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Things to remember before designing a cabin for your Boss in the office

Things to remember before designing a cabin for your Boss in the office

An office is a place that should be loaded with inspiration and motivation. A place where the boss and the employees feel comfortable enough to unleash their most creative side. Just like the other cabins in an office, the cabin of your Boss is the backbone of the company. Every important decision is executed from that cabin and while designing a cabin for your boss, one should keep in mind all the dynamics. The cabin of your boss is a symbol of success and hard work, hence, the design and decor of the cabin should always be soothing, subtle, and elegant. A dull or unappealing surrounding or appearance in your boss’s cabin might lead to frustration or might hinder productivity too.

Selecting the perfect design for a cabin and that too of your boss is undoubtedly the most challenging part because you need to design a place where anyone working for long hours might feel refreshed seeing the ambience around him/her. It is not just about the work to be done in the cabin, that cabin will be a place where all the important clients would sit and talk over deals and partnerships and as we all know, The First Impression is the Last Impression. The perfect vision before designing the cabin for your boss should be a feeling of a place that feels like home with a perfect mix of comfort and style.


Budget and Vision

Budget or Vision should go hand in hand while designing the “Perfect Cabin”. Insufficiency in either of these might lead to compromise in the final product. You might have the budget of Google, Facebook, or Microsoft but if you do not have a clear vision of how to make the cabin look motivational or inspirational, it is of no use. The same goes for the vice versa case, if you have a perfect vision of making the cabin look like a place where your boss can sit for long hours and still be productive but do not have the budget to implement it, it is of no use.


Space Management

Managing space is another key area you should be looking upon while designing the cabin. There should be ample space in the cabin where one can roam around freely to think about all the creative ideas in their heads. Giving ample space does not always mean to compromise on the furniture front, the chairs, the desk, everything should be comfortable and broad enough so that one can at least sit and work comfortably.

One should also make sure that there is ample source to bring in natural light and wind for maintaining the freshness of the room as nothing beats the natural and warm lighting (A plant is a bonus as per your choice).






Intelligent Choice of pieces of Furniture

Pieces of Furniture are part of the minute details that one should keep in mind while designing the cabin. As the cabin is for the leader of the company, therefore one should choose chairs, tables, and other things that reflect leadership. The chair is just like a throne, a seating platform from where all the important decisions are made, this does not mean one should go for the fancy royal chairs, but instead, you should choose a subtle and classy chair that differentiates the leader from the group. It is also very important to place some extra chairs for meeting in the cabin but do not make it very clumsy as it would hinder the space to roam.

Not only the chairs should be subtle and classy, but the desk should also be designed in such a way that it produces radical ideas. A desk is a place where all the new ideas are brainstormed and given shape, therefore with the design of chairs being very simple and subtle, one should consider choosing a desk which is designed with the same perspective as well.


Design with Culture

Every company has its own unique culture which makes them different from its competitors, people term it as the Personality of the company. Therefore, whenever you are designing a cabin for the boss of your company, you should always keep in mind the culture and personality of the company. It is very important because whenever an employee or a partner visits the cabin, he should get motivated to see the design and the zeal to work or to collaborate should boost. It is not only important for individual employees but also helps to attract and retain top talents for the company and also build team bonding.


Use Meaningful Colours

Usage of colours is another very important criterion while designing a cabin for your boss. One should always be choosing very smooth colours which are not harsh on the eyes on interacting with lights. Colours play a very important role in helping the mind to generate creative and new ideas, vibrant colours look good and appealing but you would not prefer a cabin where vibrant colours take over the mindset. Colours also depend on the work culture, therefore, one should choose colours that fit the corporate culture of the company.


A wall for Books and Achievements

Books are the reflection of one’s personality. A bookshelf in the cabin for your boss would surely add some value to the decision made in that cabin. Also, it might attract individuals who come for meetings and collaborations. 

Besides colouring the cabin with subtle colours, one can also think of giving some space for displaying the achievements of the company in the cabin which can be called the “Wall of Fame”.



These are some of the ideas one should always keep in mind while designing a cabin for your boss of the office. These ideas would surely help you design the cabin in the best possible way.