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Bedrooms are an integral part of every home. They come is various sizes and each built up bedroom in the space give us the sense of purpose and usage according to the demographics. A bedroom is one of the most comfortable places where you will feel at ease and relax. It should reflect your personal style statement. It is the place where you will find nuances of personal touch of your own self every day. The bedrooms have changed the lifestyle of people by being inclusive and accumulating number of people in one space and still giving them privacy. The most important element in the bedroom and also as the name suggests is the bed. It is where you rest, relax, rejuvenate and have a sound sleep. From traditional times to now modern times bed designs have gone through rapid transformation. In ancient times, people used charpoys for sleeping and now it has been replaced by comfy king size or queen-size beds. The beds and their designs have also evolved according to the modern times. People demand of latest designs that enhance look of their bedroom and are trendy. Some of the trending bed designs in 2022 will be futuristic, glam, highly functional, super stylish having a charm of personal touch.



The trending bed designs in 2022 will firstly and on foremost level focus on the space and it’s size and also what kind of bedroom it is such as it is master bedroom or for kids or for guests. The focus will be on maximum relaxation and comfort, quality above quantity, spruced up art and creativity. The themes will very much be revolving around furnishing, minimalistic look, adding personal artistic touch and futuristic glam and modern look. The other elements will also add up to the aesthetics of the space like other seating space like couch, your personality in décor and amazing lighting statement.




1.Bed with maximum storage.

This trend or style never does out of the date. That’s why in makes into the list of trending bed designs in 2022. We Indians have ample of things to store and we need maximum storage in our house for that purpose. So, bed with storage is the most sought-after bed. It gives the maximum functionality, usage and efficiency with it’s storage. Storage in beds come in different varieties like hydraulic, simple storage, drawer storage etc. It also provides minimalistic look by hiding the storage in the bed which leaves ample space and area making the other parts of room feel bigger. Minimalism itself is the trend in interior design and has long-lasting impression. The storage solutions in bed help keep the things in place and room tidy. Also there are nifty closets and furniture designs that allow clever stowing of your essentials. Undoubtedly, this style has paved way for other trending bed designs in 2022


2.Sustainable fabrics for bed.

Sustainability is the key and the most talked about subject all over the world. Going green and being sustainable is very much important and should be inculcated in our daily lifestyle. Nowadays, when each and every brand is going behind sustainability, interior design is also such a field. While keeping in wellness in the mind, interior design also moves towards creating better life at home. Considering the environmental and natural aspects, designers look for low-impact and green products. Sustainably sourced and organic materials feature in bedrooms all the more as result. Nature-friendly fabrics include organic linen, hemp, cotton, and recycled materials. Colors strive on the natural and neutral as handmade and minimal-to-no chemical processing is preferred. Simultaneously, natural hues are tranquil and calm – ideal for 2022 bedroom trends. This is one of the most impactful, evolved and necessary one can say trending bed designs in 2022.


3.More and more layers in bed.

Who doesn’t’ love the cozy, comfortable, and most importantly soft feeling of the bed and it’s neatly done sheets and covers? We all do. Adding more layers of comforters, sheets, covers, and blankets will take the oomph of comfort to another level in your bedroom. The layers and fabrics are always known for its prints, rich texture and depth. In fact, diverse textures, colors, and fabrics automatically bring depth and dynamics to the interior of the space. When we approach colors, a bedroom’s color theme could consist of one hue that is monochromatic, yet still feel rich. The layering will surely make your space more interesting. Different surfaces and textiles can increase a sense of serenity and define different areas, like a meditation nook or lounge. This is for sure the most cosy trending bed designs in 2022.


4.Beds in different natural shapes and oblong dots.

Variety in bed designs will definitely add more creativity and charm in your bedroom. This is like an out of box creative streak in trending bed designs in 2022. Bedroom designs in interiors have moved past solid and symmetrical designs having proper geometric shapes in today’s times. Instead of that, flowy lines, oblong shapes and terrazzo-inspired spatters have replaced those definite and cliché designs. These abstract designs will add to other aesthetics of your room. Also, this design will make your bed stand out from other elements and fixtures of your house. Also to add that the hottest motifs of the new year are certainly abstract, but they’ll fit a variety of design styles. 


5.Cloud like bed design.

This bed design is surreal looking and adds newness to your bedroom. This kind of bed reflects support and comfort. A high-quality mattress, supportive frame, and ergonomic pillows are the crucial elements that make our bed complete. Along with all these elements, a mattress topper on the bed is a vital part which gives you a cloud like feel above the strong and great base. High quality bedding and bed is costly in comparison to others but surely the quality and feel you get is worth the investment. This is an elegant yet different among the trending bed designs in 2022.