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Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Lights For Your Small Apartment

Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Lights For Your Small Apartment

Decorating an apartment constrained by space and area is a highly tedious and challenging task. If the decoration and style do not match with the size of your apartment, it can ultimately weigh the appearance and the look of your living spaces down and turn it into a highly uninviting space. The wrong decorations can make your apartment look cluttered and way cramped than it already is. The small apartments might be limited in space but they can also be decorated and styled in a tasteful and elegant manner. The small living spaces can be transformed and enhanced in a way that it looks spacious and bigger. Lighting plays a significant role in the decoration and is the overall factor in deciding the appearance, the look and feel of your apartment. A well illuminated space looks spacious, breathable, warm and neat. Poor lighting and angles on the other hand can turn your apartment into a cold and dingy cramped mess. Your decorations would not be highlighted if the lighting of your space is not managed in an effective manner. Before you focus on decorating your living spaces altogether, it is important to know the basics of lighting and the ways it can illuminate your small apartment. Here are the things to keep in mind before choosing lights for your small apartment and make sure your apartment beams with warmth and elegance:

Choosing Lights For Your Small Apartment


  • Invest In Track Lights

If you have a small apartment, lighting with huge bulbs and tube lights can make your space look cluttered and dim. It will also significantly shrink your space and give your room a cramped appearance. The lighting through bulbs also fails to illuminate your room entirely, which can negatively impact your decorations and the appearance of your room altogether. Dim or inadequate lighting can make the living spaces uninviting and can turn highly uncomfortable and unhealthy for you in the long run.

Track lights not only individually highlight your living spaces and illuminate the entire apartment in an adequate manner, but it also helps you enhance the decor and the feel of your apartment. Track lights are an ideal option for small apartments and can easily highlight the features of your home. They add volume to your living spaces, adding a spacious and bigger appearance. Considering such benefits, it is wise to invest and install track lights for your small apartment.

  • Get Rid Of  The Lamps

The lamps beside your bed or the study table can take up a lot of space in your room. These lamps can also make your room appear clogged and cluttered. Minimalism is the appropriate choice for smaller apartments. It is wise to use sconces instead of table lamps. They will not only add a bit of drama and elegance into your room but they will also serve the purpose. Such lights can easily illuminate your desired space without weighing down the look and feel of your room and also add a little depth and decoration into your walls.

  • Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights perfectly illuminate the living spaces. They make your living spaces highly inviting, warm and comfortable. They not only help you highlight your decorations and the features of your living spaces but they are also kind to your eyes and health in the long run. Incandescent lights have a softer and warmer hue promote relaxation, making your living spaces comfortable to be in. Blue and cool lights on the other hand are sharper to the eyes and can present adverse health effects in the long run. They also make your living spaces appear dull and dim and fail to highlight the features and the prime decorations of your home, ultimately weighing the appearance of your living spaces down.

Here are the 3 things you should keep in mind before choosing lights for your small apartment. Lighting can severely impact the quality of life you lead. Proper and adequate lighting allows you to highlight and focus on the beautiful features of your home, adding depth, elegance, drama and sharpness into your decor. We at Ashiana aim to illuminate your homes and improve the quality of your life. Reach out to us today and adorn your living spaces with the best of lighting fixtures and services.