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How To Choose Curtains For Small 2BHK Apartments

How To Choose Curtains For Small 2BHK Apartments

Decorating your own apartment is an extremely challenging task. The process can be highly stressful and can include a few trials and errors, mix and matches but at the same time it can be exciting. With decorating your own apartment, you get to have control and express your visions and style just the way you want! Picking out the style and aesthetic of your choice, mixing and matching your favourite shades and colours, picking out the perfect patterns, shapes and sizes, finding the right and appropriate angles, shopping for decorative items has to be a very fun experience. It takes detailed and thorough planning when you are decorating and organizing your own apartment. Curtains and drapes are highly important elements of your apartment and also when it comes to decorating your living space. Those long and elegant pieces of fabric do not only ensure your room the adequate protection from the sun and other outside elements, but they also make sure you can enjoy your privacy and your personal space. Drapes and curtains come in various styles and patterns and there are a wide range of options to choose from! The perfect curtains not only help you ensure your privacy but they also enhance the appearance, the decor and the feel of your home and living spaces. However, decorating a small 2BHK apartment and choosing the right curtains to match with it, can be quite difficult. Your living spaces and rooms can look washed out and cluttered if you select the wrong patterns or the colours. Here are the ways to choose curtains for small 2BHK apartments:

Ways To Choose Curtains For Small 2BHK Apartments

  • Pick Out The Right Colours!

Choosing the right colours for the curtains for the small apartments can get extremely tricky if you do not know the know - hows. The small apartments have limited space and the wrong colours can make your apartment look tight, cluttered and constrained. This can ultimately weigh down the overall decor of your house or the aesthetic you have chosen to follow. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to be mindful of the colours you would like to pick and choose. Curtains with deeper and darker shades surely look extremely elegant and sleek, however they do not add the required volume your small apartment needs. The darker curtains look extremely heavy for the living spaces and have a natural volume of their own, this can make your living spaces and rooms appear way smaller and limited than it already is!

If you have a small apartment and a fairly limited space, it is important for you to select lighter shades of the colours or the shades that match entirely with your room. Matching or lighter shades of curtains can add a significant volume to your room and make your living space appear wider and larger. Curtains with lighter shades look extremely beautiful and add a soft touch to your decor and also highlight it.

  • Choose The Right Fabrics!

The fabrics of the curtains also play a huge role and can decide the overall appearance of your living spaces and the rooms. Curtains made with thicker fabrics like velvets can weigh the appearance of your room and can look extremely heavy on your window panes. Instead of highlighting your room, curtains made up of thicker fabrics garner all the attention to themselves. So, in order to make your small apartment appear larger and brighter, it is wise to choose light and flowing fabric that adds volume to your room and living spaces. Cotton curtains are an appropriate choice for small apartments, as they make the living spaces appear larger, whereas velvet curtains are way dramatic and weigh down the walls and decoration.

  • Get The Right Patterns

Curtains come with hundreds of designs, patterns and prints. It is wise to go for simple and solid curtains with no designs in order to make your apartment appear spacious and bigger. However, if you would like to add a little contrast and drama into your decorations, opt for curtains with vertical patterns, as they make your living space appear bigger.

Horizontal prints and patterns on the other hand garner all the attention and end up shrinking your rooms and the entire decorations. 

  • Mind The Ideal Length And Width

Deciding the length and the width of the curtains are the key to make your small apartment appear larger. Small apartments usually do not come with larger, well decorated and dramatic ceilings and a curtain can single handedly change and enhance the entire appearance of your living space. Long curtains touching the floor add a highly elegant touch and feel into your living space and make it look like your apartment has a high ceiling. Even if you have a sober ceiling and a highly simple decor, your small apartment will surely carry a graceful and an elegant touch. It is also necessary to ensure you curtains are wide enough and can be symmetrically divided, this not only makes your living space appear bigger but it also makes it look neat, organized and stylish.

  • Know How To Place Them

Placing the curtains the wrong way can break the look and appearance of your room and the entire decoration that you are aiming for. Therefore, it is important to place the curtain rods higher on the wall. Leave out a little gap on the window pane. This allows your curtains to flow in a free manner if they touch the floor space and make your room appear taller, wider, neat and balanced. It makes your living space appear spacious, adding more volume to your room.

Here are the 5 ways to choose curtains for your small apartment and make it look bigger and spacious without compromising your decorations and style.