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9 May, 2024
By Ashiana Interiors
Home Interior Design

Interior Design Cost In Kolkata

Is it really difficult to find an Interior designer in Kolkata? Not really. But how could you rely on one with all your hopes, finances, and your entire life’s savings? Well, inflation being the new normal, it is almost imperative to seek the best interior designer in Kolkata to fit your budget that does not burn a hole in your pocket. To keep yourself updated with relevant and practical nuggets of information is a dire need. Home interior design costs in and across Kolkata and India depend upon a variety of factors. Let us take a smooth yet careful walk through the factors upon which you should be equipping your finances for designing the interior of your house.


Well, goes without saying, that areas that are posh and opulent would have an inflated cost for designing the interior of your house. The reason is the surging demand and conglomeration of the affluent populations across that part of the city.


Bringing in Teak, Sal, or Pine wood planks from afar would be stressful for the pocket but acquiring and obtaining false ceilings, wallpapers, curtains, blinds, Pooja units, shower cubicles, dato tile for bathroom and kitchen, etc locally would be reasonable, and feasible enough.


Starting from vanity units to wooden flooring it’s entirely on you to choose the right furnishing fit suit your financial prospects. For a refined elevated cozy space; accent chairs, plush seating, warm lighting, and gradient colors would alter the graph of money invested.


Ranging from plumbing to wiring grid work to hacking walls and knocking partitions down, the load of work defines house interior design costs. Interior designer cost also is premised upon a radial, symmetrical, asymmetrical balancing of the floor and wall inclination. This often involves intricate calculations and elaborate usage of some specialized machines shooting up the energy spent leading to prices soaring upwards. But these cannot be classified as expenditures in vain but would rather be recognized as investments of gain.


Calculating the length and breadth of the assigned space with utmost precision should be the first task taken in hand while planning the basics. A simple 2 bhk flat interior design cost would not be the same across all spaces. Considering the size and carpet area people could opt for elevated yet affordable low cost cheap restaurant interior design layouts, cafe interiors, and commercial office space interiors within their budget. Measuring the area of a kitchen or a kitchenette could be tricky, especially in this era of open kitchens. kitchen interior design cost is based on modular fittings, automated pipelines, electrical wiring work, etc. Even a low-cost interior design matrix might bring out visual brilliance without having to spend a fortune on it. Rates in this particular market are extremely competitive to suit the client’s budget. Transitional, Art Deco, Chalet, Classical, contemporary, country, Industrial, French, Regency, mid-century Modern, Minimalist, Traditional, and Scandinavian are some of the most expensive and exquisite interior decor approaches in terms of practice, technique, and taste.

Getting an estimated quotation around your interior decoration costs would depend on how heavy is the civil work, how refined is the paint, the percentage and material of the ceiling cover (gypsum or laminate), etc. The cost also varies across vinyl and SPC flooring, paneling of storage units, etc. If you are a little tight on budget, you must go with laminates across floors and walls and gypsum for false ceilings.

  • 1

    Essentials only

  • 2


  • 3


Above mentioned are usually the packages to choose from as per your requirements and budget prospects.

Be it a tiny 1 bhk interior design cost, a medium or limited spaced 2bhk interior design cost, or a little more spacious 3bhk interior design cost, it all boils down to the complexity of the desired design, procuring materials from a distance or locally and choosing quality of workmanship also giving them enough time and space to flaunt their artistry. For essential and premium decors, across 2-3 bedroom-hall-kitchen spaces the prices may range from 10-17lakhs. Now this includes:

  • 1

    Service costs

  • 2

    Covering furnishing costs

  • 3

    Transportation costs

  • 4

    Modular costs

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Even a low-cost middle-class home interior design could be breathtaking with real craftsmanship, experience, and creativity. The uniqueness or rarity of artwork also brings in major fluctuations in house interior design costs. A house is not a home until you’ve given it a personal touch. Hence personalization is the key to a convenient custom-made interior decor layout. You won’t feel comfortable enough unless the space around you reflects your personality, taste, and fascination with aesthetics.

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