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8 May, 2024
By Ashiana Interiors
Home Interior Design


Door designs have evolved a lot over time across India. However, with increasing safety concerns and a surge in demand for aesthetic doorways, functional and stylish door designs are making headway. To strike a balance between security and aesthetics, we have come up with practical yet trendsetting and voguish safety door designs. Modern safety door designs and safety grill gate designs for the main door have become a necessity for modern carefree living. Let us explore and unravel some modish ideas for retaining safety across doorways while making them dapper and polished. Now, why is safety door design for home an imperative these days? Well, fire resistance, soundproofing, termite resistance, full-proof locking, digital locking, rust-proofing, and layering the door are some of the essential aspects of designing a safety door grill design.


Modern steel safety doors are extremely sturdy to give you peace of mind while at home or away. A variety of Safety door panel design layouts are designed for inserting a mesh at the center of the metal door frame. Not only is a metal door durable but also is weatherproof.


You must have come across the term ‘fire-rated doors’. Yes, you heard it right. Precaution and prevention being the mantra, many fire-resistant doors are being manufactured and installed across residential and commercial spaces. Wondering what exactly are these doors made of! Well, nothing alien we suppose. Mostly steel, timber, glass, vermiculite, wood veneer etc are used. Most steel safety door design layouts are fire-proof but wire mesh glass, ceramic glass, and liquid sodium silicate-infused glass are more effective and convenient these days.


An absolute layered integration of biometric security systems along with physical layers of security such as metal mesh paneling and timber cover is a unique combination, especially across an array of iron safety door design layouts.


Safety door designs for flats are a good mix of mesh grills and metal panels on doors. For basic and quick milk and newspaper access in the morning, who would want to open the entire door when a small grid section serves the purpose? Modern safety door grill design options are in multitudes and metal safety door design varieties are found across both residential and commercial spaces.


We are progressing in time but cannot help appreciating the nostalgia of olden-day architecture and the old-world majestic charm of dark burnt amber hue. Metal safety door design for home harking back to decorative wrought iron works across doors is uplifting the sense of aesthetics without compromising on functional facets of the door.


Impact resistance is the primary feature behind designing such safety main door grill designs for flats and other buildings. Sliding doors are engineered for houses having toddlers, children who are active and always running around, or even pets. These doors are often equipped with a multi-point locking system and are found to be installed in areas facing harsh weather extremities.


From phones to locks everything is getting in its ‘smart-pants’, so why not doors for that matter? Safety door design with paneling often comes with iris recognition or thumb imprint detection technologies. This upgrade is mostly for commercial spaces witnessing increased traffic of footfall around certain hours of the day. From keyless entry to control over door access far away from home, main door and safety door design is an evolving and ever-changing industry. Let's walk through some unique features, biometric doors offer:

  • 1
    Unique codes for family members and visitors
  • 2
    Status notifications for visitors
  • 3
    Remorse access for front door security
  • 4
    Customised smart home actions
  • 5
    Automatic internal locking matrix
  • 6
    Professional and savvy installation


Doors could often block the natural sunlight and that is uncalled for. Glass panels with security film coating on either end are the best possible solution to safeguard a space while allowing the natural light to enter. But what about the fragility of ‘glass’ as a security shield? Well, the security film coating makes the glass scatter-resistant. This is also proven to deter break-ins.


Pivot doors add a dash of sophistication to your home. Modern safety door designs for flats often opt for these pivot designs so that the rotating doors conveniently replace creaking hinges at the corner. Ranging from wood, metal, and glass, these Pivot doors could be carved out from an array of materials. This provides the manufacturers and designers with the required flexibility and a wide range of options to choose from. Goes without saying, that successful pivot door installation as the latest safety door design has been pretty much a trend across luxury living spaces

Apart from all these ideas, security cameras are installed across doors for enhanced protection against burglars and trespassers across a property. Each residential house or commercial space has its particular safety and aesthetic requirements which are unique to its location, convenience, and intersperse of people around it. Integrating such ideas to formulate a serviceable, practical, and functioning doorway is all about catering to the diverse needs and preferences of homeowners. The evolution of safety door grill design in India is a reflection of how seamlessly, innovation is blending with technology and architecture. The way traditions have fortified cultural sensibilities across carpentry, it is challenging yet interesting to curate and create something that would safeguard the premises while elevating its appearance.

There would be emerging threats to such architectural ideas but adapting continuously to changing crises, catering to the demand and supply chain holds the key to designing modern safety doors.

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When sustainability has become the mantra for life, modern safety door designs for home flats and commercial spaces have to be eco-friendly. Customization is the key! Personalizing the main door and safety door design to integrate security and style would serve as guardians to our homes and would be an attestation and tribute to human flair and resourcefulness.

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