looks compact because of the glass wall that divides the shower area from the opposite side.

We are here to assist you if you are looking for some great designs for your 2BHK apartment and will help you get the best of all. We are the best 2BHK designers in Kolkata and we hope this blog gives you an idea about the 2BHK designs that we offer.