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How to Decorate Your Home with Throw Pillows

How to Decorate Your Home with Throw Pillows

Everyone while making his or her house dreams of having the most fascinating and trending decor for their room. They research and inspect a lot while choosing a particular design or a theme as they believe in furnishing their house in a way that amazes everyone who comes to their residence. They take care of everything ranging from wall paints to the furniture they put in, but the second thing that comes to your mind after choosing your dream furniture is to choose the perfect cloth materials that you use to cover them like the bedsheets for your bed, sofa covers for your sofas and many more. The main question which comes up is how to decorate our home in such a way that the things we use are not very expensive but look very stylish?

With this article, we got you covered for all your home designs. How to decorate your home, let us start with the sofas. For enhancing the look of your sofa you can also make use of cushions or pillows of trending designs and themes, as they act as an important feature in amplifying the perfection in your decor. One can make use of throw pillows(or a toss pillow is a small cushion made using different fabrics and materials) as a part of their decor. One of the advantages of using these pillows is that you can change the look of your room just by changing or switching these pillows. There is a wide range of throw pillows with different ranges of fresh fabrics and colors to choose from and with such a large number of options to choose from comes the confusion to choose or find the best 4 or 5 pieces that will go great with your space. These vivid and colorful throw pillows can add a very different feel to your space. The process of choosing the best set of pillows out of the overwhelming selection is a process of great confusion, so there are a few points listed below that can guide one to choose the accurate throw pillows for your room. The guiding principles to keep in mind while choosing the right pillow are:-

  • Decide one close-knit color palette :

Deciding on a particular color pattern helps you in picking the perfect pillows among the choices present. These pillows can be either of the same color or in a pair of complementary colours.

  • The pillows should get smaller as you move close to the interior of the sofa :

The pillow largest in size should be kept at the side of the sofas or in the far corners while the pillows smaller in size on the inside of the sofa.  The large pillows( usually of size 22 or 24’’ ) provide you with comfort because they won’t come in between the sitting arrangement.   

  • Look for an symmetrical arrangement :

While arranging the several layers of fabrics while decoration may lead to a very fast layering therefore you should already set up an arrangement which helps in keeping the things alike and orderly which resembles some symmetry.

  • Simple or busy print & solid :

This can be another formula for cutting down your options while choosing the right one. You can have a variety of options and layout designs while choosing, you can get big prints for your large pillows that are kept in the front as they set the color scheme or trend for the rest of the pillows.


After going through these basic principles, you can go for choosing the right fabric for these pillows. But still, there can be different styles to choose from, some of which are listed below:

  • The one with Bold Solids :

A room having a lot of patterns may look better when paired up with solid throw pillows i.e. having a lot of patterns on everything like your walls, the covers as well as the pillows may lead to a messy and jumbled look.

We can even go for the colors which are totally opposite on the colour scheme, the colors which compliment each other ( like orange and purple ) , because colors look more nice and extravagant when placed next to a complementary colour.


  • One-color yet three patterns :

When choosing a particular color for your pillows you can go for three different fabrics that go together. The basic idea behind choosing all three patterns should be to maintain the balance between everything: the color, the patterns, and everything.


  • Go for Neutral colors:

One can go for different neutral shades from the color patterns and can look out for different patterns and textures to give the dreamy look to their room. Getting these neutral and warm shades adds an aesthetic plus point to our look.



  • Throw pillows designed in Streamlined stripes :

Stripes are the everlasting trend and they don’t let the design go fussy for any reason. Here we can pair the bold colors with fabric like velvets which intend to have a classic stripe on it. Simply, we can select a throw pillow of a color used somewhere in the room and after that, we just need to pair those pillows with the striped pillows.


  • Asymmetrical  throw pillows

Everyone around goes for an ordered and patterned arrangement but adding some asymmetry and alignment to your throw pillows may add the missing spice to them especially when the room is already a polished one . A solid large pillow paired up with a small pillow of slight and small patterns.


  • Going for Analogous and fresh colors

If you are the one who likes a lot of pillows, not some limited number of pillows then this styling design is for you. You can go for the colors which are beside each other in the colour pallete and use those colors to get a number of pillows for yourself. Because these colors are next to each other they also seem to have a lot in common which leads to the polished look of the room.


Also, take care of the inserts that you are choosing for your pillows, you don't need to go for the inserts that are really very expensive either you can go for the ones which are cheap as well as provide comfort just like feathers, etc.

So, coming towards the end we can say that it has become a lot easier for you to choose the perfect, trendy, and lavish throw polish just according to your choice from the wide variety of fabrics, styles, patterns, and colors available.