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Trending Interior Design Styles in 2022

Trending Interior Design Styles in 2022

Interiors not only attract the visitors that come to your place but also, keep the environment lively and healthy for you too. There are many interior designers who have started to gain traction in recent times as every individual is looking to install pleasing and trending interior design styles for their homes. Interior Design does not only involve painting the walls with attractive colors or putting designer wallpapers on them, instead, interior design can also be termed as the practice of creating spaces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Interior Design also involves creating floor plans, furniture layouts, and designing a cohesive feel of a space. Interior design also includes the specification of furniture, fixtures, and finishes, and coordinating their installation.       


Whenever you are planning to install some nice and trending interior design for your house, it is very important to have a vision of the next five to seven years. It is not like you can change the designs on a very regular basis, you need to think of a long-term plan and a design which will stay in trend for the coming years. Interior Designing instills a hefty amount of money, thus, you need to look at a bigger picture before investing in anything related to interior design.    


This year, it was observed that the individuals are opting for minimalistic designs over fancy ones but on the other hand, a lot of personalized interiors were also amongst the top choices. Here are some of the trending Interior Design styles that you can consider installing in your homes for 2022 and beyond. 


1: Bohemian Theme Interior Design-

Starting with the list of trending interior design styles for 2022, Bohemian design is a nonconformist and trending interior design style that celebrates freedom. It is a carefree design theme that doesn’t follow a patterned or pre-defined structure. Bohemian represents and convinces you to live the way you want to be because of the colors and the designs included in this design. Bohemian consists of carefree layers of pattern with relaxing textures and color palettes. The core of the bohemian aesthetic is that it’s a personal and relaxed style of design. Bohemian design is all about using bold colors depending on the taste of an individual and the design of every Bohemian Interior is based on Art, Literature, and Music, this is one of the prominent reasons why Bohemian has been loved so much in recent times. Another prominent reason why Bohemian Design Trend is the most trending interior design style is that one can easily blend indoor plants with the Bohemian Design making the environment of the room very healthy and natural.


2: Open Design layout-

Moving ahead with the list of trending Interior Design Styles and with the pandemic skyrocketing in numbers, we see a lot of parties and occasions celebrated in homes because of which Open Design Layout has started to gain traction. Based on a survey it was recorded that in 2022, homes will continue to be the go-to place for get-togethers, hangouts, and parties. Thus, you will see a lot of open layout designs ruling the 2022 interior trends. From multifunctional TV units to sectional sofas and purposeful crockery units, we will see a lot of user-centric furniture to fill the open spaces. The most eye-catchy thing about the Open Design layout is that it makes the space look very spacious and it also allows the individual to install, more stylish pieces of furniture in the space. Some other key features of Open Design Layout are that firstly if an individual is planning to color their space with bright colors, Open Design layout will leverage the look obtained from the bright colors with the extensive space it provides. Many people these days want to give their homes a very classy finish with a blend of urban style in it for which they tend to install glass finishing or full-sized mirrors in their rooms. With an Open Design layout, you can easily install glass partitions giving your space a very classy and unique look.


3: Fully Crafted Designs-

In the list of Trending Interior design styles, last but not the least, we want you to understand that as we have lived with the pandemic for so many days, most of us have rejuvenated our inner artists. So, elevating your home with handicrafts, artistic works, and decorous paintings has been in trend for quite some time and many interior designers believe that it will continue to be i trend for 2022 as well. The DIY hanging planters, macrame wall hangings to handmade paintings, all these pieces are sure to be the showstopper in your home and the most important thing is that they complement every style and every color you choose. The craft pieces also add layers to your home interiors and help in providing an artistic edge to your space. With the internet full of tutorials on DIY handicrafts, it’s time to get in on the action and make some really creative and unique handicrafts for your place which will woo all your neighbors and guests coming to your home. And if art and craft is just not your thing, buy them online and get ready to infuse your home with an authentic indie touch as there are many online sellers available in the market who tend to sell handmade crafts at very cheap prices making them affordable and stylish.



So, these were some of the trending interior design styles which are going to stay in 2022 in terms of interior designs. Interior design as mentioned is not just about the colors you paint your walls with or the wallpapers you paste on your windows, interior design also counts all the small pieces of furniture and the painting your install in your place to make it look more creative and stylish. So, what are you waiting for? You can choose to go for making new handicrafts all by yourself or you can purchase them as well. In the end, just a pro tip, these days multi-functional pieces of furniture are a lot in trend, most of this multi-functional furniture includes sofas which turn into beds whenever needed or couches which turn into a long dining table when needed. Go grab your hands on furniture like these as they serve the purpose very easily without loading furniture in your house.                                                        


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