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The house is just not made of four walls, it is made up of love and warmth which should be reflected in the designs and aesthetics of the house itself. Personal style, statement, and fondness are very much necessary in the space you live in. And this is what is created by Ashiana Interiors and that makes it the best interior designer in Kolkata. From a broader perspective, it seems that interior design is a very creative subject but detailing and execution are also very important to convert that quirky idea into reality. Ashiana, the best interior designer in Kolkata takes care of the whole process from creatively designing your space to execution to functionality and usage to minor detailing.


People often look for designers who can give them right advice and offer them their dream home in a budget-friendly way. The expertise and experience of Ashiana help people in giving that. The experience of more than 20 years of Ashiana reflects in its work and speaks volumes.

The bridge of credibility and goodwill is developed with people and this makes Ashiana the best interior designer in Kolkata.


The amalgamation of creativity and functionality is very well done by Ashiana Interiors. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. But being the best interior designer in Kolkata, Ashiana does that efficiently. The sense of vibrancy to add in the space without making it look overwhelming is done by the team of experts. Along with that, the house should have enough space and its usage should be efficient without making it look chaotic is a skill that Ashiana represents in every project. Also, it never backs down to fulfill the client’s needs as far as possible. It designs the space according to their taste and aims to give maximum satisfaction to their clients. Ashiana believes it the happy smiles on clients' faces and satisfaction after they see their dream home is what it strives for. This is truly a quality that makes Ashiana stand out from others and be the best interior designer in Kolkata.




Ashiana Interior provides a wide range of services to their clients according to their needs. From extensively technical parts like waterproofing, PVC, grills, ceiling with POP, paint, etc to designing interiors. In interiors, it provides unique designs in each and every space of the house like living, kitchen, dining, and bedroom. They opt for highly innovative, functional, and efficient designs. Modular furniture is also provided. Along with these, it also provides décor like stone art, statement lighting, skylight dome, etc which definitely adds to the aesthetics of the home. All these 3 aspects complete the overall design of your home making it elegant and classy.



While completing a project of Interior design, one has to take care of all the nitty-gritty in the execution part. This detailed execution is done by Ashiana and it leaves no stone unturned in that process. Due, to these it has a wide base of successful projects. Apart from this, there are some key aspects that make Ashiana stand tall and unique even after 20 plus years of experience and be the best interior designer in Kolkata. They are: -


1. One-to-one attention, personalized service, and customization.

This aspect stands unparalleled with other ones as this is what a client craves. Really listening and taking care of the needs of each and every client is the key to maximum success and client satisfaction. Clients love personalized service and some cater to their own needs and take care of their personal taste and style statement. Every client is different and so are his or her needs. So, the set of services has to be altered according to every client. This leads to customization which is very essential in the service industry. Each and every design by Ashiana is customized and designed in such a way that it suits perfectly the taste of the client. Till then, it never stops until the client is fully satisfied. This leads to good relation, helps build a trusted brand and maintain goodwill in the market.


2. Free consultations.

This aspect helps both client and us. It helps Ashiana to better understand the needs of different customers and for customers, it becomes easier and more accessible. People invest in their homes like it is a one-time investment. This is very well understood by our team. People consult and research thoroughly before choosing one interior designer for their homes. So, this free consultation helps to gauge the needs of the client and make the client understand your business, products, and services. Only after understanding the clients, one can provide the best designs for their homes to them. So, Ashiana is always open and available for it. This aspect also helps to wider our client base and its potential which helps us service to the maximum level to give you your dream home.


3. Design expertise and meticulous execution

The experience of Ashiana Interiors speaks for itself when it comes to design expertise and execution. To be in business for more than 20 plus years successfully especially in the booming industry is the tough nut to crack. It requires grit, perseverance, and hard work which is displayed by our team in each and every project. From the design point of view, we provide a variety of options to choose from backed by 3d plans and layouts. We also focus on going with the tide and inculcating the latest trends in our designs. This brings creativity and innovation to our design. We provide very detailed plans for each and every space of your home and our team of designers works hard on that until the client is satisfied. The second part comes when one has to convert those creative designs into real-life fixtures. For that, excellent supervision and meticulous execution are required which is provided by our experienced team. This is the key and vital element that makes Ashiana the best interior designer in Kolkata.


4.Affordable price and timely completion of project.

Ashiana believes to give quality of the single penny the client sheds. It gives affordable prices for it’s products or services and also gives the right advice to the client. Moreover, it also takes care of the timely and disciplined execution and completion of the projects as it respects time of the client and deadlines.