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Your complete guide to having the best skylights for homes!

Your complete guide to having the best skylights for homes!

So, you’re unsure if skylights would be the right investment? Well, in such case, too, there are several considerations, similar to getting your roof replaced or choosing new gutters. All best skylight domes for homes are of unique matches, because every person considers it for meeting a different purpose. It could be for letting in more natural sunlight in your bedroom, or for better ventilation, or maybe even for adding solar generated heat into a freezing cold living space.

Benefits of skylights:

Rooftop windows and skylight dome can increase the equity of your home, and they can be a solution to certain issues in rooms that are stuffy, cold, or don’t receive much of proper sunlight.

Allowing in natural sunlight, and for solar heating your living space.

This is the biggest benefit of skylights- natural light and heat. While natural light is known to improve mood, and help with performance in the workplaces, mainly due to the cheer and freshness it brings along, heating can help you save on heating costs for home appliances during the cooler months.

Allowing circulation of fresh air, and for better ventilation.

By keeping skylight windows open to let in fresh air, you can get help with cross ventilation in stuffy rooms, freshening up air, and cooling down your living space, without having to keep your AC turned on.

Saving on energy consumption and utility bills.

Sunlight can heat up your living space, while cross ventilation cools down your space, hence cutting down on your energy costs, if you install a skylight dome that’s leak-proof and has laminated glass.

Adding to the resale value by improving aesthetic value.

The best skylights for homes can add equity to your home, by upgrading the resale value, and giving the rooms an attractive, natural light environment to live in.

Natural views and feeling more spacious in a room.

Skylights often make a room feel more spacious, along with getting a view of the night sky or natural daylight.

Points to consider before installing skylights:

Many drawbacks when making changes to the basic structure of your home might come from poor decisions, and the skylights are no different. Hence, here are some points for you to consider before you finally decide on installing skylight domes.

  • Investing in high quality equipment with a solid warranty.
  • Choosing the placement of your skylight only after proper consultation.
  • Hiring a service professional with enough experience in skylight installations.
  • Don’t try doing it yourself- it’s dangerous!
  • Estimating the cost to replace or repair a bad installation.

Once you cover all of your bases by making the right choices for the above-mentioned considerations, then the advantages become conditional to your unique situation. Here’s another thing for you to consider:

Should you go for curb-mounted or deck-mounted skylights?

These are the two main types of skylights available for purchase and installation.

Curb mounted skylights require a box-like structure for setting the unit upon. When replacing a skylight, these can be used without the need to re-flash the skylight at the same time as long as flashing is in an optimal condition.

Deck mounted skylights have a lower profile, as they lack in the box structure underneath. These roof-hugging options are, however, considered a more energy efficient option.

Our interior decoration company in Kolkata ensures you get the best skylight dome for home, and their most appropriate and lasting installation possible. Reach out to us for more detailed information.