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How can you use every corner space of your room with the help of an Interior Designer?

How can you use every corner space of your room with the help of an Interior Designer?

Do you often crib in the ears of your interior designer seeing the smallest of the smallest space that is left empty in your house? Many individuals do not like it when it comes to empty spaces in their places, they want interior designers to occupy even that tiny bit of the space by showcasing stuff, or even by building something innovative and new there.

One can not deny the fact that even the most cramped area in one’s house has the potential to look beautiful in itself with just a slight change in it. Here are some of the potential ideas which you can opt for if you want to use every corner in your house to the fullest.


1:- A storeroom tucked under the stairway:

How about using the void space under a staircase by converting it into a storeroom with two doors attached to the space just below the staircase parallelly? Isn’t this a new and creative idea? Individuals who have smaller houses or do not have any extra space to store unwanted furniture or the broken ones can surely use this idea which would help them store the items without using any extra corner of their house.


2:- Create a corner Workstation:

Suppose you have a window that opens to a beautiful view but does not have a balcony supporting it. Any creative idea to maximise the use of the window? Yes, there is a solution. Creative Interior Designers generally use these corners or void spaces with windows by building a beautiful workstation in front of it.

Working with a beautiful view to enjoy is a treat for everyone, the work efficiency just adds up when you have a beautiful view to enjoy whenever you get tired of work.

For someone who prefers reading books in their leisure time, some floating bookshelves can also be designed to be placed beside the window and above the workstation to improve the look and to make it look even more beautiful.


3:- Adding Tall furniture in the Corners:

Tall furniture generally helps interior designers by making the corner look very occupied and bulky. Tall pieces of furniture can be used to store a variety of things, books, or anything else as per the choice of individuals. Tall pieces of furniture might also include a tall dressing area which will add up to the beauty of the interior design too.

Corners are the perfect place where one can showcase beautiful artefacts without using any extra space, these tall pieces of furniture can help you in showcasing the artefacts on the top as well.





4:- Building a Custom Open Closet:

A custom open closet is a new and very innovative idea which many interior designers take into consideration while building the design of any interior of the house. It is seen in quite a few places that closets occupy most of the space in a room, to manage it efficiently and creatively, came the idea of open closets. Open closets are widely used to manage space in small rooms very efficiently and to also use corners of a room as potential storage areas. 

With the increasing culture of sneakers and streetwear, people are showing their interest in open closets more than closed closets.


5:- Surround Yourself by Storage Options:

In many halls and reading rooms, interior designers try to use the maximum place possible by giving small or tall storage options on every preferably every wall of the room making it look like a surrounding of storage options. In this way, every corner and every wall of the room is utilised and can be used by individuals for storage or for showcasing purposes also.

These are built-in storage options that are stuck to the wall capturing very little space and allowing individuals to decorate the room in the space left which is indeed quite vast.


6:- A Mini Bar for every Small Celebration:

With the increase in the pandemic outbreak, people are preferring to stay at their places and maintain physical distancing, restaurants, bars, lounges, and shopping malls are closed because of the same reason due to which people are celebrating everything in their homes.

Celebrations should not be compromised for any given reason, therefore many individuals these days have incorporated beautiful bars or lounges in unused corners of their houses. These mini bars are not very lavish but are very affordable for small celebrations. These small bars or lounges are also very good for get-togethers, parties etc.


7:- A Slide-out Cabinet behind your bedding

People do not like it when their bedding touches the walls as it deteriorates them so why not separate the bedding and the walls in a creative way? A slide-our cabinet behind the bedding is a very good and creative option interior designers and netizens use for making the distance between their beds, sofas, or couches and the supporting wall to them.

These slide-out cabinets are excellent to use as a storage option for clothes, bedsheets, cushion covers, etc. and also can be used to showcase beautiful artefacts, paintings, etc. behind the bedding to leverage their beauty as well. Lamps or indoor plants can also be used to add up to the beauty of these cabinets.  


8:- Sliding Cabinets for Kitchens:

Just like for the bedrooms and living rooms sliding cabinets can also be used for kitchens as a perfect storage option. They can also be used in a very intelligent way to separate kitchen types of equipment from the supporting walls. The sliding cabinets use very little space and are very handy to use. 


These were some of the ideas one can use to use every corner space of a bedroom, living room or kitchen to the best of its potential. These ideas are extremely beautiful and design and would complement every interior design as per the choice of the individuals.