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8 Jun, 2024
By Ashiana Interiors
Home Interior Design



When it comes to transforming your walls, two popular options stand out, textured paint and wallpaper. Each has its unique qualities, benefits, and considerations. Analyzing the differences between the two can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your aesthetic preferences, budget, and practical needs.


Textured paint adds depth and dimension to your walls, creating visual interest and tactile appeal. It comes in various forms, including sandstone, plaster, popcorn, and more. Let’s delve deeper into the nitty gritty of textured paint:

  • 1. Customization

    One of the significant advantages of textured paint is its versatility. You can achieve a wide range of textures, from subtle to dramatic, depending on the application techniques and tools used. This allows for greater customization and creativity in design. After all, your home is a reflection of your personality and your taste.

  • 2. Durability

    Textured paint is generally durable and can withstand wear and tear better than wallpaper in high-traffic areas. It's also easier to touch up or repaint without the need for extensive preparation. This happens to be perfect for urban apartments where time crunch is a potent issue in everyone’s life.

  • 3. Application

    Applying textured paint requires skill and experience to achieve desired results. Depending on the texture chosen, it may involve multiple layers and specialized tools such as brushes, rollers, or trowels. Professional assistance may be necessary for complex textures. Ashiana Interiors has a strong hold on the expert team, research assistants, and raw, material procurement workforce.

  • 4. Cost

    While textured paint can be more expensive than regular paint due to additional materials and labor involved, it's typically more cost-effective than wallpaper, especially in the long run considering its durability. You do not have to face the hassle of frequent painting sessions in the years to come. This is a one-time investment that is worth every penny.


Wallpaper has been a popular choice for wall covering for centuries, offering a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. Here's what sets wallpaper apart:

  • 1. Variety

    Wallpaper provides endless options for customization, from intricate designs to bold patterns and textures. Whether you prefer a vintage-inspired look or a modern aesthetic, there's a wallpaper to suit every style. Give your creative imagination, wings with decorative wallpapers for your home. You can scroll through the Grillex website for more interior decor and furnishing ideas.

  • 2. Ease of Installation

    While installing wallpaper can be a DIY project for some, it's often best left to professionals for a flawless finish, especially with complex patterns or large areas. Proper surface preparation is essential to ensure adhesion and longevity. You would not want lumps or air bubbles while spreading the wallpaper sheet across the wall, hence our experts at Ashiana will be at your service any moment you want.

  • 3. Maintenance

    Unlike textured paint, wallpaper is more susceptible to damage from moisture, humidity, and direct sunlight. Special care is needed to clean and maintain wallpaper to preserve its appearance over time. We have often come across wallpapers losing their luster and fading their colors out while placed outdoors. To avoid this, keep on replacing them at certain optimal intervals.

  • 4. Cost

    Wallpaper can be more expensive upfront than textured paint, especially for high-quality materials and designer patterns. However, it may offer better value in terms of longevity and impact on resale value.


When deciding between textured paint and wallpaper, consider the following factors:

  • 1. Aesthetic Preferences

    Do you prefer the depth and richness of textured paint or the intricate patterns and textures of wallpaper? Think before you opt for one!

  • 2. Practical Considerations

    Take into account the location of the walls, the amount of traffic they receive, and the level of maintenance you're willing to commit to. It differs if it's your residential space or a commercial space with people visiting frequently.

  • 3. Budget

    Determine your budget for materials and installation, factoring in long-term maintenance costs. There is no point in burning a hole in your pocket while having to chalk out interior decor plans, Ashiana interiors offers you affordable yet standard designing plans that will satisfy your aesthetics without breaking the bank.

  • 4. Skill Level

    Assess your DIY skills and willingness to tackle installation yourself or hire professionals for the job. Have an estimation of how much time you would want to devote to the process.

Ultimately, whether you choose textured paint or wallpaper, both options offer unique ways to enhance your space and express your style. By weighing the pros and cons of each and considering your specific needs and preferences, you can make an informed decision that brings your vision to life. Your home is a reflection of who you are.

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