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In the field of interior design there comes many challenges regarding design, execution, colour schemes etc. But thriving through these challenges and still giving you your dream home keeps this industry growing and booming. One of the challenges is that is everyone’s home has some sort of one or another awkward and unused corners. People don’t know how to use them efficiently and that too it should look appealing. So, there some corner design ideas which makes your that little space an eye-catching one. These hacks can give very funky look along with making that corner functional.


Designing an ambience by using every inch of it by making it look beautiful is not everyone’s cup of tea. First of all, you have to look at the size of the space and the size of that empty corner present in it. If you leave that corners empty, by using it in the long run you would not know what to do with it. So, it always nice to use some innovative and creative corner design ideas.





1.Add a small piece of useful furniture to that corner.

To make the functional usage of that area is always the first thing that comes into mind. The size of the furniture and what type of furniture to choose to keep it according to the space available and where it is placed is very important. You can have a wide range of furniture to choose from varying from small coffee table with a chair or small study table with books and a lamp. You can use these options to add to your corner whether it is window-side or wall-side. This piece of furniture will help you in your daily usage along with giving the corner an elegant look.


2.Go for shelfs.

To add extra storage into our homes is always in our mind if we think about good corner design ideas. To add shelves and maximize storage is always a nice idea. Go for nice, funky, creative and bold coloured theme shelves. This theme can very well go with wall colours that are neutral or flat or subtle. It will add vibrancy to your corner with good amount of colours in there. Go for any type of shelf type you like simple, floating, wall attached, multi-dimensional, having bold colours etc. This will really help to elevate the overall look of the room.


3.Crates and bins.

This is one of the corner design ideas which will help make your space look less chaotic. This option will make your space look more organized. Arrange your books, magazines or newspapers in a proper crate. Or keep that crate or bin next to your sofa or couch neatly with all your special belongings in there. This saves your effort to pull yourself up and walk for anything you need. If you have a pet, you can comfortably put your pet’s belongings in that bin or crate. This keeps your space neat, organized and efficient to use.


4.Use plants or air purifiers.

Plants will give natural look to your corner and will add up to the aesthetics of your space. This will be good looking and refreshing. You can choose the plant type and it’s size according to the size of your corner. Also, air purifiers will reduce carbon monoxide and keep the air in your home fresh full of oxygen.


5.Use paintings, frames and decorative artefacts.

Among all the corner design ideas, this will make your corner look so beautiful and eye-catching. This will add creative and style of personal statement your space. Use huge paintings to cover the full space or numerous frames of your choice or a big artefact fixture to place in the corner. It will add elegance to your space turning it into mini gallery.


6.Use narrow walls.

If you want home to be spacious and want to go for minimalistic theme then, this is one of the best corner design ideas. You can turn your corner walls into 3d wallpaper or make it your personal hidden gallery. This will efficiently save the space. Make it as innovative as possible.


7.Place a good sofa or couch and turn that corner into curved corner.

You can use to make that curved corner by placing curved seating or sofa or couch. It will give more seating space. It will give nice cosy warm look to your space.


8.Install a mirror and a big one to give make it eye-caching visual corner.

This is very unique idea to fill that awkward space of the corner. The mirror and mannequin combo are look amazingly bold, eye-catching statement pieces which can also be proven functional. Moreover, these items take up visual space without adding too much clutter to the room.




9.Build a pantry or dry bar in that corner.

This is very elegant and fancy of the all corner design ideas. The old wall can be converted to nice small bar with countertop and placing some bar stools for seating. This niche idea will surely add attraction to your space. The soft neutral colour cabinetry helps it blend seamlessly into the rest of the room. But the smart and functional use of space is what makes it stand out. This is the perfect place to serve drinks and snacks easily. This corner can truly be an attraction to have a nice chat in evening with the drinks.


10.Infuse extra cosiness in that corner with furnishings, cushions and rugs.

A basket or crate of throw blankets and extra pillows close at hand makes for an ultra-comfy room and no awkward corners. Also, there can be large floor cushions to relax on. Add colourful rugs, pillows and fur furnishing to make it attractive. It will really prove to be a nice corner for a relaxing read of your favourite book with a warm mug of coffee or hot chocolate.


These are some creative and chic corner design ideas to use in your homes to make it more eye-pleasing and functional.