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Give your living room a trending maximalistic approach!

Give your living room a trending maximalistic approach!

It’s actually pleasing to see interior designers jumping on board the maximalist trend these days. Coming from the past few years of interiors featuring just too much of Scandinavian minimalistic designs, it's really refreshing to the eye to see some rooms that really push the limits and experiment. While it may not always be liveable (or achievable!) for the most of us, it still seems to be impressive how rooms can really layer up the print and pattern, and of course, the storage. And your living space is no exception!

We've been hanging on to this maximalist living room trend for a while now, waiting for just the right time to share it. Animal prints, pleated lampshades, opulent wallpaper, and overall luxurious appeal- all of these give your living space the lavish feel you always desired.

Although it may not be very believable right now, because it seems like it always takes a year or two for these trends to really kick in, but all of these “granny chic” items listed above are definitely on their way back. And, just like all other trends, we only hope that they are done better this second time around. Now, opulence here doesn't necessarily mean garish or over-bright. In this revival, we believe it means taking a cue from the rich tapestries, pattern and traditions from the various cultures around the globe. The wallpapers in certain maximalist rooms really takes the tradition to the next level.

And, as far as animal print is concerned, well, we hope that it never really goes out of trend, but it seems that leopard and cheetah prints, particularly, are making their entries back to the world of interiors.

As for the return of “granny chic”, we hope it's growing out of the need for the generation of plant-and-macramé filled boho style dwellers to mature and evolve into something new, while the many traditional dwellers who have been clinging to this style for years can now rejoice that it's come back full circle, and it’s here to stay- somewhat like an evergreen trend.

The thing that we love the most about it, is the mix of eras and cultures that it brings back along with it. And, what we don't love about it is the formality that it sometimes brings along with it. You don't usually appreciate a room that feels stuffy overdone, right? And perhaps, you’ll never live in a room like that.

A personal favourite that we often come across and is loved by many, is a painting in the middle of it all that adds an essence of the 90's- it almost feels like it might have been plucked out from an unnecessary bin of posters, and placed in some luxurious space- and that makes us love it all the more!

Renovating and revamping your home or a part of it often takes up a big share of your budget plan. If your existing living space is comparatively small, you can still add space to it by analysing your property critically to build an extension, and create a light, modern and new living cum dining space.

If you’re looking to renovate your living space within an affordable budget plan, our interior designer company in Kolkata is here to help you with innovative designs within your budget. We’re among the leading interior decorator companies that you can look up to, when incorporating maximalist trends in your living space.

Even if your focus is to achieve a light, open space in a minimalist style, using good quality materials and designs that will stand the test of time, along with a high level of functionality, you can get the job done with our best among the interior decorator companies in Kolkata.