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Why is the invisible grill (Grilex) is a life saviour?

Why is the invisible grill (Grilex) is a life saviour?

Two key elements that promote a good stay are the aesthetics of the house or building and security as well. We all know that people invest millions of rupees to live in a high-rise structure just outside their windows to enjoy the view. Imagine the scene of the early wake- up, and the hefty metal invisible grill is a life savour that catch your whole focus instead of seeing the Sun. This would spoil your whole mood for most of you.

But the wonderful view of the sun rising, can amazingly refresh your attitude when there are no grills. This scenery inspires you every morning to wake up. If the buildings offer their tenants such an unimpeded panorama, the value of the apartments improves significantly.

But there's one more important thing to consider: the building's safety. The fundamental goal of these structures is to create a vista that will leave a lasting imprint on the heart while also providing a high level of safety.

In a high-level building, a resident is wary to stare out from windows or other open spaces when living in an apartment. Some people may not buy the apartment because of their height concerns!

And Invisible grill is a life-saver, can be one of the best alternatives to traditional grills to deal with all those concerns, which disrupt your house's magnificent view. You give your lovely buildings also a prison-like aspect.

It is high time builders adapted technological concepts to revolutionise the aesthetic of their balconies because so much innovation is happening across all industries. Undetectable grills are tiny, almost invisible cables that are powerful and provide the residents with total safety.

Invisible grill is a life saviour

Invisible grill is a life saver, made utilising high-voltage, vertically stretched, stainless steel cables. Their 2mm thickness renders them undetectable, while the outside world is fully visible.

Each of them is made of 316 stainless-steel with a nylon membrane, in marine grade 316. These wires can hold tensile strength of more than 400kg. These grills are so little that in one glance they are hard to see. The rooms are 2mm apart, so your children or animals can't get off of your balcony. This means that you would want to stare directly at the scenic splendour from your windows built with Invisible Grill, which is a life saver.

Benefits of installing an invisible grill

You now know what Invisible grills are. Here are some advantages that can get you to install them immediately in your construction, after all invisible is life saver indeed.

Alarm system security

The Invisible Grill is a life saver, made of strong, durable as well as hard enough stainless-steel wires to sustain strength over 400 kg as previously mentioned. If you reside in or even in a high-rise structure, it will give you a safe environment to live. Our invisible grills contain an embedded alarm. That ensures that anyone trying to touch and force the grills to enter the house, the alarm system will ring loudly and alert you and your neighbours to burglary or unwanted invasion.

Balcony accidents should be avoided

Human life is valuable, and all essential precautions must be taken to safeguard it. The tremendous tensile strength of these wires ensures that everyone is safe. Hitting the grills by accident will not harm anyone, human or animal. It can support your weight without injuring you. As a result, this is one of the most popular and essential goods for families with children and dogs. Even if they try to make an approach to the window, the neatly positioned grills will prevent them from doing so.

There is no need for upkeep

You must be aware of the difficulties of cleaning them regularly if you have traditional windows put on your windows or balconies. With these invisible grills, however, the case is different. You need to keep these grills in pristine shape for zero seconds, because you only need to draw the cable to fly off the dust. Our grills consist of the greatest quality steel that even in coastal regions does not rust. This makes them resist harsh temperatures and showers of water.

Aesthetic views unhindered

The U.S.P of these invisible grills is not blocking your apartment's view. The first thing everybody does is glance at the dawn in the early morning if you live near the mountain or river. With these grills in place, your fans will adore your unimpeded views from the upper floors of your balcony in the world of Instagram worthy images. The steel wires are so that from a certain distance they cannot be seen. The name is therefore unseen!

Getting rid of pigeons

In a high-rise building, pigeons and other birds are a common nuisance. More than 200 germs that are detrimental to human health can be found in pigeon faeces. Pigeon poop can induce a variety of illnesses, including diarrhoea, psittacosis, pneumonia, and more than 60 others. Invisible grills are spaced with a thickness of 2mm, which implies they are close together. They prevent the pigeons from entering the house, thus there is no risk of littering.

Invisible Grills for use as Interior Decor

Another important feature of Invisible Grills is that they aren't just for balconies and windows! Replace your staircase railing and use it as a home decor item to brighten up your interior areas. With our help, you can quickly design and transform your room into a modern space.


There are few companies over there who have brought Invisible Grills to India, which is a fresh and unique concept. Because of their safety feature, Invisible Grills have become mandated installations in several Asian and European countries. The dangers of falling from a high-rise structure must be addressed in India. Aside from their safety, they can't deny that invisible grills are beautiful indeed! All Companies have been giving a high-end-solutions to the commercial and commercial structures as well by supplying the most advanced invisible grills those are life saver and installing them at low costs.