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10 May, 2024
By Ashiana Interiors
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5 Best Trending Bed Designs In 2024


People are seeking the latest bed design 2024 guide. And here is all you need to know. To get the right furniture for your bedroom that fits like a glove is not a luxury, but rather a necessity. A good bed serves not only the aesthetic appeal but also provides immense comfort for overall wellness. Functionality, personalization, and sustainability come hand in hand. Self-care is not only a buzzword but an imperative hence, trying to find the right bed to cater to your needs is a pressing requisite.

To optimize your sleep quality and sleep schedules beds are offering features like sleep trackers, mood lighting, and so on. Promoting better sleep quality through advanced ergonomic designs, let’s unravel and explore some of the best modern bed designs to look for in 2024.


Minimalism is the modern approach towards life and furnishings as well. Some of the best bed designs are equipped with clean aesthetics and minimal storage arrangements. These beds usually offer the best bedback designs with simple yet elegant headboard plush cushions. Be it color choices or a modular configuration, these beds are trending and surging in popularity across the furnishing and interior decor market. This enhances the overall look and feel of the space. These beds are both practical and presentable for their streamlined smooth elegance. We cannot help appreciating its unadorned, modest finish where this design proves that ‘ less is more’.


Well, along with computers, phones, and other tech gadgets, even beds are adapting well with automated smart features. To elevate your slumber experience why not switch to some adjustable firmness and some built-in speakers? Switching to a plush mattress while playing around with your kids and changing that same mattress to a firm one while sleeping, especially with spine health issues. Yes, you’ve heard it right. So, what can we expect from such state-of-the-art beds?

  • 1

    Sleep tracking technology to enhance your slumber experience

  • 2

    Mattress firmness customization for ultimate comfort

  • 3

    Mood lighting, warm and white light switching attached to it

  • 4

    Thermo regulation of mattress

Well, what else would we need when personalization is the key? A smart bed after a long, tiring, hectic day would give you the best experience to retire in bed. That is probably actually how we bid “sweet dreams” to someone!


This would uplift your sleeping experience both metaphorically and literally since these beds have an extra upper layer of clothing which is a textile piece above the padding of the mattress. This elevated comfort would give us elation but humans have always thrived across options. So, what are some of the available options around upholstered bed designs? Well, there you go:

  • 1
  • 2
    Velvet plush
  • 3
    Cotton printed
  • 4
    Faux Leather

Some of the best bed designs in India are being curated around this particular popular trend in bedmaking. The reason behind this being so popular is its amazing neck and back support from the strategically layered mattresses. It is wise enough to carve out the best king-size bed design around this upholstered matrix. Especially if you like to sit up at night and read, these beds would be the best choice. The soft visual effect that it creates is best for calming your nerves down at the end of a hectic day. Some of the other pros are its durability and materials like polyester could be low maintenance too.


A king or queen-sized bed is space-guzzling and consumes too much of the visual space in the bedroom. To add a dash of luxury these beds are great for a super sleek luxurious design. Trying to find the best sofa bed design for your guest room, living area, drawing room, or kid’s room? Here is the most popular and practical solution. Canopy beds are known to ease anxiety significantly and are the most purchased product by parents of young active kids.


Sustainability should be the mantra for survival and why not opt for environmentally friendly options when we talk beds? Companies and manufacturers are opting for reclaimed wood and bamboo to structure comfortable beds with minimal to zero wastage. Natural fibers like coir cotton and bamboo shoot fiber are the most popular among the raw materials used for biodegradable beds. Furnishing companies are keeping in mind the ecological effects their finished products could have and so are customers. The best wooden bed design would give us a sense of royalty and luxury taking us back in time. Not doubting the timeless tapestry of wood’s durability since ages is the wisest choice.

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Space-saving loft beds are also pretty popular these days. These beds do encompass maximum innovation to save storage space. To maximize functionality in your small living area or apartment, this space-saving loft bed is a good match. A loft bed is strategically the best double bed design layout for customers and manufacturers as well. Some of the best bed designs for bedrooms also include a headboard with storage. To elevate the bedroom experience, the bed only is not sufficient. A muted color palette for the walls and ceiling, soothing yet creative art decor pieces on the walls, mood lighting, etc are imperative.

You could also bring the old-world charm back with minimalistic ruffles. Ruffles usher in nostalgia in the bedroom with its drapery and simple fabrics. Low-maintenance indoor plants, blinds, and curtains too could add a luster across the space. When we are retiring for the day, anything loud or gaudy is best to avoid hence harping on the strings of simple soft coloured bed lamps, mute-toned wooden laminations could fashion the space and bring in a sense of peace at the end of the day.

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