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A home itself consists of many spaces within itself such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining, bathroom, balcony etc. Each space has it’s own unique and equal importance. So, when themes of these spaces become cosy, elegant and country style it reflects European design in it. European interior designs are challenging to be crafted as it is simple yet gives very classy look. Both these elements have to be amalgamated to have a European country style home design in Kolkata.


Let us look space by space as to how Ashiana Interiors provide European country style home design in Kolkata.



The vibe of this area should be rustic and functional. The material, laminate finishes and colours will be used accordingly. Pure wood with chosen matt finishes give the feel of European style. Due to this, wooden tiles or pure wood with matt laminate finish is preferred in this area. Along with this, the kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances but the outer look is very vintage style giving a country like vibe. The cabinetry is hidden in the entire space adding charm to the kitchen. Appliances like refrigeration is integrated in the kitchen. The whole usage in this space is very functional, efficient and still giving the vibe of old country times.


2.Living room

The living room is one of the most important space in any homes. It is first thing people come in access with after entering the house. According to the European styled theme, a living room should have the charm of ravishing retro look. Its each and every element should be in sync with that whether it is ceiling, wall colours, furniture, other décor etc. To provide European country style home design in Kolkata, designers take care of all these aspects. To start with, the ceiling is covered in full veneer from entrance of the house to the end of living room. Moreover, the space is divided into two sections one is formal and other is informal. Both sections reflect very old country like charm. With right use of furnishing, one section is designed to enjoy quiet evening conversations while other section is designed for TV viewing purpose. The whole finish of the fixtures in the living room is mostly wooden which lifts the look of the living space. The flooring is mostly of brown colour as well. The artefacts and handcrafts you choose for the décor also should vibe with the aesthetics of the room. All these add up to give your living space very elegant European look.




A bedroom is a space of comfort and relaxation. It should be warm and cosy and feel less chaotic. The European style themed bedrooms have wooden floors, door of veneer wooden frame and white wood finish. The same has to be used to make your space give you a welcoming feeling. Along with these, there is poster bed, seating at one side of the bed and wardrobes on the other adding charm to your bedroom. The plastic weaving method is used to give the vintage look and the same method is used for wardrobes to give elements in bedroom sync in design. The fixtures and furniture items have been given a termite proof finish and are placed in a very distressed manner. Also the chest of drawers is placed in a very exquisite manner. The ceiling has misaligned veneer design giving over all European look to the bedroom.



Balcony is very much necessary in every home. It is a multi-purpose space to use. It relaxes you providing good ventilation as well. The main key strength of this space is the view it provides and people crave good views, natural views. The design of the balcony should be according to the size of the space and it’s uses. If the space permits you can make that corner of the house beautiful and charming. You can add small coffee table and chairs according to size your space permits. To add more and customize a little bit you can add fairy lights for warm evening relaxing session. To make a balcony garden or add and nurture few plants and flowers also looks very appealing. Relaxing into this cosy corner of your home you can view hustle and bustle of the city of Kolkata.


5.Dining area

The dining area should also be in sync with other spaces of your home. The more rustic look you prefer in the space the classier it will feel. The ceiling, artefacts and the furniture plays the key role. The furniture is arranged or placed in a very distorted fashion and the same theme is continued with placement of crockery unit too. The look of the ceiling depends on what old charm you want to replicate on it. The artefacts should also match the other aesthetics so you can choose anything that represents European style. It can be old clock, old pirate ship, old frames or historical photographs anything that suits your taste. These all help in maintaining vintage look of the designated space.



Along with all other rooms. Bathroom should also be coherent in design with them. Tiles to your bathroom add this elegant style of European theme. The bland or neutral tiles and old fashioned bathroom fittings go very well with European style vintage look. It also has shower cabinet section with glass pane that divides wet area from dry area.



7.Add elegance though furnishing and unique lighting statement

Furnishing is a very integral part of interior design. It adds colours, vibrancy and sets tone of your space. The kind of furnishing you choose should reflect old styles and more artsy craft into it. It can be contrast or monochromatic depending on the size and other aesthetics of your room but overall it should look very poise and elegant. Apart from this element, the lighting is also very important as it adds more vibrancy to your space. Warm lighting can give very subtle approach to the space which in itself is very fascinating.


All these hacks can help to make your space a European country style home design in Kolkata.