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8 May, 2024
By Ashiana Interiors

Warm Light vs White Light: What Light Will Be a Good Option Nowadays?

Interior decoration is no longer restricted to wood/glass paneling, color palette coordination, wall paintings, and so on. Be it your home or office space, the warmth or the bright hue of the light around, could change the ball game of interior designing. Colors and light too have specific temperatures to them which could either elevate the feeling of the space or make it shabbier. Now let’s explore some statistics around this debate over warm light and white light!

Warm light vs white light has always been a popular point of contention but have we ever dug deeper to dissect its swelter or thermal reading? The Kelvin scale goes up to 2700-3000 when we’re talking about warm lighting. Whereas, it’s around 4000-5000 Kelvin for white light. Boiling down to a simpler equation, the warmer the color, the lower the color temperature. Now, this number game has a lot to do with the electrical wiring matrix, the power load layout, and so on. As of now let’s just unravel and understand “cool white vs warm light” as a legitimate premise for wrangling and exchange of views.

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    If you like the traditional yellow light of the olden day lamps, you are correctly choosing warm lighting for your home but the sharpness of white light for carrying out productive tasks would be missed in case we are not opting for white lighting options in the study room or library or workspace.
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    Across an array of layers and levels of lighting panels, one could opt for a strategic mix of warm and white light. Do we not find it extremely relaxing in fine-dining restaurants when in the embrace of warm lighting? Warm light tones the ambiance down and sends people into a lax. Similarly, bedroom lighting is mostly aligned with the warm tone these days. Well, goes without saying that, soothes the nerves to put us to sleep.

Warm white light vs cool white light: The trending debate to unfold

Ranging from ultra-warm to cool daylight, the temperature of colors and lighting has always been a crucial point of consideration while we’re devoting our time to interior designing and investing in lighting fittings be it across a residential space or around a commercial space. While Ultra warm is inclined towards an orangish hue which happens to be moderately bright. It also gives off a vintage filament lamp look. Well, this sounds perfect for hosting a laid-back cocktail party in your living area/ guest lounge/ drawing room. But the warm white and cool white debate brings forth another parley, which is; natural white light vs warm white. Well, natural white leans on clarity of visibility across workspaces with a mild tinge of warmth in it; meeting rooms, schools/ colleges/ universities are opting for such warm white these days for smoothening out the rough edges of a worrisome work environment. Whereas pure white lighting is devoid of any tampering with tone and is perfect for laboratories requiring microscopic work setups and libraries at times. In case you are in search of something similar to broad and bright daylight, ‘ cool white ‘, should be your ideal choice.

Warm white light has been the most popular choice so far in spaces such as the Hallway, Living room, and Bedroom. The reasons being :

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    The light is minimalistic from a visionary perspective
  • 2
    Puts less to no strain on the eyes
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    Devoid of glare or harshness

The profound impact it has on soothing our nerves and lightening our mood is the mantra behind its surging popularity across domestic/ residential and commercial spaces too. But what if it is not bright enough like that of blue light to carry out our morning rituals, bedtime routine, day-to-day activities, or recreational purposes to be served? Well, this might be milder than blue light and gentler in tone, but warm white light does have the necessary sharpness to illuminate the space with perfect precision.

Mood living redefined by warm light and white light :

Gone are the days when people are shelling out money on over-the-top chandeliers for setting the mood with radiant options across hues and illumination too. Sustainable, holistic, and stylish mood lighting options are available these days across various market platforms with varying price ranges making it feasible and affordable for all. The neon attack in clubs, pubs, cafes, and the warm yellows across fine dining are transforming decor with its multitude of lighting options. For ethics, shirt, and suit retail spaces are mostly opting for warm light whereas bright white light is installed for fancy jewelry shops, kids/toys retail chains, and pharmacies too.

Well, sunkissed pictures are trending on social media, youngsters are mostly opting for warm yellow lights in their rooms but sharp projectors with white lights are installed for mirroring a galaxy across the ceiling. Activities like reading, writing, typing, peeling, chopping, etc warrant sharp bright white light but folding clothes before retiring for the day, singing a lullaby to your kids, or carrying out your nighttime routine maybe a massage or something like that would call for toned down warm lights.

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configuration and invest in warm and white light across the right spaces. Ranging from focal to accent to ambient lighting, warm light is best for getting you into a mellow lax in your living room, bedroom, restaurant couch, etc. But your kitchen and bathrooms would call for neutral to white lights. You surely would not want a trimmer or chopping knife-induced wound/injury, right? Both warm and white lights are going to serve your purpose of functionality while catering to your sense of aesthetics.

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