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Low budget 2 bhk flat interior design in Kolkata: Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

Low budget 2 bhk flat interior design in Kolkata: Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

Small families or two single flatmates will benefit from a two-bedroom apartment. A 2-BHK home plan, as opposed to 1-BHK or studio flats, will certainly provide greater space and be more comfortable. I’ve included four examples of two-bedroom houses with various layouts and architectural ideas that demonstrate how to maximise space. Let’s look at some low budget 2 bhk flat interior design in Kolkata.

Create your own Low budget 2 bhk flat interior design.

A two-bedroom apartment has two bedrooms: a main bedroom and a guest, children’s, or parent’s bedroom, with a total floor area of 700 to 1000 square feet. The key to designing a 2BHK apartment is to maximise space while allowing people to move around freely. Choose a style that meets your needs and suits your budget, and only use versatile furniture when it’s really required.

Furnishings of the highest quality Interior design ideas for a two-bedroom apartment

The majority of people who own a two-bedroom apartment want more space. Using inventive décor ideas, you can make your flat appear more substantial and spacious. Mirrors are the oldest trick in the book when it comes to home décor. Mirrors create the illusion of more space by reflecting light. Floating shelves above the TV unit in the living room can also be used to generate more space and display décor. You can also let in plenty of diffused sunlight by using sheer covered drapes. Another common interior design trick for making a property appear larger than it is is to use white flooring.

Interior design for a two-bedroom apartment that is pet-friendly

If you have a pet, it goes without saying that you will need 2BHK interior design ideas that cater to both their and your needs. As a result, make sure the upholstery is manufactured from pet-friendly materials.

Best Vastu-compliant interior design ideas for a two-bedroom apartment

Interior ideas for 2 BHKs that flawlessly combine Vastu and décor are in vogue! To improve the sanctity of the space, the pooja unit should be precisely situated in the living room, shielded by jali doors and furnished with bells. Vastu also influences your kitchen nook and other sections of your apartment.

Budget-friendly interior design ideas for a two-bedroom apartment

If you want a unique 2BHK interior design without breaking the bank, look for budget-friendly residences with plenty of storage! The dining area, for example, features a closed crockery closet and open shelves. In addition, the primary bedroom features a variety of storage options, including closets and lofts!


Before we can design a space, we need to figure out what makes it well-designed in the first place. It’s important to remember that each component is important to the overall design and must constantly operate together as a cohesive unit. You’ll need to strike a balance between these pieces, highlight some as the room’s focal point, and scale or proportion so that no piece of furniture looks out of place. For example, a coffee table should not be more than 2/thirds the size of the sofa it will be used with. As a result, we may usually concentrate on the following six critical elements:

  • The area of the space that is both usable and unusable in your 2 BHK flat interior design: It is critical to comprehend the area of the space that is both usable and unusable in your 2 BHK flat interior design. For example, a bed in a bedroom is referred to as positive space, while the empty space surrounding the bed is referred to as negative space. To create a comfortable, seamless design, your bedroom 2 BHK flat interior design must strike a good balance between the two spaces.
  • The colors that set the tone for the scene are: Colors have the psychological effect of soothing our brains, making a space appear larger, and establishing a color theme that works with each other, in addition to simply making a design look beautiful.
  • Walking the fine line: Using lines in an interior design helps define the volume of the area and visually affect the overall attractiveness, attracting viewers’ attention to the room. For example, patterns made up of a range of symmetrical or asymmetrical lines can add interest to a design.
  • Allowing for light: Whether natural or artificial, lighting can make or break your design plan, since it not only sets the ambiance but also draws attention to the areas that need to be highlighted.
  • Getting a sense of the proper texture: The texture element – the quality of a surface when handled (tactile texture) and viewed (visual texture) – has a significant impact on the tone of a room and how it appears at first glance.
  • Shape and form: Consider the space as a collection of shapes and forms that must function both independently and as part of a unified whole.

These were some low budget 2 bhk flat interior design in Kolkata.