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Your guide to choosing the most suitable modular kitchen!

Your guide to choosing the most suitable modular kitchen!

Most of the time, especially in Indian homes, the kitchen is full of activities throughout the day. The design and décor of kitchen, thus, demands substantial significance. With the constant shrinking of home spaces and evolving modernization, modular kitchens have become an integral part of almost all modern homes. The ease of storage, along with an aesthetically pleasing appeal that modular kitchens provide, have made them a top preference among customers.

Our modular kitchen designers in Kolkata make it easy for you to stay organised, and as a result, cook efficiently every day, due to their splendid designs and accessories. You’re free to choose a colour and finish from our services for best modular kitchen in Kolkata, that compliments the rest of your home interiors and decors. However, here are some major points you should consider while choosing the best design from our modular kitchen designers in Kolkata, before finalizing on a modular kitchen:

  • Spacing out

The amount of available space plays a significant role in determining the most appropriate type of modular kitchen that can be installed in your kitchen. The common types of modular kitchens are:

Straight (for small spaces such as studio apartments), L-Shape (for small to medium-sized kitchens), island (for a large kitchen space) that can also be used as a breakfast counter, and U-Shape (for medium to large-sized kitchens).

  • Budgeting

Amongst the hundreds of designs and accessories available to choose from, our modular kitchen designers in Kolkata help you in shortlisting your preferred kitchen designs is by setting up a budget plan to stick to. This way, it becomes a lot easier to select the most essential features like inbuilt appliances first, followed by additional good-to-have features like soft-close drawers and doors. Functionality, thus, must be your top priority.

  • Selecting the material wisely

We assist you in choosing from a variety of materials like plywood or MDF, covered with laminate or acrylic sheets, that modular kitchen is crafted from. They all come in different grades, you should take an informed decision. For instance, if plywood is chosen, a boiling water-proof variety is a good option.

  • Utilize corners

Our modular kitchen designers in Kolkata try to make the best use of all corners present in your kitchen. You can even choose to go for a corner cabinet that can be pulled out. This makes the best use of the difficult-to-use space, while enabling an easy yet ergonomic reach for cleaning as well. The corners should be kept in mind while choosing corner fittings, too.

  • Placement of the cabinets

If you want to add wall cabinets in your modular kitchen, we’ll ensure that it does not end in a mess. Fitting in cabinets that touch the ceiling not only makes access difficult, but also gives your kitchen a box-type of look. We ensure that these cabinets are either evenly spaced or designed to have a mix of vertical and horizontal doors.

  • Reserving space for appliances

Appliances will have to be incorporated into your kitchen design right from the beginning. The colours and finishes on these appliances should complement your modular kitchen accordingly. Keeping these points in mind helps us in arriving at the best modular kitchen design for your home mutually much quicker.

However, in case you’re still confused due to the humongous number of options available in the market, then you can very well take help of our modular kitchen designers in Kolkata- we’ll not just guide you to decide on the perfect modular kitchen for your home, but will also ensure the proper implementation of your design until your dream kitchen is achieved for real. Ashiana interiors best modular kitchen designes in kolkata, provides modern kitchen desining services eith pocket friendly price.