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Home spaces are the ones where we spend our most comfortable lives. It is the place where we find comfort, solace, peace and ease. Whether we are traveling, going to work outside, or for any other thing away from the home, we have nostalgia for our homes. We crave that feeling of home everywhere we go. No matter what the size of our home is, we want to keep it tidy and aesthetically appealing. For this purpose, new homeowners or buyers opt for interior design services for their homes. Interior designing itself has many aspects related which helps keep our homes look beautiful. Interior designers take care of all your needs varying from functionality, usage, aesthetics, furnishing, electrical and technical work etc. Such one stop solution of all these services is one interior design service in saltlake, Kolkata. It’s name is Ashiana Interior design service which is present in Kolkata.


Ashiana is one of the best interior design service in saltlake, Kolkata that one can get. The experience of the firm of years in the interior design industry speaks for itself through a wide range of satisfied client base. It is not only known for its interior design service but also for its profound detailing in execution and professionalism. Each and every need of the customer is understood by the team of experts at Ashiana. After that only, it provides a customized set of services to them which is the key to satisfaction. Moreover, it constantly tries to evolve and upgrade the designs it provides according to the changing trends in the industry. This is the most important factor in being in sync with what’s going on in the world for example, sustainable designs using green or eco-friendly materials. This also gives customers variety of options and designs to choose from even the latest ones.


Interior design is such a field where client wants quality or output for every single penny he or she sheds. This is also because home is like a one-time investment and the perception is like that of the majority of customers. Ashiana, an interior design service in saltlake, Kolkata understands that very well and so it never compromises on the quality of the material and service it provides. The designers and team of Ashiana provides best set of materials according to your need and budget and also that it is used well and resourcefully. It is important to prevent wastage of material as well to reduce the costs. So, the material they use is strong, durable, have longevity and also helps to enhance your space. Due to this, output has very good quality. Additionally, the service they provide is also of the best quality. Interior designing is not just about designing but also execution and turning ideas into reality, this fact is known by all of us. The team of designers at Ashiana not only provides good designs but also precise and timely execution. They take care of nitty-gritty of smallest to biggest things and never leave the stone unturned to satisfy their customers and make them happy. In fact, customer satisfaction is for what they thrive for.





1. Planning and designing

To make any interior design project successful, getting the basics right is very important. This can be done by planning. Planning each and every element according to the size and it’s shape is the foundation and this also gives clarity on what to include and what not to include. After planning stage, a designing stage comes into the picture. Planning well will lead to good designing which will include all the aspects and elements. The team of designers at Ashiana provides 3d designs and plan layouts made with the latest tools to customers for their better understanding. These provides form and shape of the designs that will help customers get idea better.


2. Free consultations

Free consultations are provided by experts at Ashiana interior design service in saltlake, Kolkata. This works like a two-way bridge and is beneficial for both customers and designers. For designers, they will be able to better understand the needs and wants of clients and give them services accordingly. It will help in customization to it’s level best. Moreover, for client free consultations will make designers at Ashiana more approachable and accessible to them. They will be able to freely express their needs, wants, concerns and exactly what they want in their newly designed homes. The experts at Ashiana will discuss and solve their queries at that point itself. Moreover, they will also give customers more knowledge about the business and latest trends going on for better understanding. This will also build trust and one to one relationship with the clients.


3. Expertise in execution

Designing is an integral part of the interior design business and so is the execution. Turning ideas into reality into proper stable structures and fixtures in the space is what all that matters. The precise detailing and expertise in execution by whole of the team is what gives Ashiana interior design service in saltlake, Kolkata an edge over others in the industry. Being in such competitive business, taking care of all the nitty-gritty varying from materials, suppliers and labourers making the exact same designs given to them requires competent skills. This is reflected in all projects of Ashiana and so they have a wide base of satisfied customers. Disciplined and timely execution is very much essential to complete the project on time as deadlines matter. Moreover, execution does not stop only at interior design services, Ashiana also provides services related to painting to decorative items to please clients. It even takes care of additional accessories like showcases, stone arts, wooden objects, stylish racks to create a classy ambiance in your overall interior.




4. Budget-friendly services

This is also an important aspect an interior design project that one cannot neglect. Ashiana’s interior design services are budget-friendly and the team tries its best to give you the highest quality output in your budget. Ashiana is known for giving best interior design services at affordable prices.