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Most Popular Kitchen Layout Planning Fundamentals

Most Popular Kitchen Layout Planning Fundamentals

When planning to set up your modular kitchen in Kolkata, it is crucial to know the kitchen layout fundamentals. These fundamentals are important so that you can have the best functional kitchen and utilize the most of it. It will also determine the level of convenience and efficiency that you will receive.

Here is the ultimate guide to getting your kitchen layout plan all right! Also, if you need additional help then you can get in touch with a residential interior designer in Kolkata.

Fundamentals of Kitchen Layout Floor Planning

Normally, six different layout plans will go well with your kitchen. The space available or the entry and exit points also determines the plan which you choose. The types are as follows:

The One-Wall Kitchen

One-wall kitchens are most popular in compact spaces and homes. This type of kitchen layout consists of a counter along with a cabinet that is against a single wall.

Gallery Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout borrows its name from the gallery of an aircraft or a ship. This layout consists of two parallel and straight counters for preparing food on one and storing food on another.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This is the most popular type of kitchen layout option for all sizes. This L-shaped kitchen has two straight counters on two sides having a common corner.

U-Shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen works very well in a larger space having cabinetry on all three walls. This type of kitchen layout can easily accommodate several cooks at the same time.

Island Kitchen

These island kitchens work really well in open-plan homes where you can also include a workstation in the middle of the kitchen layout.

Peninsula Kitchen

A kitchen that has a counter connected to the cabinetry on any one side and is free on all other three sides is known as a peninsula kitchen. Mostly used as a breakfast counter, it is also used for food preparation.

Connect with Ashiana Interiors if you are planning to design your modular kitchen layout. Collaborate with our best interior designers in Kolkata to create the perfect kitchen layout plan for your home!