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Wooden furniture is no doubt the best accessories one can install in their respective houses and it is not only the wood that is carved into the desired shape but, finishing the wood is the final process after which it is up for grab. Finishing, or the application of a protective coating to wood, is the final step in the making of fine wood furniture. It is done to make the wood look even more beautiful and shiny in nature. The finish on wood furniture can also help bring out the grain and elicit a beautiful luster, while except for beautifying the wood, finishing also provides protection to moisture, oils, and other elements and makes the wood easier to clean and also to sustain longer life.

There are a lot of types of finishes that can be applied to a wood article but the most asked question is, Which finish is the best? Each type of finish has its own benefits and drawbacks respectively, generally balancing beauty with durability and ease of maintenance. There are some important considerations that an individual needs to keep in mind before choosing any new hardwood furniture. Some of these consideration questions include, Will your furniture be in a high traffic area? Will it be frequently used or shifted from place to place? Will it be exposed to liquids, as with a tabletop?

Now we know what all considerations and questions we have to keep in mind before buying the best wooden or hardwood furniture for ourselves. Now, let us see what are the various types of finishes and what quality do each of these finishes offer? Some of the wooden furniture finishes are given below:


1: Wax-

The list of wood furniture finishes is quite long and thus, to start with the list of these wood furniture finishes, we want to grab your attention towards the most common wood furniture finish, i.e. Wax. Wax helps in enhancing the natural grains and pores of the wood with a soft luster that will not turn into yellow color over time. Wax wood furniture finish does not penetrate deep into the wood, instead, the wax wood furniture finish provides a protective coating on the top of it.

Wax wood furniture finish is the perfect finish for a wooden piece of furniture that will not be exposed to excessive wear or go through harsh climates. The drawback to this wood furniture finish is the durability it provides in comparison to the maintenance it requires. Wood furniture finish of wax does give a few minutes of resistance to clean up water spills but lacks in protection from heat and scratches or dents.






2: Shellac-

Moving on from the most common wood furniture finish, we want to introduce to you a very old wood furniture finish technique that is tried and tested. This wood furniture finish is called shellac. Shellac is made of an alcohol solvent combined with secretions from the lac bug of Southeast Asia. The shellac finish when dried gives a glossy, hard topcoat over the wooden piece of furniture.

Some people prefer the Shellac finish for its durability and protection from pollution and water damage, another reason for preferring the finish is its glossy clear or amber appearance and nontoxic, food-safe qualities. For this particular reason, a shellac wood furniture finish may not be the best finish for a kitchen table.


3: Lacquer-

Lacquer wood furniture finish is one of the most loved and the best wood furniture finish by a huge chunk of individuals in terms of the balance it brings to the wood between beauty, protective qualities, and ease of application. Lacquer wood furniture finish is known for the protection it provides from pollution as it does not let the dust stay on the wooden top. In addition to pollution, the lacquer finish also has water-resistant properties which makes it an even better choice for all the new-age people willing to buy new pieces of furniture. Lacquer is a thinner finish so it is sprayed on thin layers of wood specifically over the top creating an ultra-smooth, clear and natural look, allowing the wood itself to be the star of the show.


4: Oil Finishes-

The last but not least, in our list of wood furniture finishes comes the Oil furniture finish. The Oil furniture finish is the number 1 choice for designers, woodworkers and authors who have worked in this industry for a very long time. Oil wood furniture finishes have been around for hundreds of years, and have been used to protect and bring out the natural beauty of any wood furniture. Most commonly, this wood furniture finish is found in two varieties, i.e. Linseed oil wood finish and Tung Oil wood finish. Both these drying oils penetrate the surface of the wood and upon drying form a thin film over the wooden piece of furniture once the molecules are exposed to fresh air.

As the oil is hand-rubbed into the wood, it leaves a natural, yet luxurious rich finish that highlights the depth and dimensions of the wood grains to the best of its qualities. Most oil finishes will give your furniture resistance to moisture, particularly when topped with a wax finish, and they are also flexible as wood expands and contracts with changing humidity.


Thus, these were some of the variety of wooden furniture finishes. Now, before buying any wooden piece of furniture one must always check the quality of the finish based upon their individual requirements.