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Interior design Ideas for Newlywed Couple

Interior design Ideas for Newlywed Couple

Marriage marks the beginning of a whole new phase in one’s life. After marriage, couples start a new phase of their life by creating new memories, new goals, better experiences, and chasing their dreams together. An abode is the most special place for a newlywed couple even if they coming visiting the most beautiful places of the world and designing the house beautifully and creatively is a perfect start a newlywed couple could think of.

Starting with the celebration of togetherness, the newlywed couples tend to give their homes or rooms a beautiful makeover which marks the story of togetherness and new beginnings. While creating the design of a new room, it is very necessary to manage the style as well as the budget. Let us discuss some of the creative and innovative ideas newlywed couples can opt for while designing their house or room according to their choice.


1:- Depict your beautiful story on a beautiful wall:

Every marriage comes with a lot of beautiful memories, so what is better than engraving or depicting it on a wall. A creative idea that newlywed couples can use is having photo wallpaper that has all the beautiful photos of them as a backdrop for their bedroom which would help them re-live those beautiful memories every morning they wake up.

Soe couples might find these wallpapers as a costly option, so for them, if they do not want to spend a fortune on wallpapers, they can go for handmade frames which can be easily stuck on the walls.

Couples can note down all the ideas they wish to portray on the wall and then with the help of an interior designer, one can come down to a conclusion that includes the colour of the wall, ideas related to depicting the story, texture of the frames, etc.  


2:- Reconstruct Your Bed:

It is common among all the newlywed couples that they are very interested in revamping or upgrading their beds. Upgrading or revamping beds are very underrated as a part of interior decor but it is one of the most vital elements when it comes to revamping your interior decor.

It is not just about the beds, but one should also focus on cushions, bed sheets,  mattresses, texture, and colours.  There might be a difference in preferences but making a way out will give you 2 advantages, firstly, the look of the bedroom would turn out to be very beautiful after mixing two choices, and making a common way out would surely add up to your love. 



3:- Blend the Space Efficiently:

Blending a room or a particular space with the perfect colours, texture, pieces of furniture, and patterns is quite a difficult job but one of the key things to do. It becomes quite important for newlywed couples to choose the right pieces of furnitures that look great but also acquire comparatively less space. Some couples like to keep a single cupboard partitioned into two for storing all the clothes of both of them but eventually end up getting a very broad one that covers the full room and looks very bulky.

Instead of choosing bulky cupboards with all the other pieces of furniture, newlywed couples should prefer broadside shelves, open shelves, sliding shutter cupboards as these would eventually save a lot of space and leverage the look of the room or any particular space. With these furniture products, you get a wider choice of choosing colours, textures, etc as they blend quite well with everything.


4:- Try Adding Unique Colour Combinations:

Symbolize the fresh start of your life by choosing a fresh lot of colours for all the walls of your room. As marriage marks the beginning of a new and fresh phase of one’s life, new wall colours would make the room look fresh, enchanting, and new. It is on the couples if they choose to add new colours to their walls or prefer to give new shade by adding an extra layer of shaded paint on the front. While selecting colours from the palette, couples should keep in mind to choose colours that show togetherness, love, and their bond. Vibrant and fancy colours look good in a room but they would not sustain the look as they will fade over time.

Along with the colours of the wall, newlywed couples can also ponder upon the minor fixes for the tiles, curtains, doors, floor covering, etc. These are some things couples do not consider while giving a new look to their room but are very important as even the smallest details matter when you begin the most beautiful phase of your life. 


5:-  Modify the Entrance:

Doors are the first and the foremost thing you would see even before you enter the room, therefore, couples should make sure that the doors are as beautiful as the room inside. Not only it will be your entryway, but for all the guests who will enter the room, the door will be the first impression and as the famous saying says, “The First Impression is the Last Impression”. Subtle, Classic, Appealing, and Attracting doors are the best entryway one could think of as they do not look very lavish but also not very dull.

In recent times it is seen that people choose uPVC doors over the traditional doors as uPVC doors have a lot of advantages over the traditional ones. uPVC doors are soundproof, dustproof, and also they are textured which means they do not need any extra layer of paint over them


6:- An Eco-Friendly Touch is a Blessing:

Being close to nature always leverages love between all the newlywed couples. As couples are starting a new phase of their lives, it is preferred to build a room close to nature which would help them in their present and in future too. 

There is nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of tea with your loved one with a view that sets the vibe to another level.


These were some of the ideas that newlywed couples might go for while decorating their room after starting the new phase of their lives.