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5 bhk Villa/ Bungalow interior design cost in Kolkata | Ashiana best Bungalow interior designer in Kolkata

5 bhk Villa/ Bungalow interior design cost in Kolkata | Ashiana best Bungalow interior designer in Kolkata

Villas convey a sense of openness, limitless potential, and unrestricted creativity. Large residences and villas have distinct areas for various duties and hobbies. They are painstakingly constructed and represent the owner's interests. If you constructed a villa for yourself, it had to be the result of months or years of conceptualization, design, and discussion. However, a villa's job doesn't stop with its outside appearance. What takes place inside and how you create the ideal environment for you and your family are what matter. Villa designs deviate from the conventional blueprint for regular houses. The space's sheer size inspires greater imagination, connectivity, ideas, and limitless potential.


Here are some design pointers by bungalow interior designers in Kolkata that can be useful if you're unsure how or where to start.


Consistency of Design

A villa can be intimidating, and the big canvas makes it enticing to experiment with contradictions, contrasts, and brilliant colors. This is effective, but there needs to be a clear strategy for doing it. As an alternative, design homogeneity works best. Keep your color scheme neutral or well-known, such as beiges, pastels, or greys. Compare them to a darker or deeper color hue. All furniture, decor, accessories, and sofa sets should incorporate this design.


Discreet Grandeur

Villas are the ideal setting for extravagance and elegance. Simply put, there is so much room that it doesn't feel crowded. The secret to creating grandeur properly is not to go crazy and to have components that work well together. The design features that sit well are well-lit false ceilings, paneled foyers finished in dull gold, wooden floors and walls, and elaborate chandeliers. The consistency of design is important in their utilization once more. Choose a focal point room, such as the living or dining area, and experiment with subtle opulence there.


With a Little Old World Charm

Homes are built to be lived in. We spend a significant amount of our lives there to relax and recover. Being in a familiar environment is beneficial, especially in a villa. Finding a place for items you owned or were given by family members will be easier with a dash of old-world charm, which brings back memories and is comfortable. Add antique furniture, elaborate rugs, and hanging chandeliers to decorate your home. Use vintage artwork to decorate your villa. The old has a great charm, and the villa becomes your legacy to pass on in the future. This is one of the best tip by bungalow interior designers in Kolkata.


Everything Has Its Place

Allow enough room for everything. Don't neglect the other by focusing too much on one set of items. If, for instance, you wish to collect unique furniture, be careful not to gather too much. Make room for necessary accessories, rugs, trip souvenirs, children's belongings, and loved ones. Make space for refrigerators and other equipment in the kitchen, along with open and closed shelving. Keep space in the bathroom for towels and toiletries. Allow areas where nothing exists at all as well as spaces for everything.


Calming, Quiet Niches

Despite their enormous size, villas frequently take care of everything providing quiet enough for meditation or other forms of relaxation. Given how chaotic life may be, you might have observed that there are spots like these all around the house if you've been to villas. This area must evolve from the design to become more organic and soothing rather than forced. For instance, create water features in the living room that are surrounded by greenery and have an overhead roof so that light can enter. Extend the balconies and decorate them with potted plants, natural stone slabs, and furniture. Make window nooks and sit-outs where you may relax in the evening or play your guitar. This is one of the most crucial tips by bungalow interior designers in Kolkata.


Plan a family outing

The size of a villa might be daunting. They naturally make room for various activities, and everyone is frequently preoccupied with their projects. The use of entertainment rooms is one technique to bring families together. Villas allow the construction of large, soundproof leisure spaces that can even serve as offices or small meeting rooms. By doing so, you can gather the entire family whenever necessary while reducing the travel required for business.



Outdoor sit-downs

Nothing compares to the value of a balcony, regardless of how peaceful and quiet you make the place to relax and ponder. Villas can be customized to create expansive outside areas, balconies with sophisticated furnishings, a bar, and other aesthetic elements, in contrast to flats that have modest balconies. These might serve as places for celebrations with friends and family or entertainment. Sit-outs or balconies can be created with just the appropriate mindset; they don't need to be well planned.


The family room

Owning a villa is worthwhile due to the elaborate dining spaces and family rooms where everyone may meet. Having a daily catch-up is especially special in mixed households where everyone has their interests. Planning the dining and cooking space to make moving around easier is possible. Family rooms may be made bright, engaging, and colorful with the help of large overhanging chandeliers, close-by beverage cabinets and storage, and eye-catching wall decor.


Spacious bathrooms

Never compromise on the bathrooms in villas. The wide area allows for the construction of numerous useful niches. In villas, it is feasible to have bathtubs and showers, over-the-sink storage for toiletries and towels, and other necessary facilities. Make the most of this area because this is where your day will start and end. Don't forget to leave room for movement as well. Because most bathrooms don't consider this, spills and slips happen frequently. Use neutral hues, and observe how your bathroom comes alive with personality.


Own Bar

In most homes, it is impossible to create bars. Imagine the variety you could present and promote in villas, though! Elegant, fashionable home bars enable you to demonstrate your talents, make friends easily, and avoid frequently leaving the house. Owning a home bar is one of the luxuries that come with villa living.




The interior of your home should be eye-catching and appealing. That's generally the first item you consider when beginning a project for your home's interior design.