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What we offer in 10 lakhs budget for your dream 3BHK home in Kolkata

What we offer in 10 lakhs budget for your dream 3BHK home in Kolkata

With each passing day, interior design becomes more fashionable, and most flat owners today choose to have their flats professionally decorated before moving in. Interior design is no longer a costly endeavor, given the advantages and benefits, it brings to residents. Many individuals, however, assume that interior design is an expensive endeavor only accessible to those with a significant budget. That is no longer the case, as a 3BHK interior design in Kolkata under 10 Lakhs is not impossible.

This is the post you can't afford to miss if you've recently purchased a new apartment and are wondering how much a 3 BHK interior design will cost in Kolkata. In addition to giving you a general figure for 3BHK interior designing cost with good quality build and materials, I'm also sharing recommendations on how to calculate the tentative cost for interior projects, where to save costs, and where not to compromise. So, continue reading.

3BHK interior design in Kolkata under 10 Lakhs – How?

When estimating 3BHK interior design in Kolkata under 10 Lakhs, there are a few things to keep in mind. The cost breakdown for a typical three-bedroom interior design house in Kolkata is as follows. You can probably assume that it's the same in other cities.

  1. 3 BHK false ceiling cost

The entire appearance of your space is greatly influenced by a false ceiling. In every room, whether it's the living room or the bedroom, a correctly constructed fake ceiling with ceiling lights is a must-have element. Many people, on the other hand, assume that a false ceiling is only required on upper floors and hence never install one.

So, it's entirely up to you whether or not to install a false ceiling. Depending on the design complexity and materials used, a fake ceiling might cost anywhere from Rs. 70 to Rs. 125 per square foot. POP and Gypsum boards are nearly comparable in price. The price varies according to the frame and finish grade.

  1. Wardrobes for a three-bedroom house cost

Wardrobes are the most essential purchase you'll make when it comes to home decor. Wardrobes are a must-have accessory that you just cannot do without. In addition to being functional, a well-designed wall-to-wall closet on one side of the bedroom may make the space look lovely.  If you want wardrobes in all three-bedroom, then assuming the standard size of each wardrobe to be 5×7 feet, the cost for 3 wardrobes will be anywhere around Rs.  115500.00 to 131250.00

To save money, try placing a smaller wardrobe in the guest room if you're on a budget.

  1. The cost of three beds with side units

We recommend a new fitted bed with side units or a side table. The bed can be divided into two sections, one of which is a pull-out and the other of which is a fixed box, or it can be separated into two parts, one of which is a pull-out and the other of which is a fixed box. It all relies on the amount of space available for the pull-out section. A modern design bed and wardrobe usually improve the appearance of a room. You can, however, use an old bed if you have one lying around. The on-board interior design should be able to suggest ways to repurpose the bed by making modest adjustments like changing the color, replacing the laminate, or adjusting the shape.

  1. Kitchen cabinets that are modular cost

A modular kitchen is a must-have for a new apartment. Whether you plan to live in the house or rent it out, modular kitchen cabinets can significantly improve the functionality and utility of your kitchen. Installing cupboards above and below the cooking area will make your kitchen appear a lot more organized and spacious, even if it isn't extremely huge.

  1. The price of a sofa and a coffee table

A sofa set is also a must-have in your living room. In an ideal situation, a custom-made sofa set based on the layout of your space is available. Sofa sets, on the other hand, may now be purchased online or by visiting a store and placing an order. The brick-and-mortar furniture business can also send specialists to take measurements and give you a pricing estimate based on the design you choose.

A custom-made sofa with materials can cost anywhere from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 1200 per seat, depending on the type of foam, fabric, and features you want to use.

  1. The price of a six-person dining table

A dining table can be ordered in the same manner that a sofa set can be. You can order directly from a merchant or have interior designers create custom dining tables and chairs for you. Dining tables and chairs are available in many different styles and materials. A granite tabletop or a hardwood tabletop are both options. When it comes to dining tables and chairs, I prefer back-supporting hardwood chairs, although there are various materials and designs to pick from these days.

  1. The price of a typical television set

In your living room, you just cannot live without a modern TV box. Based on the design plan, the carpenter can construct a TV unit with a couple of storage units for remote DVDs and other accessories.

Pro tip: Instead of laminate, you can add wallpaper on the TV unit to save money. Wallpaper is much cheaper than laminate in the case of 3BHK interior design in Kolkata under 10 Lakhs.

  1. Bathroom cabinets cost

In the bathroom, cabinets can be very useful. This windowed cabinet can be used to hold soap, detergent, shaving equipment, oil, shampoo, and other items. Some units will have two washrooms, while others will have three. The price of each cabinet could range from Rs. 7000.00 to Rs. 9000.00.

  1. Door’s lamination cost

Typically, the developer would offer you with ugly plain painted doors. Everything must be in order when decorating your flat, which involves the usage of laminates or door masks.

Although door masks are typically a good and affordable solution, I feel that pasting 2.5mm plywood from both sides and then laminating it in the theme and color of your overall interior can significantly improve the appearance of these doors.

  1. 3 BHK Painting cost including ceiling

There is very little area for painting once the furniture is in place. Because paints are available in a variety of qualities, the cost of painting will vary depending on the brand and quality of paint you select.

  1. The cost of three windows curtains

Curtains are another important decorative item that can drastically alter the appearance of your rooms. We suggest that you use high-quality fabric that has been expertly fitted. Interior designers can help you by referring you to a furniture store and even giving design recommendations.

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