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How to make your House Bedroom Interior design like a five-star hotel?

How to make your House Bedroom Interior design like a five-star hotel?

Colours play an important role in aesthetics. A bedroom contains various elements in itself to play with such as walls, curtains, other fixtures like bed, dressing table and wardrobe. The more contrast in colours in all these elements you will give the more livid you feel. However, the statement of style in the bedroom is a very personal choice. Still, there is always this lingering question that how to make your house bedroom interior design like a five-star hotel? The answer is to add more over the top in elements? No. But rather you should go a minimalistic look which will make your bedroom look classier. Play with elements and their colours. Go neutral in wall colours and in contrast go for funky colours in curtains, bed sheets and cushions or you can go vice-versa. Another feel you get in a five-star hotel is cleanliness, space-saving and comfort in the space. So, creativity, minimalism, cleanliness and space-saving will make your house bedroom interior design like a five-star hotel.



1. Minimalistic is classy- Having ample space is luxury. Place your furniture items and structures in a way that doesn’t feel chaotic and make room messy. Along with multiple storages go for placement and number of the furniture items to a minimum level. The more minimalistic is the approach the classier is the vibe.

2. Go for a neutral palette in colours – The neutrality in colours gives a sense of steadiness and calmness. Over the top colours generally tend to irritate eyes in a longer period of time. Also, the colours must be in sync with both walls and furniture fixtures. A neutral palette in them soothes the eyes and gives serene look to the space.

3. Either go for a monochromatic look or go contrast – This depends and differs from person to person and their choice of colours. A complete monochromatic look stands for single colour usage in the bedroom. It gives a similar, comfortable and compact look and colours does not necessarily need to stand out. While playing with contrast colours, one needs to be careful about what colours to choose and how will it look in sync with other fixtures. The contrast gives a variety of beautiful colours. You just have to be mindful that over the top colours if you choose should not feel overwhelming every day over the longer run. The contrasting theme should also give a settling and gentle feeling like subtle in monochromatic theme.

4. Go for differentiated themes like bohemian, gothic, western or Indian theme – These themes can be decided on the basis of the taste of the client. Different themes have their own unique identities and features. Bohemian likes to play with colours, gothic has a more laid back approach, western has funk and style and Indian has a feel of a home. All these give a classy look to your space. All of these really enhances the space and give a house bedroom interior design like a five-star hotel.

5. Go nature friendly – We all know that being in touch with nature soothes us and give us a serene feeling. We crave this feeling now and then in our busy lives. To have that essence, one can bring nature into the bedroom. Use plants wherever you have a good amount of space. Plants give a different type of décor to your room. Opt for natural prints wherever you can in cushions, rugs, wallpapers etc. This gives the room a breathy fresh look.

6. Add accessories to your room for décor purposes – The paintings or photo frames or anything you like that states your personal statement. These will add additional accessories to decorate your room. It will help to be in the vibe of the memories and personal experiences. Again it’s a matter of personal taste.

7. Statement lighting – Statement lighting is a must to give the look at your house bedroom interior design like a five-star hotel. There are different types of lighting to choose from. Even colours like yellow which induces warm lighting or white light that brightens up the space is available. Warm lighting gives a sense of comfort and subtle atmosphere while white lighting is good for reading, writing chores. In addition to these, one statement piece like a chandelier can also be hung on the ceiling to give royal look. It will stand apart from the rest of the lights. Simple lights or ceiling-mounted lights, round or square, yellow or white all that can be decided according to the usage. The aesthetics and how much appeal it adds to the room should also be taken care of.

8. Take care of natural ventilation and use good quality curtains – In any house, ventilation is essential and it’s healthy. Keep your space fully ventilated and let the breeze flow in. Good quality curtains add a different level of charm to your bedroom. It can be neutral or full of colours depending on the colour palette of the room.

9. Bed is the main fixture in the bedroom so keep it cosy and comfy -  Bed is where you relax and feel most comfortable. It should be functional as well as classy. For bed stick pre-dominantly to all-white bedding. The mattress and the material you use should be proven as the sweet spot for you giving a relaxing feeling. Finely curated threads of bedding and sheets should feel feather-soft. Don’t use overfitted bed sheets. Use specific down comforters and cotton duvet covers to add to the bedding bliss. The pillow mix should be perfect according to the usage. Additionally, you can also go for a feather bed for extra comfort. The mattresses, pillows, linens and robes will help to get the bed of your dreams.

10. Keep your room clean, tidy and spacious – One thing you will notice and love the most in five-star hotel bedrooms is its cleanliness. It helps make space feel less chaotic. To make your house bedroom interior design like a five-star hotel, cleanliness and hygiene are the musts. Keep things in their respective place, use some nice air fresheners and keep it tidy. These all will bring a heavenly feeling to your bedroom itself.