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Any kitchen must have a pantry or closet, as well as storage areas, cabinets, racks, hooks, and rods. People always seem to run out of room in the kitchen with all of the cutlery, pots, plates, food processing equipment, culinary and kitchen materials, and other items. We'd want to make the most of every inch of available kitchen space if we had a magic corner — the king of all kitchen organizers or kitchen space storage options. But what is a Kitchen Magic Corner and Its Uses? Keep reading if you want to know more.

Kitchen Magic Corner and Its Uses

What exactly is a Magic Corner and how does it function?

A magic corner is a cleverly designed kitchen corner storage system with a slide-out function that makes everything in the blind corner of the kitchen counter easily accessible. A magic corner unit is divided into four levels or baskets — two front trays and two back trays — that are held in place by a sliding frame that is attached to the cabinet's sides and front.

The "magic" happens in the sliding mechanism, which is basic but brilliant. The front trays are secured to the cabinet door and held in place by a moving framework on the adjacent sidewall, while the back trays are secured to the magic corner's back wall by a sliding structure. The front trays slide along the cabinet's adjacent wall when the cabinet door is opened. The same motion is used to pull a swing drawbar connected to the folding frame of the back trays, allowing them to slide to the left or right in front of the door. Once you've fully expanded the cabinet door in one continuous motion, you'll have all four trays in front of you.

Is Having a Magic Corner Storage Unit Necessary?

Answer the following questions to see if you need a magic area in your kitchen:

"Do I want to make the most of the area beneath my corner kitchen bench cabinet?"

"Do I want a quick way to get to the items in the corner of the kitchen cabinet?"

"Do I want a modern, functional, and innovative kitchen corner storage system?"

If you replied "yes" to any of the above questions, you're ready to purchase a magical corner unit, and the following question is...

Important Tips before buying

Now that we know about Kitchen Magic Corner and Its Uses, let us talk about some important things that one should know before buying it. Every vendor at the magic corner will claim that theirs is the finest, but there is a simple way to determine which one is best for you.

  1. Size of the Cabinet

Your cabinet's corner must have an interior width of at least 900mm, depths of at least 500mm, an internal height of at least 25mm, and a doorway width of at least 400mm. (This is how the majority of Elite magic corner kitchen units look.) Before you buy anything, double-check the cabinet specifications for the model you're interested in.)

  1. Materials & Components

Make sure your magic corner is made of high-quality materials, hinges, and rollers if you want it to last. Stainless steel (for the framework and baskets/trays) is still the ideal option for the kitchen due to its durability and cleanliness.

  1. Mechanism

Do you like to be whisked away to a delightful corner that glides silently and gracefully? To avoid the device slamming shut, choose one with a soft-stop option.

  1. Style

Although many magic corner items appear to be the same, the basket style selections vary by manufacturer.

  1. Pricing

A magical corner storage space starts at Rs 9,000 and goes up from there. It's just as important to look at a product's quality when assessing its pricing. When you look at what's available now, you might discover that a certain line of magic corners offers exceptional value.

Benefits of Having a Magic Corner in the Kitchen

Magic corners make the most of the kitchen's limited space. These square containers fit neatly in square cabinets and make it simple to retrieve the contents. You'll be able to observe how simple and quick these gadgets are to use. Magic corners, on the other hand, have significant drawbacks. They're pricier, but they're ideal for expanding storage and facilitating access to kitchen supplies. Because they have more movable parts, they are considerably more likely to break down than LeMans units, but you do get a more "automated" functionality in that all the trays come out at the same time and you don't have to manually pull anything out.


Now that we are fully aware of Kitchen Magic Corner and Its Uses, one can now look forward to buying it. The nicest part about putting in a magic corner is that you can turn a dark nook beneath your kitchen bench into practical storage space. There are additional magic corner options without the bin and with traditional two-level storage shelves. The outer unit is connected to the shutter when the doors open in a two-step mechanism, and the inner unit pulls out. Regardless of the type, you can rest assured that it will aid in the creation of more kitchen storage. While more expensive, magic corners have a more 'automated' feel to them because everything is completed in one step.

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