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The Top 9 Safety Door Designs For Your House in 2023

The Top 9 Safety Door Designs For Your House in 2023

A door is an entrance into your abode. It goes without saying that the safety of your house depends on the doors installed. Ashiana Interiors, one of the leading interior designers in Kolkata bring to you a whole range of Safety Doors to make sure you and your loved ones can sleep without fear. Safety Door designs include smart lock mechanisms and hidden gadgets that prevent any kind of break into your house. Along with being absolutely theft proof and sturdy, these doors also come with designs that are appealing to the eye instead of looking like prison walls.

Ashiana Interiors : Safety Door Designs For Your House:  

Ashiana Interiors brings to your interior design a range of doors that look stunning and keep your house safe. The doors are break proof, fireproof, water resistant and also equipped with smart innovations like alarms and multi-level locks. Make your home a safe and sound paradise with Ashiana Interior's doors.

We have a variety of Safety Door designs for your house that you can choose from, nine of them are listed here:

Solid Wooden Doors :

Classic and traditional wooden doors express the warmth of Indian homes while being sturdy and long lasting. Made from seasoned teak and pine, wooden, hand carved doors provide finesse and safety at one go. Thick frames and termite proof wooden doors are built to last generations. The solid body of the door makes it very hard to cut through and also reduces noise. The history of solid wooden doors is culturally rich for a reason. Wood provides a sturdy backing as well as a flexible canvas, building artistic, strong doors. Regular wooden doors are however prone to easy breakage. Safety wooden doors incorporate historic designs, durable material with armour. Unlike most security doors, solid wood security doors are not bulky and clad with fake wood sheets. And unlike easily fractured hollow doors, thick, solid wooden doors provide safety without compromising on beauty. Occasionally, they might have steel cores or glass inserts to give them an extra layer of strength.

Steel Doors :

Steel, the most popular of strong materials available in the market today, is actually iron reinforced with carbon. The carbon mesh acts both in creating a cross-linked layer within the cold metal, strengthening it, and also in preventing the iron from rusting. Steel doors need not look like an ugly, bland slab. Contemporary moulds allow steel doors to mimic the designs of traditional doors. A steel door generally comes equipped with multiple many point locks. The manufacturing process of steel doors is such that the door is whole, as in, it is a single unit rather than an arrangement components,

Fibreglass Doors :

Fibreglass, composed of interwoven glass fibres running through a plastic composition is a durable, low maintenance, flexible material to work with. Shatterproof, the doors made from fibreglass are often crafted to mirror wooden doors, and it is often impossible to tell the difference between an oak door and a fibreglass door. But unlike wooden doors, these neither shrink or swell, preventing drafts in winter and sticking in summer. Low- maintenance, fibreglass is often the choice for windows in urban households. Laminated fibreglass is thick and durable, making it a now sought-after material for door construction.

Glass Doors :

With constricting city space, the modern Indian home is moving towards glass for its fenestration needs. Glass adds spaciousness and blurs the boundaries indoors and outdoors. But the first thing that comes to mind on hearing the word glass is breakage, be it shattering on being hit with a hard object, or exploding shards due to heat, glass, in general, is not such a dependable material. However, technology has rendered types of glass perfect for both your safety and aesthetic needs. During the manufacturing process, standard glass is subjected to high heat and pressure to fully form toughened glass. Laminated between two layers of this glass, with a flexible polyvinyl butyral interlayer under high pressure is formed Sandwich Glass. Such glass still has excellent optical clarity while being thick and sturdy. Laminated toughened glass is resistant to shattering because it has the capacity to bend without breaking. Even in case of breakage, the glass holds together because of the interlayer. This enhanced glass creates not only break-proof but actually bullet-proof safety doors. Other than protection from miscreants, glass security doors also protect your home from UV rays.

Sliding Doors :

Sliding doors are the modern solution to space conservation in homes. Doors that glide rather than swing open save space and are also harder to unlock at the jamb. Sliding security doors frame durable meshes made from high graded tensile stainless steel wire, providing complete, free ventilation while keeping mosquitoes and miscreants outside. Without imposing a prison grill like atmosphere, the multi-point locking systems safeguard your home while looking modern and stylish. Virtually see-through, they create a seamless boundary between indoors and outdoors while maintaining full ventilation. The most salient feature of these doors is that unlike most security doors, they keep your house feeling open while maintaining privacy. The smooth air-flow maintains the ambient temperature of your house and reduces energy consumption, thereby reducing your electricity bill. A sliding mesh door is the best bet for an outdoor abode like a farmhouse.

French Doors :

Popularly going by the name of double doors, French doors are window-like doors that give your home a rustic appearance. Fitted with concealed hinged units along the sides, they can swing in either direction. Generally built from uPVC and aluminium frames, these doors tend to be no-fuss no-muss, requiring only an occasional wet wipe for maintenance. Unlike wooden doors that swell or rot, French doors are built to last a lifetime. Smart lock-in gadgets prevent lock-picking and the uPVC windows are virtually indestructible, ensuring complete safety.

Fire-Rated Doors :

Fire-rated doors are the ones you commonly see in staircases of office buildings and schools. They are bulky, thick, fire-proof doors that keep a blaze to one side. Fire-rated doors are made of the same material and powder coated to give them a near wood-like look. They generally come with mortise locks to restrict access and are bullet proof too. If ventilation and space are not an issue, these are the most secure doors given their built and material. Not only are they fire, water and break proof, but also enable restricted lock and key access suitable for parents and motel owners.

Aluminium Doors :

When all else fails, metal doors are the safest options for security doors. They cannot be broken using crowbars and come with multiple multi-lock systems to prevent break-ins. Fire-proof and water resistant, aluminium proves to be the most sleek yet affordable metal for such doors. With silver finished glazed doors, they give your house a modern look. Any intrusion attempt is bound to make noise that alerts the residents and keeps them safe. Aluminium doors, apart from being light and strong, have no welds, eliminating weak points along the door joints. Compatible with any door lock, they are easily portable and create a snug fit as security installations.

PVC Doors :

Polyvinyl chloride is a durable material which is waterproof while looking exactly like wood. Smooth in look and texture, PVC doors seamlessly blend in with your interiors. Multi-chamber profiles and thermally insulating material keep you safe from the extreme climate too. The chemical make of PVC makes it highly resistant to peeling, rotting and even termites. The additional advantage of PVC security doors is that they are light-weight and hence cause no strain on the hinges, keeping them secure too. PVC doors turn out to be an affordable, durable solution to all your security needs.

Secure your home today with one of the many stylish options available at Ashiana Interiors.