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Your Ultimate Guide for Dining Room Wallpaper Designs

Your Ultimate Guide for Dining Room Wallpaper Designs

Imaginative dining room wallpaper insights can captivate a space, adding a personal touch to create a focal talking point. A dining room is an excellent place to tinker with wallpaper ideas, especially if you have a separate room in which to ultimately create the ideal atmosphere for entertaining. A little or a lot of wallpaper can go a long way toward bringing back your dining room decorating scheme to life, from feature walls to wallpapering all four walls. Make a plan that you enjoy in order to elevate dinner parties and make much more family mealtimes. Here’s a guide for dining room wallpaper designs.

To add interest, wallpaper the inside of the panels.

Make the wallpaper even more of a focal point by framing it with panels, as shown in the wall panelling concept above. Wallpaper inside a wall panel to add pattern and break up a monotone colour scheme, resulting in a feature wall with added wow element. Use pre-existing wall panels or make your own by framing single drops of wallpaper with simplistic beading, which is available at all good DIY stores. This artistic budget dining room idea also helps keep costs low because the wallpaper design only requires a few drops.

Use the same colour throughout.

Using patterned wallpaper doesn’t have to mean the look has to be bold or overpowering, as this lovely example demonstrates. In reality, the subtle geometric pattern on this dining room wallpaper idea simply adds depth to the wall colour. Using the same colour throughout the scheme, in this case a comforting shade of spearmint green, helps to unify it. The wallpaper does not stand out because of the consistent use of tonal colour; rather, it improves the dining room color palette by bringing the walls to life, preventing the color palette from feeling flat.

Maintain simplicity.

Choose an abstract wallpaper design that adds tonal interest without being an apparent patterned paper to keep a dining space blissful and effortlessly styled. Using an abstract wallpaper idea in this manner eliminates the need to recreate the effect with paint – ideal if DIY is not your thing.

This look works best with a more classic look, where less is more. Natural materials, such as the wooden dining table and rustic woven beautiful dining lighting, contribute significantly to the overall look of pared-back, flawless beauty.

Make a fashion statement by layering patterns.

Layers of pattern can be used to enliven even the smallest of dining areas, making the space feel inviting and well-designed. Choose a dominant pattern for the wallpaper design, then select soft furnishings that coordinate in colour but clash in the pattern. This layered look is ideal for creating a retro Mid-century look in which pattern is accepted in all forms. Keep furniture selections simple and uncomplicated to allow the use of intricate designs to stand out.

Increase the size of the pattern for maximum impact.

If you’re looking for ‘look at me!’ dining room wallpaper ideas, look no further. Consider a captivating wall mural that covers an entire wall. Follow the maximalist pattern and go for more with your selected wallpaper design – don’t be afraid of the pattern. This large-scale pattern approach contributes to the creation of a statement feature wall idea, which is ideal for a dining floor space to add personality and create a focal talking point.

Leaf print wallpapers bring nature indoors.

At any time of year, surround yourself with nature while trying to enjoy mealtimes. Invigorate a dining room, particularly one that overlooks a garden, with a leafy wallpaper print in lush greenery to blur the lines between indoors and out. The trend of bringing nature into our homes is growing as we strive to create a grounding décor that makes us feel happy and calm – qualities we associate with being outside in nature. A green colour scheme is extremely versatile, and it works well when combined with contrasting white accessories or when complemented by natural materials such as timber and clay.

Wallpapering alcoves can help to balance out a room.

Wallpapering an entire dining room with heavily patterned paper can be daunting, so try renovating a single wall panel for a more subtle but equally eye-catching effect. Wallpaper on either side of the hearth to frame the original feature, and use an inventive alcove idea to balance pattern and colour. To achieve a cohesive look, carry the colours of the wallpaper throughout the room, including the table setting, chair covers, and window dressing.

Captivate your audience with an eye-catching theme.

When entertaining guests, a dining room is a great place to experiment and can be a real talking point. If you want a quirky and unique dining room look, think outside the box and choose a theme that you enjoy. Choosing a print that demonstrates your interests will add a personalized feel to your space and can give a more neutral dining room a new lease on life. To avoid feeling too fussy and chaotic when using bold wallpaper on all four walls, we recommend pairing it with stripped-back wooden furniture and furnishings. Allow natural materials to provide the perfect calming backdrop to your preferred pattern.


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