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Top 5 Easy tips when choosing Dining Chairs

Top 5 Easy tips when choosing Dining Chairs

It is claimed that "life occurs in a dining room," and it makes sense. The dining table is the focal point of all the action in the house, from leisurely breakfasts to family dinners, endless talk to board games. Here's how to design a dining space that complements the way of life of your family and the aesthetic of your house. The best interior designer in Kolkata believes that having chairs and tables that match is uninteresting and predictable. However, some people really believe it.

Modern architecture and world fashion have created a wide variety of chairs that you may mix and match. Greater alternatives must imply more uncertainty, right? That is why we are here to guide you through your decision-making in five simple stages.

1. Comfort is Essential

We focus so much attention on appearance and style that the comfort of seats is put last. Not all attractive things are comfortable to sit in.

How to figure out ergonomically sound chairs?

  • Measure the dining chair's width at its broadest point; the backrest or seats should be the widest
  • Armless dining chairs with dimensions of around 24 inches deep by 22 inches broad provide comfortable sitting.
  • Avoid anything less than 17 inches by 20 inches.
  • Chair arms need an extra 6 inches of room. In constrained places, it is preferable to avoid if this cannot be handled.

At the dinner table, armchairs are crucial because they offer comfort to the elderly, the ill, pregnant women, and children. Purchase armchairs that really can slide beneath the dining table since the dining area has to be mobile. In order to provide comfortable sitting and enough legroom, the distance between the tabletop and the chair should be at least 12 inches.

2. Way of life

Your lifestyle is reflected in your house. Your selection of dining room furniture is no different. Do you usually host huge gatherings? And if you do, are they more formal events or just relaxed, informal meals with your loved ones? Before you go shopping, consider how the dining chairs will be utilized as they will influence your pick.

High-back chairs have a formal appearance whereas low-back chairs are suitable for more informal situations. Open-backed chairs provide the impression of more room and are ideal for a compact eating area. Large, distinctly shaped chairs that occupy a lot of floor area look excellent in spacious rooms. To combine the two, you might buy two huge, ostentatious chairs for each end of the table and straightforward side chairs that have a semi-formal vibe. This may satisfy a variety of needs.

Consider if you want to go with a conventional or modern design as well. Which will complement the room's decor?

3. Mix and Match

Matchy-matchy chairs and tables are not particularly fashionable right now, as we have already said. Instead of precise matching, dining chairs that play with colour and sensations look much better. The secret to pulling this off is to choose your seats so that everyone is thinking along the same lines. Whatever unifies the seats and lends them coherence can be their form, colour, material, or design.

For instance, if you have a favourite colour, you may choose several chair designs in that colour. Or, if a certain chair design has captured your heart, you might choose chairs with the same design but various colours. To create cohesion, backrests, upholstery, and other accessories may always be combined and matched.

4. Simple Motion

Moving dining chairs are such a godsend, whether they are utilized in the home office, as additional seating for the living room while entertaining guests, or whether the table is being used for other purposes. The ideal chairs for moving about are those with slat backs or plastic moldings since they are easy to grab, safe for kids and dogs, and adaptable. Chairs with open backrests appear tidy, eliminate visual clutter, and provide support. It might be challenging to maneuver chairs with fabric or solid backs.

5. Upkeep over appearances

In terms of maintenance as well as the appearance and atmosphere it produces, the materials you select are crucial. Natural materials with a tropical summer feel, like rattan and cane, are also extremely popular right now. If you want a hint of an industrial style, metal is excellent since it is minimalist. Wood is timeless; it's cozy and welcoming. Plastic is practical, particularly for heavy usage, and is often inexpensive. When choosing any piece of furniture, one must always keep in mind that each of those substances has certain upkeep needs.

  • You should anticipate a significant amount of wear and tear if you have children or pets in your house. Since frequent cleaning is anticipated, simple chairs with less fabric are preferable in these circumstances.
  • When it comes to fabric, leather and cotton mixes look excellent, are reasonably priced, and are simple to maintain. The best usage for delicate textiles like silk and satin is as slipcovers that can be cleaned and reused. For dining chairs, light to dark coloured textiles are excellent, particularly if you anticipate dirty paws and small hands all across them.

Do you have any additional ideas that could influence your decision about the dining chairs? Do you have any further requirements in mind while looking for dining chairs or modular furniture designer in Kolkata? Let us know today. Pick up the phone right now and call the professionals at Ashiana Interiors, the best interior design company in Kolkata, for assistance if you need assistance selecting dining chairs or doing your home's interior design.