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We have been a witness that interior designing is booming like anything for a few years now. Interior designing has many elements from minute details in design to stable steady fixtures. It is not just about aesthetically appealing spaces and beautiful decors, there are many elements more that adds value to interior designing. Functionality, space-saving, storage, efficiency in usage, the durability of materials are aspects interior designers take care of as well. This blend of art and functionality enhances your space and make your living at ease. This is what people crave.


Wardrobes are the essential part of any living space which takes care of aspects of storage, space-saving and functionality. The designs of wardrobes have also evolved since traditional times and are continuously evolving as per the changes in need, lifestyle and want of the people. The usage has changed the designs of wardrobes drastically. Generally, people associate wardrobe with storage purpose only but nowadays wardrobes are also made to fulfil dual-purpose – usage and appeal. The trending wardrobe designs in 2022 not only takes care of the storage but also the look that help enhance your space.





Looking at all the aspects and of trend, design, usage and needs of people, the curated trending wardrobe designs in 2022 are: -


1.Classic veneer wardrobe design

This is the rawest, rustic and classic design since ages that gives your space the wanted vintage look. Veneer itself is the material that designers swear by in look, strength and also other aspects. It will be trend for people who want classy look in their spaces and it binds together thin slices of wood in a very sophisticated manner. Veneer wardrobes along with giving classy look, is budget friendly, durable and strong as it comprises of solid wood. The veneer wardrobe goes well with all kinds of spaces be in traditional or modern and mainly it gives very subtle but classy look in Indian homes. This is one of the always in demand trend among all trending wardrobe designs in 2022.


2.Pristine white wardrobes with wooden elements in the design

This design is in trend for new age homeowners especially millennial and gen Z. The finish of this kind of look gives a very stand out vibe which goes well with needs of evolved lifestyle. Though, white as a colour is less preferable among home buyers as it is hard to maintain and there is always a fear of dirt or scratch on it but it is the colour that makes look room bigger. This colour always has this affect to making spaces look bigger in size which is important in small-sized apartments we live in today. Designers also add element of wood in all white pristine wardrobes to give subtle and not all-white look. The wood gives sense of stability and goes well with the white look. It is the always go to material that adds sense of warmth in the space. Hence, these new-age design will be popular among the trending wardrobe designs in 2022.


3.The Louvre style wardrobe design

Inclusivity of different trends, cultures, lifestyles, styles, values, looks of all the countries are in trend nowadays. This is true in the interior designing field as well. Designers try to gauge these and inculcate them in their designs. People are also willing to experiment with different designs to enhance their spaces aesthetically. So, louvre style design wardrobes are making a comeback. Basically, a louvre wardrobe door is one with narrow slits to let in the air in the storage or the fixture. The idea behind this style is to ensure that there is a continuous flow of air in and out of your wardrobe. The advantage of this is that it prevents clothes inside from smelling bad. Moreover, it comes in different styles and colours so you have a variety of options to choose from. This design is not only efficient in usage and functionality but also gives an appealing minimalistic look to your space. This will go very well in Indian homes and western homes as well and this is suggested by the name itself. This will surely be the latest one in trending wardrobe designs in 2022.


4.Bold and beautiful themes in colour statement of wardrobe designs.

Minimalism has been in trend for some time now and it will continue to be in trend in future but Indians love something along with that that makes their space stand out. So, they love playing with bunch of bold colours that add a flair to their spaces. Not going over the top, designers take care of that. A complete palette of minimalistic look and neutral and subtle colours can never satisfy our aesthetics and appeal. We love colours and so a bit of addition of bold colours in any form is always a nice option. A tenet of this style is to choose a neutral colour palette with brighter pops. This theme comes into picture in 2022 that is bold and bright colours. Since, people are choosing other elements like walls in neutral colours wardrobe with bold and vibrant colours will look beautiful and pleasing making it stand out. This artsy and colourful theme is for sure in the list of trending wardrobe designs in 2022.


5. Wardrobes with golden, shiny handles and shaker colours.

If you are wondering what are shaker colours then the answer is shaker colours are colours that reflect simplicity and natural living. They were the colours used by the shaker community and so the name called shaker colours got recognized. Red, blue, yellow and green were the colours they preferred as they reflected the basics of natural living while adding depth to the furniture. So, nowadays while people moving towards a more simplistic and sustainable lifestyle, shaker colour wardrobes will be in trend. Along with that, golden and metallic handles will give the look of your wardrobe an oomph of glam. They surely will get well together in sync making your wardrobe fixture very appealing in the entire space.