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10 Jun, 2024
By Ashiana Interiors
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Choosing the right curtain is crucial in interior design because it can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a space. Curtains can alter the perception of a room's size, regulate natural light, provide privacy, and enhance aesthetic appeal. The fabric, color, pattern, and length of curtains can either complement or clash with other elements in the room, such as furniture and wall colour. Additionally, curtains serve as a focal point and can tie together various design elements, contributing to the harmony and coherence of the interior design scheme.

Choosing curtains for small 3 BHK apartments requires careful consideration to maximize space, light, and style. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect curtains for your compact living space:

  • Light and Sheer Fabrics

    Opt for lightweight and sheer fabrics like linen, voile, or lightweight cotton. These materials allow natural light to penetrate the room, creating a sense of openness and airiness. Sheer curtains also give the illusion of more space by maintaining a visual connection with the outdoors.

  • Neutral Colors

    Choose curtains in neutral hues such as white, beige, or light grey. Neutral colors help reflect light and create a sense of brightness, making the room appear larger than it is. Additionally, neutral curtains provide a versatile backdrop that can easily complement different decor styles and color schemes.

  • Vertical Stripes

    Incorporate vertical striped curtains to visually elongate the walls and draw the eye upward, making the ceiling appear higher. This trick can create the illusion of a taller and more spacious room, which is especially beneficial in small apartments with low ceilings.

  • Floor-to-Ceiling Length

    Install curtains that extend from the ceiling to the floor to create a sense of height and grandeur. Floor-to-ceiling curtains draw the eye upward and emphasize the vertical lines of the room, making it feel more expansive. Additionally, long curtains add a touch of elegance and drama to the space.

  • Minimalist Design

    Keep the curtain design simple and minimalist to avoid overwhelming the small space. Avoid heavy embellishments, intricate patterns, or bulky hardware that can make the room feel crowded and cluttered. Instead, opt for clean lines and streamlined silhouettes for a sleek and modern look.

  • Dual-Purpose Curtains

    Choose curtains that serve multiple functions to maximize functionality in a small apartment. Consider installing blackout curtains or thermal curtains that not only provide privacy and light control but also help insulate the room, making it more energy-efficient. Alternatively, you can opt for curtains with built-in storage pockets or tie-backs to keep the space organized and clutter-free.

  • Layering

    Layering curtains can add depth and dimension to a small room while also enhancing its visual appeal. Pair sheer curtains with heavier drapes or blinds to achieve a layered look that offers versatility in light control and privacy. Additionally, layering curtains can create a sense of luxury and sophistication, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space.

  • Wall-Mounted Hardware

    Install curtain rods and hardware directly onto the wall to create the illusion of extra space. Mounting the hardware above the window frame and extending it beyond the width of the window can make the windows appear larger and the room feel more expansive. Opt for slim and minimalist hardware to maintain a clean and uncluttered look.

  • Reflective Surfaces

    Consider incorporating reflective surfaces such as metallic curtain rods or hardware to bounce light around the room and visually expand the space. Mirrored or metallic finishes can add a touch of glamour and sophistication while also enhancing the brightness of the room.

  • Custom Solutions

    In some cases, custom-made curtains may be necessary to achieve the perfect fit and look for your small apartment. Consider investing in custom curtains tailored to the exact dimensions and specifications of your windows to ensure a seamless and polished finish.

By following these tips, you can select curtains that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and perceived size of your small 3 BHK apartment, creating a comfortable and inviting living space.


The ideal curtain for a bedroom combines both practicality and aesthetics. Opt for blackout curtains to block out light for better sleep quality and privacy. Choose a fabric that complements the bedroom's decor and enhances its cozy ambiance, such as soft velvet, linen, or cotton. Consider incorporating a subtle pattern or texture to add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Moreover, ensure that the curtains are long enough to reach the floor and sufficiently wide to cover the entire window when closed, providing maximum coverage and insulation.


For a kids' room, curtains should be both functional and playful. Consider blackout curtains to help regulate light and promote better sleep. Opt for durable fabrics like cotton or polyester that can withstand wear and tear. Choose colorful and whimsical patterns or prints featuring their favorite characters, animals, or themes to stimulate their imagination and create a fun atmosphere. Additionally, incorporate features like tie-backs or decorative hooks that are safe for children to use. Ensure that the curtains are easy to clean and maintain, as kids' rooms tend to get messy. Overall, prioritize safety, durability, and creativity when selecting curtains for a kids' room.

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For humid weather like Kolkata and urban apartments, opt for curtains made from breathable and moisture-resistant fabrics like polyester blends or synthetic materials. These fabrics are less prone to mold and mildew growth in high humidity. Choose light-colored curtains to reflect sunlight and heat, helping to keep the room cool. Consider installing sheer or lightweight curtains that allow air circulation while providing privacy. Furthermore, select curtains with a simple and modern design to complement the contemporary aesthetic of urban apartments. Heavy-weighing intricately embroidered curtains are pretty dated these days. Ensure proper ventilation in the room to prevent moisture buildup and maintain the longevity of the curtains in humid conditions. To get more interior decor ideas, contact us through our website, Ashiana Interiors. Your home is your identity, let’s build it with all we have.

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