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Space saving bedroom furniture ideas for your small bedroom

Space saving bedroom furniture ideas for your small bedroom

From traditional times, when people has open space more we Indians crave for that. Having good open space is very much wanted but is hard to find in small bedrooms after boom in real estate sector. To have some space in small bedroom other furniture structures have to be made and placed in a very efficient manner. So, quirky space saving bedroom furniture ideas are necessary to implement it. There can be many such hacks according to the size of the room and choice of the individual. Some also opt for modular furniture or wall mounted furniture for modern homes to serve this purpose. Some other hacks for space saving bedroom furniture ideas are: -

  • Twin Bed – Twin beds are single two beds in the room. They can be placed anywhere in the room according to it’s size to make room look more spacious.

  • Narrow Nightstand – A narrow nightstand can help to make most of your bedroom space especially if it’s small. Whether you're living in an apartment, an older home, or you simply have a small bedroom, a narrow nightstand can give you a place to put your books, phone or beverage beside next to your bed when it's time to turn out the lights. It can also fit well with the colour scheme of the overall room.

  • Cube Storage & Shelving – It is used to create ample storage in your bedroom. It can be created as fixated structures or can be wall mounted. The cubic storage model uses the dimensions of each item in stock to determine the amount of storage space a client uses. Also, the hidden spaces in the bedroom can be shelved while maintaining the aesthetics. It can be slim or thick depending on the size dimensions. Both these hacks will provide you with much wanted space in the small area.

  • Small Storage Bench – The storage bench is highly recommended and convenient for space saving in small bedroom. It serves purpose of dual usage that is seating and storage. It is the perfect dual-purpose furniture, a storage bench offers both streamline storage and seating in one. Whether it's for storing shoes, toys or accessories, storage benches are designed with storage space underneath and a seating area on the top. It sometimes comes with a cushion for extra comfort. It provides classy and rustic look.

  • Loft Bed – Beds and it’s design or arrangement can be used efficiently for saving up the space. Loft beds are popular in usage for kids but can also be used for adults. It takes up floor space for the single bed in size and dimension and is also known as bunk beds. It can also have storage drawers within it. Different designs are available to play with for loft or bunk beds to maintain the charm of the bedroom.

  • Wall Mounted Side Table – Just like any other furniture piece, side table is also a necessary unit in the bedroom. To save space using this structure, one can go for wall mounted piece. It gives compact and concise look. Along with that, it helps saves space underneath and maintain it’s usage. It colour mostly goes with the colour palette of the room making it functional and creative. 

  • Fold Out Desk – Fold out desks are perfect for compact and tiny spaces. It stands out as a structure for it’s usage. It neatly folds away into the desired wall space when room is needed for other tasks. Small amount of storage can also be included in that desk. They also allow even a cozy corner to be turned into an effective home office.

  • Tall Dresser – Tall dressers are the standard vertical chests of drawers. They are tall and narrow used as pieces of storage. It is tall, free-standing and gives ornate look as an individual entity. Ample storage is it’s best usage. It can be themed according to the look of the bedroom. It can also be called as tallboy and can be in the shape of rectangle or square.

  • Take advantage of floating shelves – These are the form of shelves with its wall fixings hidden within the shelf board, with no visible supporting brackets. It is wall mounted also giving a minimalistic look to the bedroom. It uses internal brackets and hinges to provide subtle look to the structure. It is strong, durable, easily build and has no visible support. The additional items can always be placed on them making it more user friendly and functional. They give the appearance that they are floating on the wall and that’s what the name suggests.

  • Use an end-of-bed trunk – The end of the bed trunk can be large or small. Also, it differs from design to design. Some contain simple wooden flat structure while some have upholstery. If you have sizeable space at the end of the bed, you can use it as storage or for keeping things which you require on frequent purpose. It sure serves well to save the space.

  • Stash your dresser in the closet – Dresses is a must thing in the bedrooms. The combination of dresser and closet will give you space you require in your room. Also, it gives compact look and the things you need will become handy. The usage becomes easier.

  • Maximize storage under the bed and hide it – Beds are the most important solid structures in the bedroom. While one uses it for sleeping, using it at an optimum level for storage will give you the space you crave. Beds have size of which can give maximum storage so make sure to use it like a pro. This is one of the most functional and easy space saving bedroom furniture ideas.

  • Organize your dresser well – Make sure you keep your dresser tidy and neat. Make space on things on it that you really need and save lot of space.

  • Find unused space in your closet and use it purposefully – Use hangers, rods, drawers, partitions anything that makes your closet more functional in storing things.

  • Use double duty furniture in your bedroom – Have furniture items that serve dual purpose and be mindful about it when designing your space. This is one of the most efficient space saving bedroom furniture ideas.


Using some of these space saving bedroom furniture ideas will help your space look more functional and good looking. Clients will be more than happy to get leisure of open space by using some of these hacks.