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Trending wooden door design for home in 2022: Best interior designer in Kolkata

Trending wooden door design for home in 2022: Best interior designer in Kolkata

Because first impressions are so important, the front entrance – the point of contact between your interiors and the outside world – is a good place to start your design process when it comes to setting the tone and character of a villa. Design and furnishings are one of the quickest and most efficient ways to revive the appearance of a tired façade. Simultaneously, the use of colour can provide a distinct imprint of identity. Let’s look at some Wooden door design for home:


Wooden door with glass


Wood is a widely used construction material. They provide the perfect blend of old-world elegance and contemporary sophistication when matched with wood frames and glass doors. For villa row properties with a perimeter wall and a gate, this entrance door is the height of beauty. Fine features in the décor are highlighted by glass doors with wood framing. They can be used in almost any modern villa design.

Wooden barn door


Barn doors are becoming increasingly popular as the primary door design for homes, and many people are wondering whether or not to utilise one for their villa renovation project. Barn doors can alter a structure’s layout to improve efficiency, mobility, and storage space, among other things. The large range of barn door hardware that can be customised adds to the aesthetic design possibilities.

Wooden door with carvings


Carved entry doors are elegant and modern at the same time, sophisticated and always noticeable. They are frequently the appropriate compliment to your villa’s specific architectural elements. The idea that your front door could put a grin on your face instead of a frown is reason enough to avoid boring or conventional doors. When it comes to intricately carved wooden doors, a skilled artisan or door builder is frequently necessary. This is one of the well known wooden door design for home.


Meeting with one of these professionals may assist you in visualising and realising your creative notion for a home’s main door design.

Wooden door with a rustic look


A rustic attitude may aid in the construction of a sumptuous villa, making it one of the most sought-after materials for architectural beautification and uncompromising quality. Battened and ledged doors can be braced and framed to stiffen them, improve their appearance, and increase their strength.

Wooden sliding door


Any place that requires a large opening, such as a back patio or a closet, necessitates the usage of sliding doors. Because they are practical, useful, and aesthetically pleasing, these doors are a wonderful choice. If you want a clean, minimalist look, this is something you should think about. Sliding doors are robust and long-lasting, in addition to being lightweight and taking up less space. They’re also waterproof, which is a great feature that adds to their overall durability.

French door made of wood

Adding french doors is a simple way to improve the aesthetic of your open floor plan while also boosting the amount of natural light in your home. These double doors are sure to turn heads with their distinctive appearance. These home’s main doors are hinged and can be opened from either side, allowing miles of panoramic views and plenty of natural light.


During the summer, the extra glass in this door style will keep frigid air from escaping your villa through the aperture. You can also have different layers of glazing added on your windows to help you save money on your energy bills.

Wooden door with many panels


Multi-panels, which are made up of big swathes of glass, allow natural light to flood a space. They also create a strong connection to the outside, whether open or closed, which can help relieve stress and improve health. When the weather is nice, the smooth transition between internal living areas and patios, decks, or garden rooms is especially visible. This extra usable area raises the value of a home and may even pay for itself in some cases.

Wooden door with frosted glass


The clear surface of frosted glass allows some natural light to filter through. It provides better lighting while shielding the interiors from hazardous solar glare. Frosted glass doors are appealing in addition to being low-maintenance. Because they don’t rust or corrode, they’re completely safe to use. Scratch and stain resistance are key features of their surfaces, making them perfect for usage in high-traffic locations. You don’t have to invest a lot of money or time to keep them in good shape. Your foyer will never seem shabby or out of place with a frosted main wooden door design for home.

Wooden door with sidelights


Sidelights are vertical windows on either side of a front entrance door. Any door can be fashioned with a single huge window covering the entire door or a succession of smaller windows that are connected together. The villa benefits both aesthetically and functionally from the inclusion of sidelights.


They visually increase the size of standard-sized doors. By bringing in natural light from the outdoors, these main door designs of home can lessen your dependency on electrical illumination in an entrance hall and can also be used to quickly see whether you have any visitors or mail. If privacy is a concern, textured, frosted, or stained glass might be used instead of clear glass in sidelights.

Wooden grill door


A lovely door design can be created by combining grill and wood. The addition of Spanish-style curlicues to wooden-framed doors can give them a rich, textured look. To make the entrance more stunning, match the patterns and colours of the grill on the ceiling and wall panels surrounding it. To make the main entrance appear affluent, choose an artistic wooden carving for the home’s main door design or even hang a magnificent light in the centre of a ceiling panel.