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Best Bathroom Designs for the Elderly

Best Bathroom Designs for the Elderly

Children and the Elderly are the most important people of any family. Whenever you take any decision regarding the design of your home, or of renovating any of its components, you always keep in mind the safety, comfort, and suggestions given by both, the children and all the elder members of the family. It is very necessary to ensure whatever decision you make regarding your home should always be the best comfort for the elder members of the family.

During this time of Covid, elders and children have no other option than to stay at home and spending their most of the time inside those 4 walls of a room, they are not allowed to go outside because of the rate by which this virus is spreading. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the mental of both these generations by giving them the comfort they deserve and the ambience they appreciate.

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 235,000 people seek medical help due to bathroom-related injuries each year. The most important thing to bear in mind when remodelling a bathroom for the elderly is their safety.

In a home, bathrooms are one of the most important parts. One should always ensure that the bathrooms designed in your houses are very comfortable not only for the two generations mentioned above but also for yourself. Bathrooms should have a decent amount of space to stand and walk by, the bathrooms should have proper lighting so that every component kept is always visible. Individuals look for some bathroom designs, here are some of the ideas you can follow and design a very beautiful and spacious bathroom for your homes.


These are some of the ideas you can follow to achieve the best bathroom designs for the elderly-


1: Bathtub or Shower

Starting with the list of ideas for the best bathroom designs, we will start with the Bathtubs and showers in a bathroom. Walking into the bathroom for the elderly, the bathing experience must be soothing and comfortable. You need to make sure that the bathtubs are of specific height for the elderly so that they can go in and come out very easy without paining their body very much. If you want you can also switch the bathtubs with showers. Showers need the elders to stand and take a bath which makes the experience a little bit difficult for them. Talking of the best bathroom designs for the elderly, Walk-in tubs are one of the best bathtubs for seniors, given the many safety features they include. Most walk-in tubs include safety bars or railings, seating, and non-slip floors. There are many different ideas present over the web on how to choose the best bathroom designs for the elderly but one must invest some time in looking for the best designs available.


2: Non-Slip Flooring-

Moving forward with the list of Best bathroom designs for the elderly, we would like to grab your focus on the flooring of your bathroom as well. If you are quite high on the budget, you can cover your bathroom with water repellent rugs and mats, these will help the elderly to walk very safely inside the bathroom and there will be no chances of sleeping. If your budget is not that high, you can get your bathroom embraced with the hydrophobic tiles which do not let the water stay on them for a very long period, the waves rush down to the channel through them because of the built quality of the tiles. These were the two options you can opt for while choosing the best flooring for the bathrooms.


3: Ample amount of Lighting -

It is very common for the elderly to have weak eyesight or dar eyesight, it is very difficult for them to see with their bare eyes. To ensure their safety while looking for the best bathroom designs for the elderly, you should also look forward to installing sufficient lighting in your bathroom to lighten every corner of the bathroom. One other great idea for brightening a bathroom is a vanity mirror. Vanity Mirror occupies quite some space in your bathroom but is very effective as it provides you more than a sufficient amount of lighting across its borders.


4: Extra Safety is always appreciated –

Last, but not least, moving ahead in the list for the best bathroom designs for the elderly, we want to consider safety. Extra safety s always appreciated and to ensure extra safety in your bathrooms for the elderly, you can install grab bars throughout the bathroom where they are needed most so that even if someone slips, they can grab a bar and can regain their balance. You can also place a handrail next to the toilet, bathtub, or shower so that one can easily get up without lifting his weight all by himself. All over this means, install grab bars wherever an elderly would need additional leverage to pull themselves up. Another interesting feature that could be a part of your bathroom and can be of great use to a senior is a telephone line or alert system in the bathroom, just in case they are any mishappening, they can always access that feature. Having an available resource to contact people for help, when in need, could prevent serious injuries in the bathroom.


So, to conclude we would just like to mention that these were some of the best ideas for whosoever is looking for the best bathroom designs for the elderly. You can always refer to these points while renovating or designing a new bathroom. We have tried to cover all the points necessary to avoid any unfortunate circumstances in your bathrooms. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your bathroom accessories keeping in mind this article, and make your bathroom very safe and comfortable.