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Small apartment closet wardrobe designs from Ashiana interior the best interior designer in Kolkata

Small apartment closet wardrobe designs from Ashiana interior the best interior designer in Kolkata

Have you been struggling to make enough room in your room? Are you bored of rearranging your items to make extra walking space in your room? We understand how you feel. Modern apartments may be well-designed, but they often lack appropriate rooms. In places like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore, this is especially true. Your space's narrowness is unavoidable; yet, with the right furnishings, you may make it work for you. Couches and wardrobes take up a lot of space in rooms, leaving little open space. As a result, we've put together a list of the greatest small apartment closet wardrobe designs for your house, because, let's face it, modern problems require modern solutions.

Moreover, for your small-space problem, Ashiana Interiors has the most cutting-edge solutions. These are our space-saving wardrobe designs to help you make extra room in your teeny-tiny happy place!

Small apartment closet wardrobe designs

Let us discuss small apartment closet wardrobe designs in detail:

  1. Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobe and Modular TV Unit

Bedrooms are commonly equipped with wardrobes. Television is usually found in bedrooms. As a result, the best way to preserve space in your room is to invest in a multipurpose wardrobe. The floor-to-ceiling closet's extra loft storage units take advantage of the room's vertical length. There are separate wardrobe compartments with a TV set in the center. There are also cupboards on the TV unit, which give additional storage. This type of wardrobe will save you a lot of space by combining versatile storage with a television section. The entire unit will keep your space clean and organized, allowing you to make use of the remaining room space.

  1. A Theme-Inspired Space-Saving Wardrobe stands at the entryway.

The space around the entryway in most rooms can be cleverly utilized, as demonstrated in the image below. This football-themed wardrobe conceals the doorway wall while providing ample storage. The loft storage adds to the closet's floor-to-ceiling storage. The wardrobe's light-colored lacquered finish gives the space a light, airy sense, making it appear larger. If you have a wardrobe, place it near the door of your room.

  1. Choose a simple two-door space-saving wardrobe for your study room.

Wardrobes don't have to be huge. They also have a minimalist design that takes up far less space than standard wardrobes. If you live alone and only need a wardrobe for your belongings, this straightforward and rustic, old-school wardrobe is ideal. It will take up the least amount of room while also adding personality to the space. This wardrobe is ideal for study rooms and home offices.

  1. Space-saving Wardrobe with Dressing Unit and Headboard

We all like elegant headboards on our beds. These headboard beds, however, take up a lot of space. So, channeling our passion for dramatic headboards, we designed this bed with a sliding door closet headboard as a solution. The lower half of the closet doubles as a headboard, while the upper half houses a trendy sliding wardrobe. Sliding doors conserve space as compared to hinged door closets. On the headboard side of the wardrobes, there is also an integrated dressing unit, which saves space.

  1. Glossy Brown Sliding Door Wardrobe with Attached Shelf and Study Table

This space-saving wardrobe design will not only give you more space in your bedroom, but also a more versatile closet. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe contains loft storage, an open shelf, and a study/work desk unit that takes advantage of the room's vertical height. The open shelf can also be used as a bookshelf if you're a bookworm. The linked study unit helps to save space in the room. As a result, the overall wardrobe unit serves three roles without taking up valuable space in your room.

  1. Mirrored Wardrobes Make Your Room Look Bigger

Use mirrors or other reflecting surfaces to fool the room's perception if it's small. Our space-saving wardrobe design concept incorporated this rustic floor-to-ceiling closet with two enormous mirrors. This integrated mirror wardrobe eliminates the need for a separate dressing station while simultaneously creating the illusion of extra space in the room. So, get some mirrors and hang them on your closet doors. However, huge mirrors are recommended because a little mirror would make your space appear cramped. As a result, the mirror's size and shape are crucial factors.

  1. Why not combine a Murphy bed with this multifunctional wardrobe?

In small apartment closet wardrobe designs, multipurpose wardrobes are the ideal way to preserve space in a small bedroom. And this one is crucial. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe's completely enclosed glass front gives the sense of more space in the room. Apart from the mirror, the wardrobe contains a Murphy bed area under its loft storage cabinets, which is especially useful in small spaces. The bed may be pushed up to create more space in the room when not in use. The space-saving wardrobe utilizes the bed sidewall to provide an appropriate modular solution for keeping the space light and airy.

  1. Additional space is provided by a built-in transparent wardrobe.

Your cramped quarters will benefit from a built-in wardrobe. It takes up the least amount of room and, if well-built, can also be attractive. This is a strikingly beautiful built-in wardrobe with a transparent glass front. The room's furnishings are given a classy appeal by the tinted glass front, which also makes it appear larger. The wardrobe also contains integrated lighting that has a huge environmental impact. The lighting also adds to the upscale chick look, glamming up your bedroom.


Use light-colored wardrobes to make a space feel more spacious. Dark colors can make a room appear confined. Space-saving wardrobes are a fantastic way to rethink spatial arrangements in small areas. They're also useful and can assist in keeping areas neat. So, think carefully about Small apartment closet wardrobe designs and if you need any assistance, we're always here to help!