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Best Modular Kitchen In Kolkata

Modular Kitchen in Kolkata

We create modular kitchen designs in Kolkata at Ashiana Interiors, the best Modular Kitchen decorator in Kolkata, that are the ideal fusion of practicality and aesthetics. From simple kitchens with modest interiors to more ornately designed kitchen interiors, these chosen contemporary kitchen ideas cover a wide variety. All of our modular kitchen design services may be altered to match your needs and available space. Here, you may discover inspiration for kitchen design and build a low-budget Modular Kitchen in Kolkata. In accordance with your specifications and kitchen dimensions, our designers and manufacturers develop the greatest kitchen designs at an affordable price. We also provide full-service and best home interior designer in Kolkata, furniture design, and furniture manufacturing.

Types of Modular Kitchen

We also provide kitchen interior layouts that are suitable for all body types: Whether it's a U-Shaped Modular Kitchen, Straight Modular Kitchen, L-Shaped Modular Kitchen, Island Modular Kitchen, Parallel Modular Kitchen, Industrial L-shaped Modular Kitchen, our objective is to create an interior kitchen plan that is ideal for your house. Look through our ideas for modular kitchen designs in Kolkata to update your room right now.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

If your house has a large kitchen, this is for you. This design offers the largest storage capacity and the most effective working triangles (plenty of modular shelves and tall modular kitchen cabinets). Additionally, enough countertop area can be obtained, which makes it perfect for households with numerous cooks.

Straight Modular Kitchen

It doesn't really use the triangle itself. The process is instead built around straight lines. Loft apartments and studios are the perfect fit for this design. This category aids in maximizing kitchen efficiency while minimizing counter space. At Ashiana Interiors, the best Modular Kitchen Manufacturers Kolkata, you can choose from a variety of stylish straight modular kitchen designs in Kolkata.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

The most popular kitchen design is this one. Small flats benefit greatly from the L-shaped modular kitchen arrangement since it makes the most of the limited floor space. It gives you the most storage space possible and makes it simple to include a compact dining room table within your kitchen. At Ashiana Interiors, you can choose from a variety of stylish L-shaped modular kitchen designs in Kolkata.

Island Modular Kitchen

It's a fantastic modern alternative if you have the necessary kitchen space. It mixes an island area that is not linked with a kitchen design that is linear or L-shaped. The island may be utilized as a breakfast nook, bar counter, extra counter space, or your preferred baking location. A stove or a sink may also be outfitted. This kitchen layout is perfect for accessible living and entertaining since it has two facing work surfaces and storage options. These kitchens are the center of the house because of how versatile they are.

Parallel Modular Kitchen

On the other side, two lengthy workspaces may be separated into "dry" and "wet" regions. It offers plenty of shelf space, storage options, and mobility. Most flats may benefit from parallel kitchens, which are very simple to customize to your requirements. At Ashiana Interiors, the best Modular Kitchen decorator in Kolkata, you can choose from a variety of stylish paralleled modular kitchen design services.