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Low Budget Office Interior Design Ideas: Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

Low Budget Office Interior Design Ideas: Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

If you’re thinking about changing the look of your office, it’s a good idea to think about your budget before contacting interior designers.

It’s also beneficial to have some notion of what you want to accomplish.

You may do more with your workstation design if you have a larger budget. However, even if your budget is limited, you may still create an aesthetically beautiful and functional workstation if you invest carefully.

If you’re on a budget, we’ve put up a list of cost-effective design ideas for you to explore. Let’s have a look at these low budget office interior design ideas:


The floor plan is open.


Employees in an open plan workplace work on an exposed floor plan and frequently share workstations. Individual rooms are scarce, if any, in the open plan, with some organisations implementing just one for a director.


Naturally, offices with many rooms and a reception are on the more expensive side of the spectrum. As a result, an open plan is a cost-effective option – especially if you’re a startup, and thus is one of the most efficient low budget office interior design ideas.


An open-plan offices with shared workstations has the advantage of being able to accommodate a large crew. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to hire more people, the open layout can help you do so.

Create Temporary Department Divider


If you choose an open style, temporary dividers are a cost-effective method to keep a departmental vibe. A privacy screen would suffice, but you can get more imaginative with storage and furnishings.


Consider using glass barriers as dividers if you’re ready to push your budget a little farther. Unlike stud partition walls, they do not impede natural light, allowing you to enjoy the sun all year.


Economical furniture and storage


Budget office furniture and storage have nothing wrong with them; they just don't come with the useful extras, as any reputable interior fit out company will tell you. Some desks, for example, are now height-adjustable, and some chairs are designed with advanced 'ergonomic' technology for increased comfort.


If you're seeking for inexpensive furniture that will serve a basic purpose, consider the following:


  • Standard Desks - Desks with a cantilever or goalpost frame are functional and affordable. Consider introducing a'standing workstation' if you like the notion of a height-adjustable desk as well.
  • Upholstered Task Chairs — These chairs are both comfy and cost-effective. Mesh back office chairs, on the other hand, are quite affordable and avoid hot backs in the summer!
  • Metal Storage — Unless your office has a strict no-paper policy, filing cabinets, pedestals, and other storage options are essential. Consider metal storage as a low-cost alternative.

The desk and storage options are not only functional, but they also available in a variety of colours and finishes, including conventional white, oak, beech, and maple. It only goes to show that there are lots of solutions accessible even if you’re on a tight budget for a new office design.

Minimalistic Aesthetic

Take into account the following:


  • A Clean, Bright Color Scheme – White walls with company logo colours are always a winner. This combination will make your area appear bright and airy while also establishing a feeling of corporate identity.
  • Company Signage — If you’re going with the aforementioned colour scheme, adding company signage in the form of a vinyl graphic will fit great with it. You might go even further and include your company’s motto.
  • Plant Displays (Artificial/Real) – Artificial plants, of course, are less expensive because they do not wilt and die. Real plants, on the other hand, aren’t prohibitively expensive; they just take a little extra TLC.

Tea point

Tea points are a sensible alternative to an office café if you don’t have the budget for one. They’re small, fashionable, and beneficial to employee happiness.


Seating will be integrated in the design by experienced office interior designers. This creates the ideal setting for impromptu meetings, staff lunches, or quiet work. It’s one of the best low budget office interior design ideas.


Existing Features

If you work in a historic building, there’s a good chance you’ll come across period details like elaborate coving and a fireplace. While your first instinct may be to rip them out, you might save money by reconditioning them instead.


You can also add aesthetic appeal to your room by combining period aspects with a modern design.

Create a focal point with a feature wall.

Feature walls are a low-cost option to give your office a little more individuality. Furthermore, they provide still another means of establishing your brand identity. Add a woodland scene to your wall, for example, if you have an eco-friendly mentality.



Getting in touch with specialists for assistance is, in the end, the best solution. A reputable fit out business will have a staff of designers and estimators who work around the clock to meet deadlines and stick to budgets. So, if you’re wanting to save money, they can point you in the right direction. Some builders may even provide complimentary design consultations to assist you in determining how far your money will stretch and provide you with low budget office interior design ideas.